Can we please rework the Flamestorm staff?

-Crowd Control
-Excellent Stagger/Knockback
-Low heat on charged flame thrower

-No long range (cannot kill specials from far away)
-Can go through armor but doesn’t really kill them
-Does NOTHING to Plague Monks/Berserkers (seriously? what the crunch?)
-Does mediocre boss damage (AoE damage but doesn’t do as much overall damage like the other staves)

I haven’t seen a Sienna player bring a Flamestorm staff to Legend since the 1.0.5 patch. That should tell you something, Fatshark!

If Fatshark would change the single attack of the Flamestorm staff to be able to “snipe” long range specials, it would most likely be used on Legend. The single attack is too similar to the charged attack. It’s also too similar to Bardin’s Drakegun. All of Sienna’s staves have unique light and heavy attacks EXCEPT for the Flamestorm staff. If they can give the Beam staff 3 unique attacks, why can’t they give the Flamestorm staff 2 unique attacks? It was the one weapon I was excited about when I heard about it but was terribly disappointed when I used it. I mean, I had a lot of fun with it but it’s mostly frustrating on Legend runs as I can’t defend myself against specials.

If you have a Sienna on Legend with the Flamestorm staff and she ends up being the last hero standing…


Please! Let’s make the Flamestorm Staff Great Again!


At least its flame spray should roast trolls.

Well, if you pick BW, go for 3rd first talent and the second third talent flamestorm is quite good. Not as good overall as the other staves true but its not trash.

The monks and berserkers wont get staggered but it certainly kills them good. Maybe make the charge attack stagger a little bit more???

I took my red Flamestorm staff on Legend yesterday and it was fantastic against hordes and I was able to stagger a SV patrol so my team could kill them but…

I can’t kill long range specials (as BW or UC) and I can’t stagger OR kill plague monks/savages (had power vs. berserkers on staff but didn’t seem effective).

As far as I can tell, I think the staff was made solely for the Pyromancer career as her ult skill can kill specials from far away and the Flamestorm staff is a CC weapon and horde destroyer. Using that staff on her other 2 careers just gimps the player severely as you have no long range options for specials.

Fatshark could either give it a simple snipe mechanism so it can be used more effectively on her other careers OR make it a Pyromancer exclusive weapon.

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