Battle Wizards needs to be totally revamped

One of the most useless Sienna’s class.

What’s more, we have some really ridiculous talents

Rechannel - when tranquillity is active Sienna’s ranged charge time reduced by 40%

Sounds good, right?

However… let’s read the description of tranquillity.

“avoiding damage and NOT CASTING SPELLS for 8 seconds…”

I mean…how is this supposed to work? TBh I don’t even think this talent works at all…

It works exactly once, Tranquillity stops as soon as you release a charged attack.
You’re right, it’s useless.
Battle Mage is clearly the weakest subclass, with 10% increased ranged damage being the only reason I’ve found to pick her over Unchained. Let’s not talk about pyro.

Yeah, battle wizards sucks.

However, every class has a viable sub-class, so there is balance in the game. They need to work on weapon balance first, then sub class balance.

I’ve played 20+ levels of wizard, most of them as Battle Wizard, trying to make her work.

The only good thing about her is that you don’t need to take damage to vent if you’re willing to wait a little bit, i.e. BW becomes worthless once you hit 20. The teleport is insanely hard to aim in situations where you truly need it, the fire may as well be cosmetic, the cooldown is astoundingly high for such a finnicky skill, the increased charge time hardly functions (it only seemed to visibly affect conflag in all my test runs), the talents are almost univerally garbage with exception of the one that makes Tranquility work faster.

I like playing non-meta weird stuff and Unchained isn’t really my thing, but playing Battle Wizard just makes me feel like a V1 character. I may as well not have talents, a passive or an active.