Sienna ranged needs buff.

all her ranged now cost too much heat and their lacking damage.
especially bolt staff, it requires quite a time to charge, no zoom, damage isnt great (must headshot), and projectile flight speed aint fast at all.
bardin heat weapons are even better.
maybe give a little bit of homing to bolt, more damage and less heat for all her ranged.

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id agree bardins heat weapons should be nerfered , but thats mainly because they suck , there stat padders not actually useful, i hate them and that stupid poot poot noise the pistols makes drive me up the wall.

and ill agreee the bolt staff is lacking utility and point , but i cant agree on sienna needing a ranged buff, she still has nearly 100% uptime and the damage is still high.


Are you actually serious?

Sienna Fireball staff with CDR is ridiculous at stagger, melts hordes, can burn teleporting disablers like Stormfatties and leeches so they die.

Conflag and Flamewave are all viable builds although to get their max potential they have to be in the right hands and bolt staff is a designated burst-sniper weapon, with shotgun blast capabilities.

whatever you’re drinking I’d ease off it for a bit.


I think you mistook bolt for beam. Npt that it changes much in this topic.

yeah your right.

The bolt charge attack also explodes on contact, doesn’t it? It’s been at least 300 hours since I’ve used one… I try and stay away from Seinna all together. But I’m pretty sure I remember the charge bolt shot would melt multiple enemies near the impact. Firing into hordes would kill several enemies if they were clumped up.

Seinna in no way needs a buff. Not to mention her new weapon on UC can 1 shot SV with normal light attacks. To be fair, nearly all her melee weapons were buffed. With fire sword having insane stagger, the same as a 2 hand hammer.

Her ranged weapons, the fireball staff primarily, is currently one of the highest dps weapons in the game. Up there with the hagbane. Conflagration staff is stagger heaven, you can CC lock entire CW patrols. Not to mention Seinna can build for 100% block cost reduction. Allowing you to face tank pretty much anything.

What’s the next thread we’re gonna see on here?

“Waystalker ranged too weak, need buffs.”
“Zealot needs more HP, not tanky enough” - this would actually be funny…lemme get them 8 power stacks plz Fatshark


predict my feature thread? dear fortune teller the hack do you know this.
crowbill cant one shot stormvermin on legend - at this point im pretty sure you only played recruit at least for 300 hours. conflagration and beam, both staff cost too much heat for low damage. and for bolt staff am pretty sure you sure know about swift bow and huntsman longbow and so on - literally every none sienna ranged can melt those filthy clanrats and norsemans. what a nonsense.

and here i think you need to try others.

With Fireball staff build for CDR and Sienna’s new weapon Unchained is currently God Tier and expecting a nerf hammer any minute.

I dont use beam staff purely because the wigglemancer players made me feel cheap so I haven’t touched it since it was rejigged.

I’m beginning to think this might be a troll thread…

@SmokerT69 “Shade’s boss damage backstab is so weak need buff now! At least double damage!”


Sorry mate, but you have no idea what your talking about. And yes, UC with heat stacks can 1 shot a SV with a normal left click on legend with the crowbill.

Beam staff works fine, people have just never used it properly because filthy wiggle pyros corrupted it. Right click shot gun blast is absolutely devastating. Built properly, you can kill off hordes before your team mates even get a chance to shot/swing at them. The normal left click beam, is great for taking out shielded SV, and even normal. As headshoting exploding the beam with right click can 1 shot SV with a little charge. If you’re having issues with heat, try running thermal equaliser. There are talents that lower overheat generated as well.

Also, swift bow? Kek, it’s a sub par pick for any elf class.

so we are requesting things now that make no sense ok count me in:

gromil armor needs a shorter cd, 1 ses should be fine more would be to harsh

Elf longbow should just do autoheadshotmaxcritdmg everytime

5stack UC is too risky to play so please remove the option that she blows up by mistake

i could go on but i feel silly enough allready

regards towly


Maybe we could have tomes and grims in a nice little pile next to the portal at the end.


people have just never used it properly - but you used it as its intended to be, having ensure ego pride of your skills and knowledge to this game. please dont put yourself into a grandmaster with no match - just because thats how every person on every forums are. be a humble one dear.

try hard to beat me bloody. nonsense in-direct insults in every words. such a great way to show off yourself imfao?

again, nonsense in-direct insults in every words. such a great way to show off yourself imfao?

These replies are typed out like you just had a stroke. Consider putting some effort and structure into exactly what it is you want said so that others can understand it.

In regards to the notion that Sienna needs buffs to her ranged weapons, no she doesn’t.

Sienna is the strongest horde clearer in the game, using pretty much any of her staves. While some QoL changes for the bolt staff in particular would be nice, it is in no need of buffs regarding damage or heat produced. The bloody thing currently 3-hits a CW with charged bolt headshots.

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many buff quite indeed dear. bolt can kill a chaos warrior with several headshots because of its armour penenration. and yet the damage against none-armor or armored - except for chaos - are just bad. crossbow / elven longbow / empire longbow / repeater handgun / and so on dealt better / faster. most importantly the velocity of fire spear is no match for all - id say the slowest ranged in game right now or it has been.

I assume this was meant to be directed at me. It’s not ego, I personally had no problem with people using the wigglemancer, it was the lowest damage she could do with the beamstaff. But I can assure you, shot gun blasting, aka right clicking with the beam is the fast way to clear hordes with it. That isn’t me having an ego or being a grandmaster, lol. It’s fact.

At this point, I’m not really sure you even know what you’re talking about. Can you give me some examples of how you would buff these weapons that wouldn’t make them even more overpowered? And reducing heat cost is not something Fatshark is going to do in my opinion. I mean, with the recent bbb patch, they removed the “press f”, lose all overheat ULTs for exactly that reason.

Ok so,

The OP suggests more damage and less heat, but I haven’t played with any Sienna’s for quite some time who can’t manage their heat effectively and blow up due to their own overuse of magic. Sienna’s usually blow up as UC when they get caught in gas/gunner/triple overheads and BOOM!

Couple this with Sienna’s often getting huge amounts of kills and damage done, and the buff to Sienna’s melee weapons making her viable in Melee, -even without the Crowbill - then the suggestion that she needs MORE damage is ridiculous. It has been met with ridicule by myself and others.

In addition to the awkward comparison of Staves to other ranged weapons, @anon31175957 I’m a bit puzzled as to what your expectations are when it comes to the Staves. When you complain about the bolt staff, what are you expecting it to do? No sarcasm, I genuinely wonder what you think it could do differently to what it currently does as I think it does what it says on the tin - high accuracy sniper style single target damage.

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Noob topic, just ask for WIN_BUTTON, it will be faster.

Atomic bomb please fatshark; we dont stagger and cleave enough !!! PLEASE FS make the game be a joke !

The game became so low skill since the big balance patch we got a kind of spam clic engine, and there are still people asking for more buffs xD

(and don’t forget to ask them to nerf Fortune of wars, cause IT’S TOOOOO HAAARRD for lowskill players). After that just worth to uninstall it, legend joke even with twitch and deed, cause of massive stagger cleave and OP dodge + many other buffs.

Mate, a tip, go to champion ;=) It should not be the legend scaling on your skill level and your knowledgement of the game, but you who should scale on it. Just learn to play.