TY For Communication!

Thank you Fat Shark for keeping promises! Love the developer update on Steam today and am very glad you’re keeping players in the loop. It’s much appreciated.

Here’s my feedback to what was discussed, I hope you will give it some consideration. I consider myself a Sienna main so the topics discussed are significant to me.

We still feel she has her core tenets met - the Battle Wizard represents Sienna trying to balance her addiction to Aqshy, but there’s still a fair bit of recklessness in there. It has a large AoE, explosion and dot heavy kit at her disposal still, but just without the one-button-to-win build. There may be additional adjustments made throughout this season, so do continue to share your feedback with us!"

BW is in a good place now. It could use some fine tuning - the talent tree seems awkward and a little random - but that kind of applies to every class and it’s actually the best of Sienna’s 3 trees in practice. There’s room for fine tuning (as always) but she still has the most viable build options of any Sienna career.

"Unchained is a career with a pretty high skill ceiling I think, but when mastered can be very rewarding to play. It’s obviously the most melee-centric pick of the career choices for Sienna, and as mentioned before can be tricky to integrate nicely into a ranged archetype.
There is a discrepancy between her ability where it feels like you are giving up your power (overcharge) when you use it. Maybe we could scale with overcharge?

Living Bomb is not like other powers and shouldn’t be balanced like them. I discussed this in a thread a while back; I hope you’ll read it, it’s key to how the class plays and feels.

“Siennas mace is a bashy/tanky weapon which transitioned from 1-handed weapon in Vermintide 1 to a 1.5-handed weapon in Vermintide 2 (a Bastard Mace? Can we call it that?). It should have good output versus armoured enemies as well as being a decent crowd control weapon, less on the damaging side and more on the tanky side. Maybe the issue is that it’s quite complex to use, what with alternating moveset for the charged attacks.

After calling the mace “well and truly useless” in a thread a couple weeks ago, I challenged myself to make it work in a build, and actually succeeded! (a max attack speed Pyro) I learned a lot about what’s wrong with it and how to fix it. It is a bit complex, you have to use combos and block canceling, but it’s less complex then the Dagger (which works great now BTW) so I don’t think that’s the problem. It main movesets are fine - they are effective at keeping the horde at bay, even if the DPS is mediocre. Because it’s control is good I don’t think it needs more damage on most of it’s attacks.

The main issue is that it’s slow and limiting with no reward - it doesn’t offer significant advantage vs even the basic Sword, but has substantial penalties. I think that can be fixed by improving the main heavy attack - the overhead with a burn effect. Currently it only does about as much damage as the Light Attack overhead strike, except it adds a burn effect, which is not very powerful. It should be a bit stronger, to make it worth charging up; also if the attack had a rush forward component like Pickaxe or Executioner sword it would be a much more usable and responsive weapon. The worst thing about using Mace is lining up a strike only for the enemy to slowly walk out of the way while you are charging it :frowning: These changes would give it the anti-armor role it should have, while keeping it’s current strengths in crowd control.