Unchained Still Dying Twice

If you don’t already know, Unchained is very prone to going down twice. The most common case is that she will get caught by a disabler, like a hookrat or an assassin, and her overcharge will skyrocket. If she goes into red health, and someone picks her up, she will immediately go into her detonation sequence, potentially killing her off on higher difficulties.

Does anyone know if Fatshark has said anything about them fixing this somehow, or is this just going to be a ‘feature’? I love playing as Unchained and do pretty good with her on Champion, but going down twice instead of once can potentially ruin a run.

I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t like it. I’d like to know what your thoughts are on this.


I see two solutions:

  1. Sienna is caught by a disabler special and reaches max heat. Sienna explodes and normal explode damage occurs. This has the potential to free her. (Most logical suggestion)
  2. Sienna is caught by a disabler special and reaches max heat. The explosion mechanic is suppressed while disabled and is only turned back on when the disable is resolved and she is either freed or downed to damage. If freed, Sienna maintains max heat and is now active again. If downed and an ally is able to rally her, she maintains max heat and is now active again. The explosion to hear mechanic doesn’t occur. (I don’t like this option…Maybe if she is downed and reaches max heat, temporarily remove her 50% damage mitigation during the disable. To balance this option?)



We’re aware of the issue and a fix is being tested internally. If everything goes according to plan we’ll be able to put it live next week.

Thanks for the feedback!



Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! You guys are doing good work.

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Any hints on whether the Unchained will get the push stuff back at a later date?

I’d say not as this breaks the entire overheat mechanic she has. Completely and utterly breaks. You just get stamina and stamina regen and you now have infinite overheat. If you balanced for those builds the vent amount would feel weak in other builds.

I’d rather she vent overheat on heavy attacks doing bonus DOT damage or something. The vulnerable state of charging + increased reward fits with the risk vs reward style of Unchained and it gives her a way to vent that insn’t near as easy to cheese.

I’d be up for heavy attacks costing overcharge at high overcharge with bonus damage. I’m leery about DoTs since DoTs feel horrible for this type of game.

I was thinking more of the stamina discount for pushing at high overcharge but I don’t think the pushes costing overcharge would break things that much, mainly because if you’re pushing, you’re not killing.