A few new career specific melee weapon ideas

These can all be built from similar weapons on other characters.

Sienna Unchained - Flame Censer

  • Melee. Flaming Flail.
  • Light attacks swing back and forth diagonally then up and and around.
  • Indefinite melee attack charged time with a follow up swing that ignites nearly rats in an arc not unlike her flaming swords fire claw.
  • Push attack is a quick horizontal swipe from the right.
  • Armor pierce loves something to be desired but it gets around shields similar to the flail.

Saltzpyre Zealot - Flagellant’s Maces

  • Melee, dual wield barbed clubs.
  • light attack made out of alternating diagonal strikes
  • charged attack starts with a strong overhead double strike followed by a horizontal swing from the right
  • Push attack is a quick diagonal double strike.

Kruber Hunter - Hunting Spear

  • I haven’t used the Asrai spear but a similar weapon could be thematically appropriate.

Any other ideas?

1h axe / 1h hammer for slayer give it a bit of cleave and less anti armor damage, let people be snorri from gotrek and felix, also I think he just needs some cleave added to a fast weapon so he isn’t required to rely on 2h hammer for waves.

I think a Sienna weapon with an alt fire similar to saltzpire’s pistol would be cool.

Same as above but for shade, 1h sword with a hand crossbow would be pretty nifty and give her a bit more flavor.

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If the slayer has swift slaying and good foot work he can handle waves as part of a team exceptionally well cutting through the periphery streaming from the edges of a choke.

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