Unchained push passive

Will the push part of Sienna’s Unchained passive ever return? It was the part that said pushes cost less Stamina and cost overcharge at higher overcharge levels.

I know it was removed due to the not-intended issue where you could push nothing to vent, but the whole thing was excised with nothing to make up for it.

Without that issue, the increased pushes and being able to vent a little while doing melee crowd control complemented the Unchained’s melee focus quite well. Blocking to vent feels horrible as it is too reliant on external factors for it to even be considered a backup way of venting.

Please fix the air pushing issue for the push passive for Unchained rather than just leaving it out.


I’ve returned to playing as Unchained in Champion mode and she can actually hold her own pretty damn well with a dagger and a beam staff. I was the last man standing in one group on the grain mission and took out a reasonable horde, a fire rat, a gun rat, and a stormy (maybe two?) while hanging around ~50% health. Was able to save everyone and we got emperors afterwards.

However, I was only able to do that because my ability was well-timed. If I hadn’t used the living bomb ability twice, I would’ve died easily due to overcharge. If my ability hadn’t cooldowned fast enough, I could at least defend myself somewhat with push-venting.

So yeah, I would love to see push-venting return, but only work on enemies to encourage offensive melee combat.

My problem is that yes, she can do it, but she’s always much more vulnerable to sudden death than other classes that can do the same thing. Push venting seems a little too gimcky though, they prolly need to give her another method of venting, like venting a little on successful heavy attacks or something that makes more sense.

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I like the idea of push venting because both parts of it ties into the idea of buying time - pushing to give yourself more space as well as venting to give yourself a bit more effective health/being able to use your staff again. It just seems to work well with the melee focus that the Unchained has. I wouldn’t mind if it were heavy attacks that cost overcharge either - as long as it only vents if you actually hit something, but I fear that would probably be the reason that won’t happen either.

I mean, pushes already have hit detection since they’re attacks with increased knockback that deal no damage. It’s already possible for attacks to proc things on hit, so I guess vent on hit shouldn’t be too different. I mean, earthing rune was a thing in V1, and unless the venting system was rewritten completely, it should in theory be possible for it to be “fixed”. I wish they would just mention it because it sucks to have a mechanic that ties so well into a class just be gone with nothing said about it.

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You shouldn’t be venting on UC unless you’re near the end of her overcharge meter.

Doesn’t anyone want that increased melee damage? Oh, yeah, that’s right, I forgot that no one does melee in V2 because lol ranged meta XD

(in spongebob frenchman voice)

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I would still prefer increased push strength/range at high overcharge at the cost of a bit of overcharge. I don’t care about venting on Unchained, but more melee options would be cool.

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