Venting with melee weapon on Sienna

Since the r key is not doing anything during melee, it would be a cool animation with a melee weapon, and it allows her to quickly switch to block if they were mid fight she should be able to vent overcharge when her melee weapon is in hand. It would be a huge quality of life improvement to Sienna and viability improvement to the Unchained. It’s not an issue of skill, it’s an issue of keeping up with the flow of battle.

I’d honestly like to be able to do it regardless of class, especially now since weapon swapping is so janky :confused:

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This is another related issue. Weapon swapping is janky. Thanks for pointing that out. I agree. It’s catched sometimes when I’m in the middle of fast paced combat.

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I think this wouldn’t even require any new animations, she has her offhand free, she holds her staff upright, just replace the staff with any other weapon and it’ll still look fine.
While it’d be a great quality of life improvement, I’d be ok if this was limited to unchained. I mean, that’d be a solid choice for her level 15.

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Yea, you’re still slowed down / not able mske other actions when venting so the abuse for this seems… hard to do ?

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