So when you will balance Beam Staff, Fatshark? I'ts been really long

Seriously, come on. It’s long range special sniper weapon, it has no damage falloff, it’s great boss dps weapon, great anti horde weapon with both primary and secondary fire, it has armor penetration, it has knockback (so control). It has everything. There is NO REASON to use any other staff on sienna.

It’s also still not fun to play with Beam Staff Sienna on party that just do everything that whole team can do.

Can you make Beam Staff have only one specific role, or if it at least most versitile staff- that it DOES NOT do everything as good as other staffs?

Come on, I know there must be some easy mode in game for more casual players, but Beam Staff is hardly weaker in 1.0.5 Legend at all.


Im sure they plan on doing something about it when they come around balancing the weapons for the fixed hero power system. But that might take a while. In case of the beamstaff tho, I think something has to happen before that time.

Until then, there will be people on the forums talking down the severeness of the beam staff’s imbalance.

I don’t think that the staff will change. It is identical to how it was in Vermintide 1. I have no issues with it. If anything, they should buff the other staffs to make them more appealing in that case.

And if you think playing with a Sienna with the beam staff is dull, then play her with the beam staff with a waystalker Kerillian with a longbow. She snipes Everything and takes out huge chunks of hordes if they are all stacked up with every shot. But I like them both. And huntsman Kruber with his bow.

But the game is not about who has the most kills, it’s about surviving and clearing the maps.


It doesn’t just do it as good as other staffs though. It does it better, it does it pin-point accuracy and it does it instantly.

Flamethrower? RMB, instant effect, very FF safe due to the cone angle.

Fireball staff? LMB, staggers nearly everything and applies burning damage.

Bolt staff? I bet you’re surprised I didn’t mention that one first, since this thing will snipe like nothing else and even has the advantage of zoom-in. Which bolt doesn’t even have. Sure it’d be jarring with spamming RMB but just make it snap into place as you reach full charge.

Oh, and conflag? Refer to fireball staff. Even the damage over time feels better.

And sure it staggers but when you learn to deal with that you’ll end up hitting everything that’s staggered more easily, whether you do it or your allies. And it melts most bosses like a pack of butter in a microwave.

It’s a crutch weapon that needs to be turned into a utility weapon with:
less damage (instant shotgun horde slayer)
better heat distribution (it snipes cheaper than bolt)
More ramp-up (less on-point damage more reward for holding beam on target)

Meanwhile the other staves need their heat, stagger and damage checked.

(Edit: yes I know conflag staff does nice stagger too on a lot of things, but beam will be a better choice a lot of the time)


Kerrilian is nothing like Sienna in function haha. Tracking ult and long shot capability is it. Sienna is so much more broken.

Kerrilian has HP regen and the ability to zoom with 1 extra multiplier on bows. Sienna crits more, the more overcharged she is … then can reset her overcharge with her 5 second ult

Played CHAMP game earlier as WW. I got 4 headshots with a longbow and a full ult on a chaos warrior and still didn’t bring it down with max power. I consistently see Sienna one shot them with just her ult, the other side of the map.


See, I like the fact that she can oneshot them with her ult, but with the low cooldown on it, it becomes more of a ‘‘delete special/elite’’ kind of thing. That counts for kerillian as well though, it’s just less powerful against armour since you need to hit something with all three shots and it’s not as reliable.

There is a big problem: WS and huntsman ARE NOTHING in comparison to BH and Pyro… They should buff first one (I would to prefer) or nerf the second one.

@Nova that by itself could be her niche but the problem comes when you pair that ability with the beam staff. She outmatches the other classes in almost every respect

Yeah, I fully agree. I play a lot of Sienna, mostly Pyro and Unchained. But with the low CD on Pyro ult, the stagger and high damage, combined with the utility and damage on beam staff just ruins the game for everyone else.

On top of that it’s downright boring to play it after even two matches. You have an answer to everything, and an over-qualified one at that. If anything dares show it’s face or hits you it combusts half a second later.


Beam staff is too powerful, but clearing vent on ability use is insanely powerful. Combine that with crit beam + vent trait and venting temporary health, you make melee pretty much redundant. Ranged uses a resource in order to balance out its extra power, but if the resource is practically infinite, then it’s obviously in need of a nerf.


Yeah, and that resource is meant to be her healthpool with the talent only there to provide extra alleviation and help people play with more ranged heavy focus or as a panic button from overheating, but the tiny tiny cooldown combined with the fact that crits and damaging enemies lowers the cooldown makes melee weapons almost entirely obsolete if you go so far as to factor in grey health, and in conservative use, not even grey health. A beam pyromancer with purple flask and 50% duration will melt a whole area, boss included, on their own.

inb4 - People will continue asking for nerfs. Once the nerfs have been applied, then the content becomes harder because you no longer have an powerhouse to help support the team. Then people complain that the game is too hard.


You can write it off as empty complaints but taking that ‘‘powerhouse’’ away will show the actual faults the game has currently which aren’t clever design or design choices but simply unbalanced gameplay, bugs, elements devoid of counterplay and so forth.


Hey man, I am just predicting the future. People are complaining about range but I bet many of those same people are relying on ranged characters to get them though higher difficulties. Once this is nerfed, we will see alot more “This is hard, please nerf” threads.


You have a valid point, ranged has always been supplementary to the melee combat and an integral part. People don’t want that to change, it’s been that way since VT1.

But with some situations as they are currently the game is less of a melee-heavy game and more of a game where people rely so heavily on their ranged weapons being available all the time and in every scenario, that a lot of them (I’m looking at you, elfling!) get knocked right on their arse the moment they’re cornered. I’d like to see everyone involved in keeping this a hack and slash game and not a ‘‘WHY IS MY SKIN SCORCHED, WIZARD?’’ or ‘‘The elf is down again!’’ game.

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the opinion here isn’t that ranged is OP, while in general it is - the point is sienna with beam is in need to changing. @Nova summed it up best

If you nerf beam staff, Sienna becomes useless. It’s sad, but true. Buff her other staves, and people might actually use them. The problem is, all the other staves suck. Simple as that.

Also, how would you want it nerfd? I can honestly understand nerfing its ability to stagger elite mobs. That’s obviously not intended. But if you nerf its ability to snipe, you’ll be crying when a few specials spawn and destroy your team. If you nerf shotgun blast, she has zero ability to keep large mobs off of her. Especially if your tank doesn’t know how to protect the ranged classes.

Is it a strong weapon? Yes. Is it on a fine line of either being OP, or garbage? Also, yes.

Most people who cry about it being OP, watch her deleting low health mobs and scream nerf. When in reality, almost every class has this ability. Cry because she kills bosses fast? Well, all ranged do a ton of damage to bosses. The simple fact is, every boss sucks for melee classes.


@Anointedone More damage fall-off based on targets, an extra shot, OR simply have it actually cost heat to kill an entire horde on your own. You can singlehandedly kill an entire horde plus most of the specials and elites that spawn amidst it with the way it’s currently balanced.

The goal isn’t to gimp Sienna, it’s to bring her in line with other classes/characters. Requiring her to have a pay-off for the staff being so powerful would at least balance her in heat-management, but right now it’s pretty off-the-charts compared to all the other options she has.

And mind, I play mostly Sienna and I wouldn’t dare call the other staffs useless, they just pale in comparison to Beam which is so strong that it’s more of a meme than a weapon at this point. The game is about teamplay, and relying on a crutch is going to deter you from actually learning how to play the game and work as a group.

It’s not even crying about being OP at the moment, Pyro as a class with most weapons is OP already but the beam staff synergizes too well with that. Even on Unchained it just feels like the lazy option that turns you into less of a teammate and more of a ‘‘I’ll fix everything, you guys just walk after me.’’ option. Which by design isn’t something people should encourage.

Sure there’s downsides to balancing this properly, but it will encourage them to balance PROPERLY and not hinge a lot of the gameplay on ‘‘We need X because they’re OP’’ since it will force people to play X, and there will be people who only want to play if class/spec X is present.


Sienna players will just have to get used to playing like every other class: viable against some things but not everything. Like the game is supposed to be balanced.

Right now the beam staff does three things very well (sniping, boss dps, and horde clear) with infinite resource because it’s impossible to overheat. No other weapon can do three things very well, and no other ranged weapon that does two things well can do them infinitely.

There is no defending the beam staff, and pyro will still be very strong (if more specialized) when she has to use her other staffs.


I’m not against nerfing it, and I’m sure they will. But can you honestly tell me the other staves aren’t useless? Bolt maybe, but the others are cringe worthy.