Suggestion sienna weapons

Give sienna a fire shield -Could be used with mace, sword, fire sword, flail , crowbill.

Would be cool to see a flaming shield and spear also, similar to elf, but you could have it generate heat and be thrown like bolt staff or do an explosion at the top with weapon special or an explosive shield bash.

Also a fire whip or chain (she has a lot of chains already) could be a chain whip like ghost rider.

Fire gauntlets that had spike knuckles and weapon specials with more than punching attacks like a fire geyser, bolt, slash

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Fire gauntlets and fire whip sounds great. Everything else I disagree, since other careers already have those weapons and it would make the characters less unique with more samey weapon choices.

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Dual wield dagger and 1h mace.

I can see that, just spitballing areas she lacks in that others dont. Melee range could be addressed by whip but seems her and Bardin dont have melee range, her and salty dont have shields/ melee defense.

I don’t think that Witch Hunters/Bounty Hunters or Bright Wizards even use shields in lore. As a wizard, Sienna should receive a new spell-casting weapon rather than a melee one imo.

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Bright Wizards have access to a fire shield spell, if I’m not mistaken. So it’s not completely crazy, considering all of her staves are based on spells anyway.

With that said, I agree that pretty much everyone should get new ranged weapons next dlc. Except maybe Bardin, since he already got throwing axes?


Then it could be much more interesting to give her something like a “spell book” weapon through which she could summon several types of temporary spell-like weapons that would have limited use-time based on the overheat mechanic… or something.


Dual wield flame sword and dagger :wink: Can you even imagine the CC?


Bound Sword, Bound Battleaxe, Bound Bow.

Unchained only dual wield Flame Sword + Ceremonial Dagger.

I mean for a magically melee focused career, she should have a dual wield option.