Fix Sienna overcharge stacks

Currently, any of Sienna “stacks up to 5 times” talents and passives get their 5th and final stack only when you are at maximum overcharge and reach the self-detonation sequence, meaning you will never ever get to make use of the 5th stack, unless you play Unchained and select the +25% max overcharge talent at lvl 5.

This makes no sense. Either compress the benefits of 5 stacks into 4 and keep the thresholds while removing the redundant 5th stack, or make her gain the 5th stack at 85-90% of overcharge bar.


Well, the overcharge mechanic seems to work so that when you get to max overcharge, you don’t blow up instantly, only the next heat tick (i. e. the one that actually makes you overcharge) makes you blow up. When constantly producing heat (beam staff, charging some things etc.) it’s easy to miss, but when you produce your heat in clear chunks, you can notice it. I think it’s even capped so that if your heat is not at maximum, the next charge takes you to max, but not over; you still need one more tick to blow yourself up. So technically, you can get use of all those stacks. Still, doesn’t really mitigate the point; even allowing yourself get to the limit is a very bad idea.

Personally, I think lowering the stack requirements at each level by one or two would be the best solution, to keep the same range of effects and the ease of triggering them the same across the board, but still giving slightly more (well, any at all) leeway in triggering the highest point.

You are right on how the overcharge works, but not on the stack. If you find the time, go to the keep and get some overheat going. Try to get 5 stacks without going into overdrive and explode state. Im telling you, its not possible. It might award the 5th stack, but only for a split second when getting overcharge to absolute maximum without detonation.

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