A Melee game mode?

I am wondering if there are many others like me that would like to see a melee focused game mode, dont want to get drawn into specifics as people will argue the details and not comment on the concept. but the idea would be that in this mode ranged would still exist just be a very finite and rare resource and the main focus of the game play would be focused on the close range combat aspects.

You see i used to think that the ranged class’s were op and that balance would solve the issue but i no longer think that will work, what we have now is two entirely different ways to play , its no secret how much i despise the range meta in this game , but i do recognise its a very popular.

so rather than one group being shut out like we currently have , How about FS offer both a place to play?

im proposing we leave the current mode as it is and introduce a new mode that simply features a lot of restrictions and limitations on range to force a melee focused experience.

so those that prefer the more ranged focused game can stay as they are and get to stop hearing us whine about them and those of us that would like to actually be allowed to hit stuff outside of trash on legend could actually get a fun game mode to.


3k players divided by 2? No chance

3k at 9am gmt on a tuesday morning , with the US asleep and the rest of the world at work.

4 people per game , one game per mode starting every minute assuming run time of 20 mins that requires a minimum of 320 players , if champ and legend had a melee mode option splitting the pool between 6 instead of the current 4 that goes up to 480. ok assumes perfect distribution which you wont have but my point is that a 4 player co op game with fairly short game times of around 20 mins really doesnt need a huge playerbase.

but your issue is in splitting the playerbase? well those of us that want this dont really play now anyway , if this mode existed for example i would be in game playing not sat on the forum wishing.

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man it’s not what I have problems with. That’s fatshark who ll deny it

You do understand that all the ranged “mains”, BH, WS, and Pyro never need to pick up ammo right? As in, never. Unless they do something really wrong and Sienna doesn’t use ammo anyway. So this game mode isn’t going to change anything unless you actually remove the ranged weapons altogether.

I was playing Merc/FK all day yesterday in Legend. I wasn’t out killing Sienna but I was coming close, 12k damage, 400-600 kills per game. If you’re having problems competing with ranged classes, it’s more of a “git gud” situation.

More like your ranged were AFK half time and let you kill something. When I play slayer and have 3 other ranged more likely would have 5-6k dmg, mostly on hordes, cause they kill everything as they see it, no chance to walk up.

On the other hand there’s still people who will beam SV without ignition, or be dead half of game, in other words, not so good players. Then I can ramp up to 9-11k dmg mostly

And then you can have real sienna main/elf main dealing 18k as ez as its recruit

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It does kinda depend on the map as well. Righteous Stand is a ranged dream map. The hordes all spawn far away and run to you in single file line. Maps like Athel Yenlui have hordes that randomly pop out from behind trees and surround you. Had my entire party go down near the first tome on that map yesterday. Had to move ahead by myself and res them all. One of the players was a regular I always play with, and is very good. Unfortunately, he got wrecked by the 4 stormvermin and CW’s that got pulled with the horde. The ranger bardin and Sienna died almost instantly due to 2 ratling gunners.

It is a matter of “git gud”. I would consider myself a very good WS player, more than 300 hours spent exclusively on her. Every now and then, a Merc or slayer join and preform on par.

But at the end of the day, every class has strengths and weaknesses. You should always expect a BH to be top Elite and Special kills. You should always expect a Pyro to have top horde clearing. If people focused on their role in the party instead of worrying about green circles, runs would be much smoother. Some of the best runs I’ve had is on Merc Kruber using his ULT to get people up during hectic scenarios and block pushing during hordes to keep them stun locked. Instead of just wildly spamming left click like most people seem to do. Gotta get as many kills as I can, amirite?

There’s a mod to let characters equip any weapons combination, including two melee weapons for anyone. Using that is one option. Sticking more closely to your idea, though, would be gathering a few like-minded individuals, deliberately choosing the Traits and Talents so there’s as little ammo generation as possible, and picking a Deprivation Deed (or again, just using a mod to choose the Deed modifiers you wish). Other than that, try requesting mod makers to make one to do exactly what you want, likely requiring tampering with ammo regeneration and resources found in maps. I don’t think there’s really any chance of getting an official “less shooting” version (or game modes with different play mechanics at all, for that matter).

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But as we are here now to answer your specific examples the ammo gen traits /talents would be disabled , pick ups would be rarer basically the ranged careers would be broken there would be very little point to play them on spec

Well obviously your awesome and i suck , but how does that in any way invalidate my desire for this mode? i get it you dont want it and i frankly wont lament not playing it with you but so what?

and actually uou make my point better than i can

i dont want to beat them, i dont want it to be a competition.

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oh. This again?

The ranged meta is here to stay because it caters to the people who like FPS’. I play huntsman main, Unchained next with Zealot and Hand Maiden being third place.

The frustration withe the ranged meta is a lot of the ranged builds are skill reducing - they required LESS skill to be useful. CDR beam staff pyro, BH ammo regen, WS… well you know… seem to require LESS skill to be succesful. I have no problem with people playing ranged if it requires skill to be successful.

Couple that with the fact some traits (such as killing blow) are missing from VT1 that made melee a bit more potent and you have the problems we are discussing now.

TBH I try to look at the party composition and if it’s a Pyro, WS and Drakefire IB and I’m playing Zealot I just drop. NO point flogging a dead horse when it turns into “run towards a corpse simulator”.

I play that class a lot lately and never had that experience. If anything I get stuck killing more than my share.

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The score board is the real problem in this game. It turns coop into competition. That is why roles are not focused on as they should be… the best fix would be a team wide score instead of the current individual one.


Maybe if the classes had negative traits, and more defined weapon choices RE limited melee weapons for ranged and vice versa for melee? So for instance of you run as a ranged class. You have your stamina halved. No anti armour or shield weapons and reduced cleave. So if you get locked in melee as a ranged class its game over. But buff the ranged attacks and lower the ammo and increase vent penalties?

what kind of games are you playing that ranged are so dominant all the time?

i mean i really wish i could sit on my ass and let the ‘ranged meta’ kill everything, collect loot at end of 15 minutes. but that never happens in quickplay legend, you’re always going to have to draw your melee weapon and duke it out in tough moments.


well this would just make the situations im trying to avoid more likely and worse , i want to play in games without the range meta , not have it enforced on me, this isnt a balance complaint i dont think range is overpowered.

weve been around and around on this a lot of times already havent we? :wink:
i really dont see the point of re hashing it all so let me just this is my personal experience.
If i am grouped with a range meta group , i find it boring , frustrating its much harder work feels like a competition i dont have fun and it feels like we fail a lot.
if i am in a melee focused group it feels fun, we feel like a team and i seem to win a lot more.

unfortunately for me the first instance happens in the vast majority of my games so i really want an option to play the second more. and giving us our own mode could do that without breaking it for others.

This is also my experience quite a lot too, even when I’m playing Huntsman I avoid groups with a BH, WS and Pyro. When I happen upon a group where it’s FK, Zealot, Slayer and Hand Maiden it’s just feels more fun and people stick together more because survivability improves. Of course, battering a boss takes forever…

If this is the case, then your whole point is moot, since there is no range meta, then. That a mix of melee and ranged carreers is actually more viable will, sooner or later, become “the meta”. In essence, you simply don’t want bad players in your game. Fair enough, welcome to the club. Don’t see how a new game mode will aleviate this problem except “forcing” players to establish a new meta.


Yet Evidentally there is.

i said melee focused not a mixed group
i was talking specifically about my games and experiences i have no idea what the general situation is.
i did come up with about 12 reasons why this is at best doubtful but there all moot , im talking about offering two ways to play not proving out which ones “best”

no im not . im simply asking to be allowed to play the game in a way i find fun. and at the risk of repeating myself again , im asking for a new mode im not asking for anyone to be forced into doing anything. im asking for an addition not a change.

Then provide evidence please. How can there be a ranged meta if, by your own experience and reasoning, a party composed of only ranged characters loses more often (a sentiment I share btw) than a party composed of mostly melee characters. So the ranged meta doesn’t exist. If something performs better than a supposed meta, it is, by definition, not the meta.


Looks like the word Meta doesnt mean the same thing to both of us. as afaik there is capable of being any number of metas, we have a ranged meta which i would say is by far the most common, other than playing the game and just seeing how common it is i really dont see how i can prove it or anything for that matter.

“Meta (from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μετά-) meaning “after”, or “beyond”) is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction behind another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.”

but all of this is still besides the point

oh come on man. just because the melee game mode that im asking to be added would force a melee gamestyle im not forcing anyone to play it am i? im trying to get the options raised from 1 to 2.

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