New Weapons for Sienna?


how about a 2hand sword for Sienna? or shield+sword
or a spear or dual flails!
flaming flails!

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“Dual Flails” This is the most epic suggestion ever, although a tad unrealistic (even in a game with magic, elves, dwarves and demons)

I would however love a 2h flaming sword for sienna, that would be brilliant!

To be honest, I’d prefer if Sienna was viewed as a monster of melee combat and I’d love to see a weapon specific to Unchained. Namely, I want to see an “Unarmed” weapon when you are fighting wielding magic and magic alone.

  • Blocking would draw chains of the runes of Aqshy as a barrier in front of you
  • Shoving would cause a blowback of smoke and sparks
  • Light attacks would be bursts of flame and spark (specialized in horde-clearing, might leave a dot but making sure the point is the “heat wave” and not the “lingering flames”)
  • Strong-attacks related to massive crowd-control (blasts of smoke and gouts of flame at the ground, mostly for knockback and leaving fire-bomb style flames on the ground)

All attacks are armor-piercing but the weapon would do terrible armor damage, in my mind, perhaps with a Heavy-2 attack that attacks a single dude for superior damage?


I read the idea of this weapon a while ago atsteam forums and I think that it’s the most epic thing I have ever read: flaming whip.
It can be chain as well


Shield + any current weapon

Sword/Dagger + any current weapon (dagger in the off-hand)

Dual Daggers (or any current weapon)

Chain Whip

Kusarigama (basically crowbill + chain)

Dagger + Chain



Quarterstaff (could even double as a spell-staff and have a ranged mode, and take up both slots)