Sienna's Overcharge

Seeing poor Unchianed bot in action being hooked, slapped and exploding far too quickly, I decided to check if something’d been broken by patch 4.1.
And found some weird stuff.

I checked if Sienna can go down from explosion being at full health with various talents, and here are the results.
Disclaimer: all tests are done in modded realm with Campaign mod active; difficulty is Legend, current game version is 4.1.1.

  1. Battle Wizard the Mighty
    I’ve done two test with her - one with Soot Shield (main suspect in this case) and one without it. Turns out, she gets less damage than other careers and that allows her to survive an explosion at full health. - Soot Shield - Fire from Ash
    According to the results, Battle Wizard, having 120 hp, takes 7 damage per tick, 35 damage from 5 ticks total and survives explosion with 1 hp left regardless taken (not active) DR talents and traits, Barkskin’s not being activated by overcharge.
  2. Pyromancer the Nerf Victim
    I’ve done several tests with her, and result was the same in all cases - Pyromancer goes down and exploded. - only one video due to equality of results
    Pyromancer, having 120 hp, takes 10 damage per tick, 50 damage from 5 ticks total and goes down regardless talents and traits.
  3. Unchained the Cinnamon Bun
    Seeing Abandon in action, I tried to explode at full health with and without it, and output is the same - Ucnhained goes down. - Enfeebing Flames - Abandon
    Unchained, having 180 hp, takes 10 damage per tick, 50 damage from 5 ticks total and goes down regardless talents and traits.

And I find these results suspicious.
As far as I remember, any Sienna career at full health was able to survive overcharge - Battle Wizard and Pyromancer could do it with 1 hp left, Unchained - with ~30 hp. I had issues with that when 10 qp missions quest’d counted even fails. I took Sienna, overheated at the start and still had hp left.
However, my memory is illusive, and there could be some special circumstances like damage reduction coming from other characters or something else.

So, what’s this all about? I have suggestions:

  1. Patch 4.1 affected not only Abandon talent, but regular heat mechanic of Unchained (and Pyromancer somehow) as well.
  2. Battle Wizard was silently tweaked long before/I failed to find patch notes and everything’s working as intended.
  3. Battle Wizard is somehow bugged (one of her passives, maybe), other careers are fine.
  4. I’m missing something important in my Battle Wizard loadout.
  5. Other reasons.

If there’s indeed a bug, please, let me know what it is, I’m dying of curiosity.
Thank you.


To my memory a full overcharge always resulted in death for any Sienna that was not Unchained.

But, now that you mention it, i think there might actually be a bug with unchained, hookrats and hits when hooked but i cant quite recall as its been a while since i played her last time around.

I like this kind of test. :grin: Great job!
By the way, how could you open Inventory in game??

Campaign mod allows you to open inventory in game.

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I didn’t know this, thank you !

Basically when you’re in the middle of exploding and got put into an animation where you lose control of your character like disablers,ledge grab,storm(iirc?) and Chaos Spawn grab,you instantly explode and go down.

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