Unchained Sienna Feels Mega Weak?

Hey there Devs & Community,

I don’t know about your opinions but I’ve found Unchained Sienna to be mega weak! The class itself is fantastic, The idea of keeping up your overcharge for more damage whilst reducing damage taken is amazing for those who like to get gritty with their mace or sword, But the overall damage stats seem super low in comparison to the other 2 tiers.

The damage increase feels so minor it just doesn’t make the class viable to play unfortunately, The living bomb does very little is such a small AoE that the only reason to use it would be to vent quickly before you blow yourself up.

How do you guys feel about her? I feel it’s such a shame considering she’s by far the best looking, and the most fun to play, Whilst still retaining a skill level requirement.

Please Devs check her damage stats and boost this particular sub-class.

Many thanks and happy hunting!

I would recommend the thread attached below to focus feedback a little.
The short of it: She offers high survivability if heat is managed well, but isn’t actually all that great at melee.
Living Bomb is indeed only used to vent quickly.
I personally play her as a weaker Battle Mage with extra health.

She’s a tank subclass.
She has 150 hp, can take a TON of punishment, has an ability that’s useful for AoE clear and

you can use it to double,or,with a proper setup(ability recharge on crit for one) triple or even quadruple the time you can deal damage with spells(and THIS is the actual damage source of living bomb)
, blocking reduces her overcharge, additional melee damage bonus on high OC is just a minor part of her kit that helps her clear the area around her when waiting for overcharge to drop down or living bomb to recharge.

I had many champion runs(while on level 18 mind you) where I had the least damage taken,over 7k damage dealt, never wen t down and revived everyone that actually got downed. She’s on a similar level with ironbreaker, only he’s more defense inclined and she’s more damage inclined(but it still depends on what you play and with what setup). For me she’s the strongest of all her careers. I have two problems with her 1.She can’t use living bomb to vent when she enters overcharge explosion state- which might happen often,especially with phantom hits and weapon swap bugs.
2. she doesn’t have a teleport or a long range ability to quickly get to teammates/kill specials BUT first one can be substituted with flamethrower/flame circle staff and second with the bolt staff. If I see my team has a lot of ranged I just go flamethrower+flame sword so nothing can get into melee range. If I have a lot of melee/tanks I take the bolt/flame circle staff + longsword for sniping down specials/stagger and wide sweeps.

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