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Hi, so I’ve been playing a lot of Sienna and after a lot of experimenting, my opinion right now is that the weapon choices are frankly non-existent. I really like playing with the beam staff and the sniping play-style, but it’s all there is. Which surprises me because if you listen to people on youtube or steam many say Sienna is quite balanced. I disagree.

First issue: The Beam staff is the only option.
It can do EVERYTHING other staves can do better. Better wave clear, better single target, and really low overcharge. The only other staff that comes even close is bolt staff. With ball and conflagration being near-useless. I think the “shotgun” part should perhaps build more overcharge to prevent spamming or be reworked/swapped into a different staff. Or lower the damage of it and use it as a stun/knockback. Also sweeping the beam staff crowd controls a pack really easily, nothing else has that kind of crowd control.

Second issue: The beam staff can be exploited way to easily.
Because the crit is based on when you first fire, you can just tap enemies until you start to crit. This allows you to clear waves super easily and with talents and traits do other things like: completely vent your overcharge, max you out on temp HP or give you another ultimate.

3rd issue: Battle wizard? what’s it for exactly? (probably because of beam staff)
I really don’t see the purpose of this career. I think for a battle wizard venting shouldn’t cost health or have trait kick in way sooner. Because as it stands with the right talents (and yes the beamstaff: see above) the pyro doesn’t need to vent. Buffing venting might open up the option for higher damage traits and talents.

Balance summary:
Pyro > Unchained >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Battlewizard
Beam >>> Bolt >> fireball ~ conflagration
Normal Sword ~ dagger > flame sword >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mace

thanks for reading.


I still cant believe how much stagger power the bolt staff has, staggering like its a 2H charged hammer attack

I know people are all over the beam staff but I have over 300 hours on sienna in vtide 1 and 2 and let me tell you the bolt staff is FAR superior to the beam staff doesn’t do enough damage and the shotgot blows up your teams health on champion+ (nightmare+ vtide1) I agree that her other carrier options are terrible and pyro is the only real option. I think you should try the bolt staff with heatsink because its a far better option then the beam staff, especially if you can headshot SV and kill them in .5 sec compared to the beam staff 3-5 sec kill.

“the beam staff doesn’t do enough damage” I noticed a lot of people don’t realize that the beam staff is a sniper. When you begin your left click to stun and align, then you then right click to deal a large amount of burst. If it takes you 3-5 seconds to kill a storm vermin you’re pretty inaccurate.


What? Ru serious? The shotgun shot (hold RMB then press LMB) already generates lots of heat and I have all the talents to reduce the heat.

THey first need to fix beam crits exploit.

Useless. Needs complete rework.


I don’t think you understood what he meant when he said right click after left click. What you have to do is press right click within ~1 second of holding left click. You will then send a blast that deals massive damage directly and almost instantly to where your cursor is.

It is extremely strong but you have to be accurate with it. I won’t disagree that the bolt staff is strong, but after someone told me about the right way to shoot that blast with the beam staff it’s really good. Only thing that I like better about bolt staff is the flaming spear since it pierces but if you’re good i think beam staff is slightly better.

I agree that beam staff is most popular, but my friend who mains Sienna, prefers conflag when we play on Legend , with success. So I guess your argument ‘The Beam staff is the only option’ is invalid :wink:

That surprises me. Is there any reason they prefer it?

Why? What about FF.

I personally like playing unchained with the conflagration staff. It’s got great aoe dps combined with a stagger for mobs and pretty good single target too. It doesn’t do well with heavy armor though. The only issue I have with unchained is you can build up a huge amount of overcharge and explode very quickly if you get hit, so you have to be extremely careful about what’s going on around you.

I have played 700+ hours vermitide I and use many different wepons for sienna, but on vermintide II, i have tried all weapons and the beam-stuff, my personal opinion, is the best weapon. I would like if there are some balanced chars, the elve was overpowered at vermintide I and is also overpowered at vermintide II. I know now many voices say Noooo, because you are playing elve :slight_smile:

Sienna, if she are on a wrong position, with no feedback, no help from the team, she got fast damage, it is okay, but perhaps some healing like elve would be nice. So we are back on overpowered elve +automatic healing :slight_smile:

He doesn’t have problems with it, he can just control where to put it and how big it is. It is actually amazing, how he can help me when I play Slayer/IB, I only see the ‘booms’ around me. I guess it comes with experience and skill, he was also V1 Sienna main.

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I tried this out and can confirm it’s got pretty decent wave clear but I don’t agree with single target. The problem I found is that you’re a bit too reliant on your team to deal with single targets and as you say armor. I think by champion+ people have a decent idea about how to deal with large hordes and the problems start to come with bosses and specials. I also think unchained is fine if you’re decent with blocking and it’s not too difficult to manage your OC.

Sorry for necro this one, but i dont want to make thead about it and losing all feedback here.

i was thinking in just some QoL changes for staffs:

Bolt - Give it a zoom when it reach the second charge using the action button
Fire Ball - Using action button to make the charged fireball explode mid-air*
Fire - Maybe make action button use all charge to deal more knockback
Confla - Make area implosive/explosive at choice with the action button.
Beam - Dont have any for this one

  • I think that only the first hit can crit(not sure), if not intended make that all hits on charged attack can do it

Please guys… if we nerf everything, we will fight with bare hands. IMHO we should buff the “weaker choice”.

Flame wave staff needs a little something something to make it viable at legend, that’s for sure. I think the range needs to be longer and/or it needs a lot more stagger. Having a staff that can ONLY horde clear is pretty damn weak. It would help if the charged was a continuous fire as well, not needing to be tediously charged up, where you risk losing all charge if you only had to fire for a second or two.

QoL and damage buff for bolt charged is needed as well for sure.

Talking about Sienna… i am still baffled why every career can clear overcharged by level 25. It was the main special of unchained. But why should i play unchained when i can play pyromancer with a better ability that can also clear overcharge and i dont explode when i get hit.

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Fair enough, but even with that ability, the overcharge mitigation of BM is truly atrocious. That class is pure trash in every way, from perks, talents to ult.

Without overcharge on ult it would become near impossible to manage overcharge on certain staffs, even on Pyro. Fireball and conflag flat out not working with any crit trait whatsoever being the main offenders.

Well now Unchained do a lot of melee damage with the rigth talents and now you can rely on charge level 5 since you can use ulti when you are overheating.

I think that the first class is the weakest at the moment, maybe reworking the passive to make fast charging spells as heat goes up could put that class in a nice spot.

It is already supposed to work like that but it doesn’t work at all.

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