Fix/improvement for Sienna Battle Wizard Tranquility

An idea for a major improvement of subclass identity/feeling:

Grant Siennas Battle Wizard the “Blessed Shots” treatment, so Tranquility cooldown resets on melee kill.
This way you can use your staff, but at high heat you go into melee, proc tranq. and vent. I think this would reinforce her background as controlled wizard reall well.

PS Pls improve the burning damage on Fire Walk and Unchained F. Maybe something in the lines of Lamp Oil would be awesome. I’d love to lay a line of fire to block/decimate a horde for a few seconds. And for Unchained, make it stagger, no direct damage, but basically spread lamp oil that damages the unchained for some heat (and the enemy ofcourse)

Unchained is the strongest character in the game now. Please staph requesting buffs on her.

Not possible. In game 1 we had bloodlust+dot combo. Healing that procs from killing on meele weapon would proc from dot damage rom say conlaglation stuff. So, what you would do, you would create big explosion, then swap weapons and enjoy bloodlust ticks. Mechanics are the same in game 2 and this makes dot-oriented Siennas ranged weapons incompatible with your suggestion.

Battle wizard passive needs exactly one thing: remove the “not casting spells” restriction. Your ability to spam spells is still highly restriced by your max overcharge, so you cant spam out your charges spells like crazy anyhow.

Her Ult is basically a overcharge emergency button, which is fine, but not really interesting, at least add some effects when using it, instead of a soft stagger and like…20 damage.

Didnt know those weird mechanics, but FS should be able to fix that. Ofcouse this would make my suggestion abusable.

Perma-Venting when not taking damage sounds interesting enough to be honest. But I think Battle Wizard was more “intended” to switch between melee and ranged. Permaventing would feel like spamming a lot more spells and possibly very little melee, which still is more interesting than the current mechanic.

Still stand by my suggestions (if dot-fixed).

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