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I think that Sienna “Battle Wizard” class is not so useful as other Sienna classes. That “fire trail” is nice, but you find yourself (quite often) either in deep-penetrating enemy lines and getting your face tested by enemy weapons, or missing the “flow of the enemy wave” and wasting the special ability potential.

Compared to other abilities - “homing missile with low CD” and “burn’them’all’ALL”, this seems kinda useless for me.

So my suggestion is: maybe you could change that “Battle Wizard” active skill to somewhat reminding the “charge” skills on Kruber/Kerillian/Viktor? Like Sienna gets this “arrow on the ground” when using the specical ability, and then releasing a fire wall at this path that deals a fire damage?

Good idea, just rotate the fire trail 90 degrees and extend its duration and length a bit, remove the teleport function, and you have a unique and useful talent that fits the career purpose of support.

There’s still the issue of the passive, which I cannot see any use for or interesting interactions with. I would say maybe if Tranquillity provided some melee buff and / or discharged overheating per strike it could work.

She definitely needs something though.

I’ve said these things before, in similar threads, but… BW’s kit is strong, when you figure it out. But it kinda lacks direction, and needs a few tweaks to make it, I dunno, more consistent.

Fire Walk feels like it doesn’t know what it’s meant to be, and tries to be a lot. A movement ability, a control ability and, with a Talent (which is the only sensible choice imo), a tool for extra cooling down. I also feel it doesn’t fit into her general kit. A complete rework would probably be best for it, to support her playstyle more. There have been a lot of suggestions (from lore and otherwise) on the forums already.

Other thing is Tranquility, which helps momentarily and when it’s up, and then… nothing. It still encourages a cast-wait-cast-wait cycle, and the waiting part is annoying and, with this game’s pace, hard to sustain. Going into melee risks getting hit, breaking Tranquility; casting any spells breaks Tranquility; and when Tranq is down, you have no bonus from it whatsoever. I think it needs an alternate set of bonuses (even if a lot weaker) when it’s down, or a way of keeping it up more (without sacrificing a Talent for it). A good try might be to allow casting quick spells (i. e. LMB) without breaking Tranq, allowing us to do something else besides waiting and defending in between activations.


No, I like BW’s ultimate.

I don’t ever use the dash on it unless I need to get out of danger. I don’t usually put myself in that much danger though.

I have found an alternative way to use her ultimate. Instead of just aimlessly dashing, I look downward and hit F and it mimics UC’s ult that knocks back enemies. It’s way more useful this way.

Fyi, BW is waaaay stronger than her other two classes… and waaaay tankier… you just haven’t figured it out yet :slight_smile:

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Maybe the teleport shouldn’t happen forwards but backwards? Didn’t play BW that much because of that skill and I never learned how to make it work for me. I might miss a DNA sequence for that, who knows.

(Actually funny how there’s exactly one career per hero I can’t play well/makes no fun. Foot Knight, Ranger Veteran, Shade, Bounty Hunter, Battle Wizard)

Anyway: I know her perks and talents are kinda neat but is it worth to play BW if you can’t really utilize her skill (as player)? I once saw a BW in a match that dude was a frickin’ Jedi. He mastered the movements, they were so intuitive and fluid as hew would make love with a beautiful woman.

Yeah, there are bad car drivers, then there are good drivers. And then there are hilarious drivers. But that dude was a “siennanized” Ken Block.

eh, don’t use it to teleport yourself into a horde. if you use it that way, of course you’re going to find that it’s bad.

it’s for clearing overcharge and stunning people right in front of you, as well as getting out of bad situations (cornered by boss) it can even stagger bosses, if i recall correctly.

Yes, it can stagger bosses, at least enough to hit CS out of the grab. Didn’t do it always, as in the beginning it hardly staggered anything.

As for its use, I’ll blatantly quote (well, link) my own older post: Battle Wizard Fire Walk - Usage

In short, I’ve felt that however I use the skill, I don’t use it well. Use it for one aspect, and I feel I’m not utilizing the others, and it doesn’t feel that strong on either one.

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i think increase the burning time and damage to be the same as those oil barrels u blow up is enough for battle wizard.

Agreed. Also, feels like we’ve had this same conversation a bunch of times on here.

The ult feels lackluster and poorly suited to the class, the talent tree is a jumbled mess, and Tranquility is a pretty lame passive in its current state (rarely up and doesn’t synergize well with the talents).

The subclass is usable, but it needs an overhaul.

Personally I really like the teleport. It’s an excellent survival tool that you can use to save yourself in times where Pyro and Unchained would just die.

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