When will we see changes to Sienna ignoring the overcharge mechanic?

It baffles me that we still have not seen anything happen to how Overcharge is handled. Sienna has too many ways of mitigating it on Pyromancer and todays changes to beamstaff did nothing.

Let me put it this way:
Currently Sienna has too many - too good - ways of handling overcharge.
Heat Sink, Exhaust and venting temporary health. It does not matter if you increase the beam staffs heat generation, no weapon balancing in the world can fix these 3 insanly strong mechanics.
It is time to tackle the problem at its root and it just seems like fatshark have no idea what the problem is when you look at todays changes.

Maybe start by changing Heat Sink from removing 4 overcharge to 2?
It is strong enough as is, if you fight a horde and it procs your overcharge will be gone regardless because you just hit so many enemies with the beam/shotgun.

Maybe make Exhaust remove 75% of overcharge and not 100%?
Or make it so the overcharge moves into the Gray area that way you have the posibility to vent and not simply remove 100%

Maybe make venting temporary health cost more health?
As it stand right now, even if your Burning Head is on cooldown and you run risk of overheating during a horde AND you get no crits for Heat Sink, you can simply vent for 1 second after the last shotgun blast and the lost health will be regained with the next shotgun blast because it simply kills hordes too efficiently.


How about you stop complaining about such things and just play the game instead


There is a difference between feedback and complaining. And if you don’t want to listen to peoples “complains” why do you even go to the feedback category?


I’m a Sienna main, and I feel that you have hit the nail on the head here. People complain about Sienna being OP, but her character isn’t much different than VT1, where she wasn’t OP at all, it’s really that the Overcharge management mechanic is broken, which in turn, breaks her character. The differences between a level 1-19 and a level 20-30 Sienna is so vast that’s it’s laughable. As soon as you get the perk for temp health on kill, It’s no longer a game about decision making, power management, and teamwork. It becomes about Kill, Vent, Kill , Vent until the round is over. Your once valued teammates become nothing more than meat shields. Kinda sad really.

I feel that the simplest solution to the problem is just removing any type of Overcharge Management device that is specific to a Career. No weapon traits or perks that deal with it, and make venting cost real health instead of temporary health. This simple change will make all of Sienna careers viable, while making every other character in the game more than just a shield wall for a high level Sienna.

BW will still have there quicker cool down, and the perk that makes that more effective, but scratch the level 25 perk that removes all overcharge on Career ability (or at least make it only remove half). Same thing with the Pyro, which would make overcharge management a real issue for her, but since her skill is based on high overcharge, it would actually suite her well. The Unchained should be the career with the best heat management, and the only one that gets to vent overcharge with her ability.

Seriously playing the game as sienna is completely different once level 20-25 are hit, and completely different again once certain weapon traits/perks are received. The way things are right now, not only breaks the character, but breaks the whole flow of the game.

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