Dual wep for Sienna

Would be neat if in the future Sienna got some love and got herself a dual wep since everyone else has at least one now.
Hats would also be neat i need hats to live.



Flaming sword has the potential of being Sienna’s “dual” weapon if FS actually implement her flaming hand in the light attack moveset.


Duel Wield Beam Staves with triple headshot bonus and CDR on headshot + double beam on one target = quadruple headshot damage.


everyone else


At one point I did toss out an idea for a dual-wielded weapon for Sienna… But it would only really fit on Unchained, and wouldn’t really bring much new things to her set beyond being cool (oh, the irony). It was a pair of flaming swords, with mismatching illusions, wielded like a madwoman swinging wildly and without much apparent technique at all.

It’d be fun, I guess, but Sienna is the hardest character to justify dual-wielding for, and there isn’t really a need for that stuff. Though I still kind of wish Unchained had an exclusive melee weapon…

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I mean, I love that idea, and there’s a part of me that thinks her flaming fury should only ever get channeled into one weapon; so I’d move in the direction of sword/flaming sword.

While it would be the devil to use, what about mace/flaming dagger? The wildly different attack speeds would amuse the hell out of me; though maybe it would be utterly impractical unless you used block cancellations for non-armored hordes.

That said, I think your unchained statement is on point: what if her dual weapon was just flaming claw like gauntlets (unchained exclusive).

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