Sienna Feedback (Updated)

This is an update for my feedback which i couldn’t leave outdated as i reached max level with Sienna and unlocked her full potentials. I admit that she feels pretty fair and powerful at the same time after reaching level 25 and with the right build you can just use your ranged weapon a lot more often which makes it a lot more fun because instead of having infinite use which would be boring you need to consider the situation. For example, if you have a lot of temporary health like some people commented it’s really easy to vent without losing any actual health and then use your staff again if necessary. Also one of her talents allows her to lose overheat when her passive is active (Pyromancer) which is really useful too. I haven’t tested every exotic staff yet but at least the beam staff is a really good staff for both aoe and single targets. I guess i should have taken more time to test her before giving such a big feedback but she does feel weak at low levels and with mediocre gear.

Personally i feel like the only viable staff atm is the bolt staff due to it being able to handle most types of situations decently.
I can concede that the flamestorm staff can deal with 50 skavenslaves rushing at you abit better than the bolt staff but not by much.

I also feel like the bolt staff has the highest “Heat invested/Damage dealt” ratio.

As for sienna being weak i disagree, i usually top the charts when i play her in champ/veteran and i very rarely have to use my melee with her.

Unchained and especially battle wizard are lackluster. Everything besides beam staff and bolt staff needs some buff to justify its use. But let me tell you, pyromancer is currently easily under the top 3 careers. You should already notice a power spike @lvl 20, since you can vent for free with temp health. When you hit 25 you can be endlessly on range and kill every horde approaching and snipe specials. But you have to use bolt staff or beam staff.

That Kerillians out dmg you is probably a product of you using the wrong staff. If this is the case when you using bolt or beam staff on somewhat equal level and gear the problem lies in ur performance.

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Some notes on your analysis

This is false, one shots usually only happens with f abilities the other classes have to hit multiple headshots too. I dont know any weapon in the game that does more dmg then bolt staff fully charged right click on head.
Since overheat is no problem at higher levels it also has exceptional horde clearing with left click, if not the best in siennas arsenal. Difference is, its harder to aim than with conflagration staff for example.

Lvl 25 talent allows you to fully remove overheat when using f, on a 40 seconds cooldown. So pyromancer has actually the best overheat management.

She is currently the best range career. And you should periodically have top damage by a good margin with her if playing correctly, especially on 21.

The one shot thing is very much true unless you happen to get matched with Kerillians that don’t use their bow. I can actually record a video of just the kill fee on the top right if you don’t believe me. She always has top stats and she doesn’t give time to other character get a single kill.

As i said, if an equally geared and leveled kerillian snipes all ur kills, the fault is to search by urself. Either u play to passive, not fast enough or just worse than ur Kerillian counterpart. Or the kerillian u play with just runs ahead alone to get all kills before u can. But this is doable with any range career.

If you focused so much on scoreboard, which you shouldnt, just equip +5% movement equipment gear and ceremonial dagger. Spam special melee to move ahead on your team. Then snipe all enemies u see in range. U will steal all kills and have the highest score.

But usually a fast reaction and a bit aim should be enough to top the scores as pyromancer sienna. Dont forget, pyro sienna also one hits specials with her f on 40 seconds cooldown. This is 50 seconds less cooldown then on waystalkers trueshot for example.

Btw i dont need a video, i could also make a video with a kerillian on my team where i get top score with my sienna, but single examples dont prove anything.

Battlewizard is currrently just useless and a tool for unlocking pyromancer. That’s all I can say for that career.

Pyromancer is good, I think even too good. Your ability to stunlock bosses, insane damage output at any range (Beam staff. Literally 0 reason to use anything else.), super fast and high damage F and abundant heat-management at higher level make her the strongest character in the game in my opinion. The only real danger ingame is that you acidentally burn your teammates.

Unchained is the most fun in my opinion, but unfortunately a bit too weak in higher levels of play, as you overheat too easily from taking hits and you don’t want to explode right in teammates faces. I reaaaally enjoy the playstyle, especially against bosses and bigger enemies, which clear all your heat when you block a single attack, but her biggest weakness is her just not being pyro.

As far as items go, the staves are all quite alright, with the exception of the beam staff, which just does whatever the other staves do, but just… better… and combined in one staff. I have no idea how you are using that staff @Tony , but yeah… beam staff OP.

Melees are all quite alright as well. Personal fave of mine is the flamesword, but all of the options are valid. Least liked for me is the mace, but I guess that’s just my preference.

The only range competition Sienna has so far is Bounty hunter which is is just flat out op :o

have you tried Left Click + Right Click? It’s labeled as a sniper because of this mechanic that is not outright told to the player.

The difference between this class and the other classes is that the passive doesn’t feel good. Waiting 8 seconds seems like an eternity in a fast paced game. Yes it’s free ventilation and it’s pretty good; however, Pyromancer has a skill where picking up a grim grants the same effect.

But there is one thing the Battle Wizard can do better than the other two classes? Block. If you have a weapon that grants around 25-30% block cost reduction as well as a necklace, taking one of the BW’s talents that grants 40% block cost reduction when Tranquility is active, you’ll be a wall for any horde caught in a narrow hallway. it’s laughably fun but the one caveat can make this build awful. You can’t be hit or else Tranquility wears off (moreso a problem with enemy pushes and unblockable attacks). You’re also susceptible to specials which is a given and you aren’t doing any damage while you block. The pros are, when there is a horde coming your way and you happen to see your teammates go down, you’re basically an unstoppable revive. This build is also good for holding off a wave while your teammates wear it down.

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