Sienna - Removing All Overcharge with Burnout/Exhaust/Living Bomb Doesn't Prevent Explosion --- Intentional?

Sienna’s Burnout (Lvl.25 Battle Wizard talent), Exhaust (Lvl.25 Pyromancer talent), and Living Bomb (Unchained active ability) are all meant to completely remove any overcharge when using Sienna’s ability. However, when using any of these right before exploding, despite all three removing all of Sienna’s overcharge, she still explodes. It doesn’t make much sense, especially with Living Bomb since it’s an explosion itself.

My question is, is this intentional? If so, then I think it should at the very least be removed for Living Bomb. Unchained already converts way too much damage to overheat (please fix this as well, 50% is insane, especially on higher difficulties, and God forbid you get caught by a special), so not having a proper backup plan is a massive crutch on a character class that’s pretty much made to be on the edge of death.


I really want to hear a dev say something about this. It doesn’t seem right and I think its an oversight but would like to hear what the devs thoughts on the matter are.

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In my subjective opinion, it’s entirely intentional, since it would be a bit too easy if you could just fix your mistakes as easily as that. Overcharge explosion is rather friendly as-is already, since it stops at 100% and you need to cast another spell to blow up, so you get a warning. I don’t think you should get a warning and then another chance to prevent it.
On the other hand I 100% support clearing the explosion for the Unchained. The ability seems to work in the same spirit as the overcharge explosion, and the Unchained is a bit unfairly prone to getting overcharged against her will.


Is it intentional though? Because if you caught by for example an assassin rat and it hit hits you until overcharge, you cant use living bomb until you start exploding which means you can get the rat off you and remove ypur heat but you still explode and die after.

I agree that it should clear for the unchained only or that the explosion should go off on the special that put overcharge over the top. Its incredibly frustrating when you get hit by a special near full health and by the time you get to 75% your overcharge is full and even if rescued you’re going to explode with no recourse and drop. The unchained should have some method of emergency overcharge mitigation other than venting. That feature just needs at least a 10 second cooldown so its not spammable.

Since Bardin can use his ultimate to survive his guns overheating… I don’t know what’s intended.

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another idea is to make assassin/catcher/leecer ignore unchained passive ad deal 100% damage over her healt and no damage on overcharge

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Another thing that occurred to me is that maybe Unchained shouldn’t even get exploded by damage at all. I mean isn’t that feature supposed to be a protective spell? Sienna should just stop being protected by it at the highest heat level. Turn it off.

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That makes much more sense than what is happening but it may be too easy to play unchained that way and may not be what the devs are shooting for in regards to the unchained.

I suggested an alt fire option on the unchained melee weapons in the last beta as a solution. The suggestion was that the alt fire puts an additional buff on the melee weapon at the expense of overcharge and on a cooldown. My thinking was that with a buff to melee it may encourage more melee play on the unchained and give the unchained an option to lower overcharge somewhat actively.

I like the unchained and I think its almost perfect but I feel its not quite there yet.

They are fixing Unchained’s issue of detonating after being picked up with full overcharge next week or so if all goes according to plan. I don’t know if that will do anything with using a class ability that removes overcharge upon entering the detonation sequence.

as it is right now, it’s not supposed to clear your overcharge if you are ALREADY exploding due to max overcharge.

in its current state you don’t use it as an ‘oops my bad’ mistake solver, you have to use it before u hit max.