Zero fun playing with a sienna

Beam staff can do three things. No other weapon can do that. It can snipe specials easily. It can melt bosses with the crit bug and it can knockback and clean hordes.

On top of the pyro ability can be spammed with zero risk and zero aim. You can even shoot it forward or to the sky and it finds a special all the way in the back. Sienna is a low risk high damage char which makes no sense. Even the dagger can clear waves easily with its dps.

She literally turns 3 players into spectators. And ‘I main sienna xD’ players feel like everyone should move out of the way because she has to do it all.

I don’t know on lower difficulties but when I play champion/legend with sienna or play with a decent sienna myself it’s literally the sienna show.

Play with a drakegun IB and flamethrower sienna and even on champion they clean waves while noone has to do a thing. Why can flamethrowers still do that even on higher difficulties.

When I play sienna it just gets boring so fast. You can spam every strong ability and attack without any risk at all. The pyro ability recharges way to fast taking out a few specials with autoaim. Can shoot it in the air and it will find a target.

Her ability needs to be looked at and her staves aswel.


Yea, she is pretty darn broken at the moment. There are just too many ways for her to perpetually avoid overcharge, be it the vent skills at level 25, or the fact that you can vent with temporary health (wat).

If they addressed that I think she’d be perfect. Small bursts of extreme dps or crowd control that can be extended by spending health, otherwise requiring a cool down. All the fun and finesse of her character is lost because of a few new talents.

The other issue IMOP is how little health hoards have, every hero can solo skaven hoards with (almost) any melee weapon, making it a race to get the kills first instead of a team fight. Chaos are closer to what I feel hoards should be, but they could still stand a little more health.


good siennas are constantly finding a way to build overcharge to keep their uptime high. the problem with her is that she can’t effectively fire through the team. she also needs time to manage her overcharge - she doesn’t always have the ult up to clear overcharge, which means she needs to vent or to go into melee.

other characters have a much bigger sustained burst damage capacity. as an example, without an ult, any sienna would take some time to handle 4 stormvermins and a huge ratpack running amok. kruber,bardin, elf can bob them on the head once or twice each and they’re done, and continue to do so. when hordes come, i’m itching to kill as many as i can, instead of waiting for the sienna to roast them in droves.

maybe i’m not playing with good siennas, but i’ve rarely met one that can keep up with my elf or kruber. on the flipside, when i’m playing as sienna, i notice the group doesn’t seem to push up aggressively, but wait for me to clear stuff up ahead instead.

what i’m trying to say is, if you feel you’re not doing a thing compared to sienna, it’s because you’re LETTING her do it.

fun class to spam tho, i agree!


No one didn’t even mention the op-ness of the heat-sink trait. Or the beamstaffs light attack, which, when it crits, it crits as long as you hold leftclick. Just restart leftclick often enough until you crit and beam everything down.


oh wow. that’s interesting!

it’s really important you singled out pyro sienna, since her other two builds are in a sorry state right now.

The sienna show happens only because of pyromancer’s level 25 talent. Resets all overcharge off a 40 second cooldown which I can shave 4 seconds off with an item roll AND repeatedly take 0.8 seconds off per headshot I score with the Resourceful Combatant trait on a beam staff. Guess what, on a beam staff those headshots literally happen multiple times per second on hordes – just aim the beam at head level and pan left to right really fast.

Beam staff really shouldn’t be able to roll with that trait. Also, her level 25 talent should reduce overcharge by 50% instead of obviously OP 100% – something people have suggested since beta. Wink wink, Fatshark – level 25 pyro gets to shoot a few too many beam shotgun blasts, while battle wizard remains trash tier and unchained is hardly worth the risk of instant death (on top of being bugged in so many ways).

Once fatshark nerfs Pyro’s level 25 talent, Sienna is going to be pretty bad again though. She’ll need reasonable buffs elsewhere to compensate in a way that doesn’t break the game (i.e. more venting mechanics). Sienna only feels broken because people have found a really abusive build.


Nah, my teammate doesn’t even use it. He loves the temp health on ult more. You don’t even need that talent. Just roll Heat Sink on your beamstaff (and crit on staff and accessoire) and have fun.

Isn’t it on crit? headshots are not the same as crit.

yeah, but you crit so often when you drag the beam over different heads so you refill your bar really fast. i think it’s because the first few ticks of a beam on a new target’s head happens really really fast. try it on a test dummy and you’ll see.

The beamstaff beams only roll for crit when you start the beam. So you either crit the whole leftclick duration on every target, or you never do. Headshots aren’t related to crits in any way.
At least that’s how its crit calculation works with heat sink trait. But I doubt it will be different with ressourceful combatant.

Sienna will need more melee weapons if you guys are asking for range re-adjustment. Her current melee selection is sub-par compared to others due to her selection of range weapons. It needs to be brought up to the Melee standards of others. Maybe a flame whip for wide sweeps or flame sword needs to be armor-piercing for all attacks.


they said that’s not intentional and will be addressed in the likely near future.


Thanks for the info.
But imho, the real op-ness comes from the heat sink trait overall. The beamstaff shotgun mode is opaf with heat sink. The beam’s perma-crit is just a nice bossmelting sideeffect or when defendind against a horde in an open area.

I agree one or two more weapons could help. Although I’m kinda happy with her longsword. But the dagger is imho far better. Destroys stormvermins in a go and the incredible speedboost you get from its pushes (and ppl cry about the speedboost of the spear…) saved my sienna so many times from swarmed situations or when just fleeing.

the crit thing applies to the shotgun as well, all or nothing. once that’s fixed heat sink shouldn’t be as strong as it is now. she doesn’t exactly rock a 90% crit chance.

You are sure about that? I always had the feeling its shotgun has bullets and critchance is calculated on per bullet basis.
But nontheless. Even when they change the shotgun’s crit to be calculated per enemy or per bullet (if it has bullets afterall and is not area based) it wouldn’t change much as the average heatsink would stay the same. It would even make it a bit more op, as the heatsink would fluctuate less, making it easier to squeze the last bit of the overcharge gauge without risking explosion.

I’m positive. either it doesn’t kick at all or my heat drops in like half.

Well, here it is again. Sienna and Ironbreaker both are annoying as hell to play with for similar reasons. I don’t think that they will be weak after some well deserved nerfs, as long as the right things are targeted.
Ironbreaker being able to constantly spam Drakefire is probably the most absurd thing so far. Being able to kill more enemies, due to the fact that other classes have limited ranged ability, gives them a huge shield of temporary hp, which in turn is used to vent. That is the main problem for Ironbreaker.

For the argumentation that Sienna has some small weaknesses, i want to add that she still can do a lot more than other classes and deals high damage to anything. Just because she is not able to solo a whole Legend run, does not mean she is balanced.

er no. there are plenty of circumstances where she won’t be able to effectively do high damage. in a scattered mob pack without her ultimate, she won’t be able to kill 5 stormvermin with 5 light strikes, which bardin and kruber can do real quick, and also when traversing the levels she’s not able to keep up with the cornering kill speed of any heavy melee hitters.

she’s not able to do the consistent extreme burst dmg that’s needed to handle huge amounts of armoured targets. you can argue that a bolt staff may be able to match that, but that means she would lack for horde clearing capability. or a beam staff shotgun, but only if enemies are tightly grouped.

there’s always a trade off, but of course she will excel if the situation is perfect for her setup. no argument there.


You are comparing single strenghts from other classes to Sienna’s nearly not existant weaknesses. “Without her ulti” she can’t do certain things. Well, without the right weapon melees can’t oneshot Stormvermin.

Sienna excels in almost every situation and is extremely strong, always dealing high damage, while offering also offering crowdcontrol. She has more strenghts than other classes and fewer weaknesses. The universal utility and her high damage, combined without any restrictions like range or ammunition makes her simply op.

I find drakegun Bardins much more annoying and unfun to play with tbh.

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