[Suggestion] - All careers

Good morning all !

Already a big thank you to the Fatshark team! Big fan of Warhammer I have a great time on Vermintide 2!

With the advent of new careers I have a few suggestions:

Kerilian: Lion of Chrace
Bardin: At first I thought of an engineer then another idea came to me => Rune master !!!
Victor: Priest or some sort of Theognist
Sienna: How about another school of magic? Maybe the shadow magic taught by Olesya

Ah and another suggestion unrelated to careers:
A summary page (Globadiers killed, caught by a pack master, etc.)

There are some problem and some good idea

Kerillian: as a Lion of Chrace would not be possible as it’s a unisex group (IIRC) and it would technically make her stuck on Axe type weapon (They are the only weapon they use in the lore as it’s their heirloom).

Bardin: The advantage of engineer and runelord is that it leave a lot of freedom to the dev but at the same time lore wise there isn’t much to build upon. Finally if you take TW Warhammer 1 and 2 or the Table top it would finally be a Hero class level career. The other career that is possible would be Thane.

Saltzpyre: Priest/Warrior Priest or templar could work very well on Victor but it depend on which god it would be:

-Sigmar: Could be interesting and the most classic (access to hammer and affiliated)

-Manann: Would be more unexpected but could work as an access to the lore of the Sea or that of the Deep (Change his name to Saltspite) and give a trident

-Taal: Reserved to Kruber

-Myrmidia: would be a better fit for Sienna but could give a a duellist weapon

Sienna: apparently having 2 Lore of magic is now impossible (without involving Chaos or having a chaotic corruption), maybe have her use the Divine version of Fire, with Myrmidia or maybe Sigmar


In the end times lore. Which the game takes place in. Alot of wizards randomly gained the ability to use necromancy in addition to their school of magic. Kruber would be pissed but if we’re talking lore wise necromancer sienna would be a stretch but COULD fit. Or for at least as well as making Kruber a Grail Knight

Keri’s 4th should definitely be something from the woods, which is her original background, after all. Wardancer/Shadowdancer would be a funny addition (maybe also no ranged weapons), Eternal Guard (mabye a real Keri-Tank), or - to make it stand out - Dryad (as it would be from the wood elves, but not really another wood elf :wink: )

Salty is WP or gtho! :slight_smile: (Salty just needs a unit with cool armour and a huge hammer)

Bardin, I guess there are not many options apart from runesmith or maybe longbeard. I can’t see them going down the road of an engineer.

As for Sienna, I am REALLY curious what will happen there.

Longbeard, Hammerer, Quarreller and Thunderer are not really fit to be a career since it’s either close to to either their already available weapon or they are not different enough this leave us:

Engineer: Depending on how they see it, it could be a turret or a mechanical engine (Small hand canon like the one on the Gyrocopter)
Weapon Black powder weapon but not a lot of idea
Runesmith: In the lore they can be quite powerful, their spell are based around their anvil (would be quite slow) or the use of runic weapon
Weapon Either the Anvil (as a ranged or a special ability) or just give him the possibility to put rune on the weapon (Elemental effect or other effect)
Thane: Ancestral power (power coming from the grudge of their ancestor)
Weapon This can be quite fun since in the tabletop, the miniature had a 2h axe or hammer and a shield

I’m really curious what FS will come up with for Sienna. Another wind of magic seems completely out of the question, not only because of lore reasons, but also since it would require a complete redo of all her lines and weapons. Sienna’s entire character is about how she is attuned to Aqshy and how she deals with that. You might as well introduce a completely new character at that point. And it seems like all aspects of her - from more to less control over her powers - are already covered.

Only thing I could come up with, is some sort of anti-Unchained. “Chained”, so to say. Where Sienna has gotten a better grip on her magic, but at the cost of raw, wild power. The class could emphasise control. An ult which creates longlasting fire effects for area denial to enemies, or something. And a 3 times as large overcharge bar at the cost of ranged damage or longer casting times and such. Or giving herself a fire shield / armor? Burning weapons?

I’m not sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what FS makes of it, though.

This formulation is the direction I would probably go with too. As absurd as it may sound, I think more Aqshy will not work out for Sienna as well as a different Lore of magic. As such the way forward would be away from magic. Convince by Saltzpyre’s remarks Sienna agrees to seal up a part of her magic. She has still flame effects on her melee weapons but will no longer wield staves in order to get her addiction under control. For range she could either get copies of empire arms or some kind of mechanical fusion or normal weapon arms and fire magic. So to speak the weapon is a tool to channel her magic, something a la Drake Pistols.

Problem is that most people probably want to see something more magic related.

That’s also a suggestion, but I can’t see her locking away magic that much. In my imagined class she’d still use staves, but it would just be different for her. Like, less overheat since she’s in control, but that comes at the expense of cast time / damage / crit since the magic is more controlled. And being able to hold such a tight control of her magic, so that she can use it on her weapons & armor without it going badly.

I have been thinking about this as well.
A lot of people keep saying Wardancer or Eternal Guard for Kerillian, but honestly I don’t think that these careers would bring anything new or interesting that she would not already have.

The idea of White Lion career did cross my mind, but I’m still not sure if females are allowed to join (plus I don’t know where Kerillian would find a wild white lion to kill in Elthin Arvan).
As far as I know, there has never been any mention of female White Lions in lore, nor that they would not be allowed to join for that matter.
Female White Lions were allowed in Warhammer Online (which had integrated gender restrictions for Slayers and Witch Elves).

Wardancer as Keri’s non-ranged career could definitely bring something new, though. But all the mobility skills that would fit that career like dashing and dodging through enemies are already on the Handmaiden…

Can Wardancer use Saearath (though it could be pretty similar to the Spear, unless they do some double striking combos that would make it different)? Though I am not sure if that it wasn’t Eternal Guard exclusive weapon tbh.

Long shot, very unlikeley: Her next carreer is “Pacified”. No Magic abilities, but a heart full of rage and a soul torn asunder from getting her magic abilities forcefully stripped from her being.

Realistically: Different wind of magic with support abilities.

Pacified could be interesting but it would have the same problem as the new Lore of Magic:

Her staves and some of the melee weapon (Fire sword) would become unusable, which is the same problem that arise with the Slayer and the GrailKnight (So we know that Fatshark isn’t scared of doing it) but as we have an increase of melee only career:

At the moment that there will be 4 melee only career it will force people off a certain career of their choosing (since there is ranged enemy and you need to have at least one person to deal with them)
Which could become a problem since most people play with random teammate and there is already quite a lot of them are toxic

Or Fatshark need to create new staves for the new lores of Magic: where there can be quite a few problem

  • Low amount of Staves

  • Just let her use all her staves (against lore)

  • New ranged weapon from DLC would automatically be blocked.

That why I think they should remain on the Lore of Fire and the use of staves, maybe have the flame take new propriety (Havenly Flame from Sigmar or another god or the use of a tainted Lore of Flame)

I have a question, how long do we have to wait between each career? Has Fatshark said anything about it?

The one true Saltzpyre career you need



Sets traps!
Hates Skaven!
But most importantly: a pet dog!

Ask yourself. Do you want a 4th squishy stealth class? Do you want a career that uses traps? Do you want a weaponized pet that hates the Skaven as much as you do, while also loving you forever?

The answer to all of those is, of course, yes


FS seriously dropped the ball when they didn’t start making a magic user career for those who didn’t have it before, that would have been much better and more unexpected than the GK and what we can probably expect in the future.
This is what you get when the developer is still running after the game and cannot juggle making fixes and putting out new content. They will probably make new careers that require the least effort and can be built out of already existing bricks, like GK, which has maybe one new thing with the riposte function on the weapon.

I don’t really see the problem with four melee, it’s actually what I’m hoping for. Would be a lot of fun and feel very fresh.

I’m not sure if you’re serious or not. From where I’m sitting you’re taking It really far just to be extra salty on the forums. I can’t even remember seeing anything that comes close to that sugestion since launch. I don’t frequent steam or reddit thoguh, but either way, how does not creating magical careers for the rest of the U5 boil down to “seriously dropped the ball”?

I have hyponatremia.
Otherwise, each character had one melee, one ranged and one mixed carreer until now. Making another one of these is more redundant, than interesting.
Giving them new and different Winds would have provided more variety.
Nobody objected Kerillian having 3 different elf faction carrers, so no need to make too much fuss about giving them magic…