Unchained exploding

I haven’t seriously played Sienna for a while, but after the patch 2.x it seems as if I almost have no chance to trigger the living bomb when something hits her and pushes me into overcharge, despite my health being almost at the maximum level. Has anything changed?

Personally I always thought that should be automatic action, but…

I’ve had something of the opposite. I will be pushed into overcharge and detonate, but I remain standing. I think this may have happened twice - in both cases, I had mostly full health and the barkskin trait.

About what you’ve said… I think that if something really big hits her, and it’s enough to knock her down, she will immediately explode.

A lot of bugs from release are returning due to the patch.

Hardly anyone played UC on release because she would just explode for no reason or her ability would be unavailable even though it was fully charged. She was one of the buggiest of all careers and yet the most anticipated.

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Burning dregs, perhaps?

I thought it was due to how much damage the trash mobs do, but yeah sometimes I just boom dead.

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