Sienna - Unchained Career Skill while overcharged

I dunno if this is better off here in Feedback, or over in bugs. If bugs I’ll be fine to move it over there, but anyway…

The career skill for Sienna’s Unchained career; it’s supposed to explode to remove all overcharge, right? But, if used while you’re overheated and about to explode, you still explode, and waste your fairly long cooldown ability. Is this intentional? It doesn’t feel like it should be, and considering half your damage taken is instead converted to overcharge, you can very suddenly find yourself about to explode unexpected! It’s a situation like this that feels like one of the main uses of the skill, for that moment where it’s do or die and you’re about to be brought down.

In short, shouldn’t the Unchained career skill prevent an overcharge self destruct?

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Yeah, that’s def what needs to be added to her kit, though maybe she shouldn’t completely blow up from overcharge too. Because it’s like, you get bonus melee damage on high overcharge, but you risk way too much for that damage buff it never really feels worth keeping heat at high levels. I thought of actually removing an overcharge death mechanic from her completely, and instead just prevent her from using ranged disable Blood Magic if it’s full. Maybe it’s too insanely broken, but imo it would make her semi-passives actually do something usefull. RIght only a block related one is good.
Also there’s like a thing where her career skill deals damage to allies(why???) on champ and i presume legend too, and this makes a level 25 talent choice pretty obvious, as if cooldown wasn’t the best option anyway. It feels like i almost always hit someone from a team when i use it, and it’s not like i try to stay close to them when i do that. Quite the opposite in fact.

Friendly fire does occur even with her other career abilities, so you cannot just remove it only for this tree. I agree that damaging your mates is a nuisance, but that’s what everyone has do deal with from champion onwards. The problem is that even with the +% damage level 25 talent, her ult doesn’t even kill a Stormvermin on Champion. It feels pretty weak, if you consider her high explosion damage from reaching max overcharge.

Kill a stormvermin Ha!
It barely kills trash and even then its more useful for pushing everyone away.
I use her and that ability for fun, outside of decharge it is almost useless.

It kills trash/hordes pretty good, Skaven at least. Tested this on the drop in the last barn of Against The Grain on Champion where they jump up. I jumped down, blocked and waited for them to surround me, was a nice clear for my group. Chaos is literally not caring about fire, “pain is a distant memory”

As a player who loves Unchained, there is nothing I would like more.

However, I think that would minimise the risk of exploding too much. Basically, whenever you have ult up, you’re completely safe, even if you enter the relatively long exploding animation. That would defeat the point of having to manage your overheat bar and the skill necessary to recognise when to use ult. So I doubt they’ll change it. I know someone might argue that it has the longest CD in the game, but I think after lvl25, a CD build with the proposed changes would make Unchained nearly unstoppable.

What I would be in favour of is mitigating the FF issue (which is really only an issue on Legendary I would say so it might go sorta unnoticed for some time) by doing something like: minimise the FF caused by the explosion itself, but make the fire left behind deal some more FF. That way, other players can at least react to your ult, even in pub games, and is not a guaranteed FF when you simply have someone next to you. As it stands, I would have to scream ‘Get away from Sienna, I’m about to explode’ when in reality a lot of the time you use it in a split second decision and it would be literally impossible to say anything.

I also think its unfair pyro can just remove all of her overheat with ult. I feel like the complete removal of overheat should be unique to Unchained but I admit i might be a bit biased on the issue.

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See, minimizing the risk of Sienna exploding is what I feel the whole point of Unchained’s skill is for. The skill does pretty pitiful damage and so-so knockback. And yeah, maybe at level 25 it makes Unchained really good, but the same can be said about any career. Pyromancer, for example, benefits a lot from overcharge cooldown on crit, and at level 25 can make her fire skull remove overcharge on use. Fire Skull has an extremely low cooldown compared to other skills, is good at killing groups and great at sniping specials or elites.

The safety net, I’d say, is part of what should make Unchained a strong and viable tank. Because even if you’re able to prevent yourself from self-destructing with cooldown reduction, you’re still risking yourself through raw damage, you still have to play more carefully. Really, it feels more like an oversight than an actual intentional game mechanic; I mean think about it: why are you still able to USE her career skill when your’e about to explode, when you’re unable to use any other attack? The skill gets used, THEN she explodes again? I can’t believe that’s intentional.

Like I said, I have a feeling one aspect is intentional, and that is not being able to remove overheat by way of ult when you’re already in the exploding animation. So yeah, removing the ability to explode while already in the animation is probably a good idea as it is basically pointless and probably an oversight. A saving grace is that you get your ult back if someone saves you.

I’m pretty sure FS are looking into Pyromancer’s overheat management. I think a small tuning of some talents will do the job.

If they don’t fix the amount of heat damage Unchained gets on legend, her ultimate must reset her pre-exploding status…

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