Sienna - Legend - Useless as ranged

Just a quick post to complain about Sienna’s staffs being near useless in Legend difficulty.

Sure you can take out most of the smaller mobs, but anything special that has even 1 once of armor covering their body, Sienna is unable to swiftly take care of them compared to other hero’s.

For myself, to be capable of playing Legend, Its a must to play Kruber + bow, Saltzpyre - Bounty Hunter, Kirrilian + Longbow, i haven’t played dwarf yet to be capable of playing Legend with him.

Just feel like Sienna’s staff, mainly any staff that isn’t beam staff. Beam staff isn’t as much an issue as it has been patched for the intended use that it can’t instantly melt anything in its path.

HAHA oh my god i can’t wait to see the replies in this thread.

anyway, my opinion is that you haven’t found the awesomeness of the other staffs yet.

fireball/conflag basic attacks stagger ANY mob, including chaos warriors. not sure why, but a lot of people don’t take crowd control into account when comparing staves.

conflag charged aoe staggers anything now, that’s just crazy CC. fireball heavy attacks are great for decimating a corridor, and many wizards swear by the beam staffs for close to medium range pewpew.

flamethrower staff, is mad for horde clearing, giving party space, and light attacks stagger and knockdown things, it’s insane cc. have u ever held off an entire legend stormvermin patrol just by lazily clicking left click every 1 second while your team kills them off slowly? that’s the staff to do it.


This is true, against patrols or specials her staves tend to default to CC while others kill them.

That being said, fireball LMB headshot will kill SV in a few clicks, and RMB+LMB quick uncharged fireballs will endlessly stagger and eventually kill SV patrols, for chaos patrols they will obviously mostly just stagger.

Conflag staff is more about CC against special/elites but again LMB headshots do kill things eventually.

I wouldn’t be against a bit of tweaking of her staves, but to be honest the insane wave clear potential and CC is probably supposed to be balanced with less damage VS elites.

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Makes sense she is more CC then. I was just noticing in moments where Hordes + Bosses + Patrols suddenly attack at once she is unable to properly assist and defend herself as well as teammates, unlike other classes, that can swiftly take care of a threat while dealing with smaller enemies.

I will attempt to play a more supportive role next time, however I still think that something like the bolt staffs RMB should at least do same damage as some of the other heroes when it comes to Legend.

Going to try recording a match too, since I haven’t given it a go yet.

Sienna is very sensitive to team composition and positioning. Open space, no formation? Not even a flamethrower staff will get you through a horde undamaged.
But if there’s shield cover, or a nice corridor, things change. A salvo of fireballs can stop an entire wave, and it staggers everything it doesn’t outright burn.
Most people say she’s OP, and on pyro I’m bound to agree.

i play my “quick-Ult-Build”
massiv wave-control-and-clear
the C-Warriors & Boss isn´t a problem, but dmg output by shade or any other is little more on this units…

the buildcore is simple, beamstaff,crit-ticks (2% trait for ult - no matter head or realcrits, cd reduce on charm, all 3-10 sec fireball and exhaust bam massive damage and legend-playable

This is a joke thread or?

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yes, people DO struggle on sienna to kill things if they don’t know how to maximise her effectiveness, especially when they’re paired with a good huntsman and BH that’s one shotting most things before sienna can ramp up damage on them.


I’m not sure if we’re playing the same sienna but you may need to check a guide or something cause you might be doing stuff wrong. Even as unchained with fireball I mostly find myself killing ANYTHING with ranged, even chaos warriors sometimes if they’re far away. The arc makes it easy to get headshots…

Kills specials, maulers and stormvermis in a few taps on the face, EXCELLENT stagger, can move just fine while using it, clutch spam rmb fireballs for hordes specials or if you’re good at aiming, even helping cornered allies. I rarely ever have to resort to engaging in melee with natural bond and grey health, and this is legend. All by being smart about attacks and making sure all attacks hit their mark so don’t waste heat and get to vent with the grey health. I’m usually on 75% true HP and 20-50% heat that way.

If anything I recommend never running with a dps only team an running with a diverse group with dedicated roles for horse, boss, specials, an an all rounder, which fireball unchained is in my eyes.

I’m not gonna fix my phone spelling, it’s more funny this way.

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i’ll be your horse anyday baby

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Troll topic.
Sienna is one of the most powerful ranged classes in the game. Only truly outshined by a good Waystalker. Typical L2P issue in this thread.

XD in all seriousness though, I’ve had groups that were so focused on specials and elites that when we got hordes they’d all split up and die for some reason, and groups that had no way to deal with large volumes of armour enemies quickly, while that can be dealt with. With coordination, having a weapon diversity in your ranged and melee will help a lot too.

With that I mean, carrying weapon to fend off elites, or have it be versatile (say dagger for sienna, or if armour is an issue, mace) and the other for hordes/bosses. Some people double up on what they bring and it’s nice that they excel at it, but in pugs you should be able to fence with anything on your own as well. Your teammates are there to alleviate pressure most of the time, not to do it all on their own; which is especially true on legend I think

(it’s nice if they can, but what if they died for some reason or unfortunate luck)

Beam staff still vaporizes anything at range or close-up, it’s the most versatile ranged weapon in the game. I hope FS doesn’t listen to reddit people who can’t play the game.


Jesus christ

For example,with fireball staff
Step one: 2-3 click the most critical cc special
Step two: 1 fully or 2-3 quick charged fireballs to decimate biggest horde clusters
Step three: Gain boss aggro,dodge all day while lmb in his face while your team kills the patrol
OR perma stagger the patrol while your team drives off the boss and then do charged attack followed by regular headshot on nearest patrol mob to kill them one by one

it’s generally a matter of juggling AOE and single target attacks so that nothing gets near you and once you get the hang of it it’s super effective.

IF it’s a chaos patrol with 8+ chaos warriors then unless your entire team is anti CW and you aggro the boss - you’re pretty much effed anyway, but for all other situations most of her staffs are fully versatile,being able to deal with whatever.

I mean,how in the hell can someone complain about a ranged weapon with infinite ammo, aoe comparable or better than a bomb and single target deadly stunlocks? This will sound off as rude, but you just have to learn to play.


Damn it i will make a guide for Sienna.

This is such a narrow minded post : s i hope you try out different options, most things can be used, you can dobit champ.

Give them all a serious try.

elf longbow sucks

The longbow is about as good as the users aim : - )

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