Suggestions for New Career ONLY weapons

So I am making this topic because I’d personally like to see more career specific weapons introduced. It’s a shame that each career does not have one, so I want them all to have at least one that no other career can use. It makes them feel a bit more special.

Kerillian’s shade has the volley crossbow.

Markus’ huntsman got the bow.

Bardin’s ironbreaker got the Drakefire Pistols and the Flamethrower.

Bardin’s slayer got the dual axes.

And that’s it. I don’t consider Bardin’s mace and shield/axe and shield a career specific weapon, since two career’s can use them, even if slayer can’t.

I have a few ideas for what I think some careers could get.

Sienna’s Pyromancer could get a staff that only that career can use, since it is a career that is based on range. Not sure what kind of staff though.

Sienna’s Unchained however could get either dual-wielding flameswords/ceremonial daggers/flamesword and dagger, or Fireclaw gloves (imagine gloves with a blade on each finger a la Edward Scizzorhands style minus the thumb and proper hand support + flaming).

Kerillian’s Waystalker could get a new Trueflight Longbow. I know it was removed and replaced with her career skill, but what if the regular shot worked like the regular longbow and that in order for the trueflight to work you MUST charge and mark your target. Only then will it go for a guaranteed headshot. Otherwise, it fires like the regular longbow, with slightly less ammo.

I like the idea of giving Kerillian’s Handmaiden a Sword and Shield, but she could also get a kind of dual edged spear (think of Darth Maul’s lightsaber, but with metal swords in terms of look. Not sure how else to describe it). Or maybe a Warglaive?

One of Saltzpyre’s Careers could potentially get a whip weapon. Or maybe that’s something for Sienna?

That is all I can think of right now. What do you think? At least one weapon per career. Got any ideas? ^^

Edit: Corrected all Carrier’s to Career’s. I thought something looked strange, but at the time I didn’t have the will to look it up. Thanks for pointing it out.

I think you meant career, not “carrier”.

While career-specific weapons are cool I’m not sure more are really needed. Because they’re so well tailored to their careers these weapons suffocate other options.

I’d much prefer having diverse builds for each class than have them get pigeonholed into their career weapon.

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Agreed with @Jelly on that one. Ever seen a Slayer not running dual axe ? Some career can use other weapon, but they’re often the prime choice because they were designed to work around the career.

And about the Trueflight, it worked like that in the beginning of Vermintide 1 (regular longbow and need to charge to have auto-aim and headshot). Well it was still played everywhere because it allows you to kill any specials without even aiming, which has a huge stress impact on game.

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Hold on, drinking a potion… Oh, now I’m blind.

Jokes apart, I like the idea of more career-specific weapons, I was just wondering why Saltz and Sienna don’t have any.

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Well Satlzpyre’s Rapier used to be a WHC only weapon.

I know the Zealot could not use it initially. I have no idea why this was changed in Beta.

A Two-Handed Flail for the Zealot.

Rapier again only for WHC, dual-wielded hammers for the Zealot (like Warrior Priests have them) and some kind of twin-barelled shotgun for the Bounty Hunter?

No, thanks, it will be just another “Grudgeraker” that will blow my ass with it’s unfriendly FF :sob:

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Just thought about a weapon which would make Bounty Hunters come closer.
Maybe some inverted Rapier+Pistol: Two barreled scatter handgun, secondary fire for aiming to fire both barrels at once and tertiary attack is a swing with a truncheon from the off-hand which staggers enemies but does nearly no damage.

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