New Career Suggestions: Sienna & Saltzpyre

Anyone have any suggestions for the upcoming Sienna & Saltzpyre careers that you’re hoping to see in the future?

Do you want to see Sienna & Saltzpyre get an invisibility talent or ultimate?

Just curious because Sienna & Saltzpyre are the only heroes without an invisibility option.

I really want to have a Sienna career that really feel different from the other (which is why i though of a Melee only career)

  • Heat Bar that work on melee strike, keeping it hot is better (buffing dmg and maybe speed)
  • Ability to use Heat to buff a single strike or a special strike dependent on the weapon (Like the Pistol on Saltz Rapiere), those strike could give heat on the other career

The ability could be turned on the spell “Embodiment of Aqshy”/"Burning Crown:

  • No dmg aura
  • Buffing strike for a little while
  • Can’t block (Under rage)

Maybe even a height change (Becoming more imposing) and resisting stagger better (stronger)

For Saltz, I guess an Invisibility could work, but what career could bring that ?

  • Battle Priest (can’t remember the name) wouldn’t really fit
  • Vampire (As much as I wouldn’t really want it) could work, maybe intangible and not invisibility (enemy still try to hit you)
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Saltzpyre: Warrior Priest of Sigmar. Obvious career is obvious. His new weapons are 1h hammer and hammer & shield. Career skill is more hammers. Just kidding, there’s a ton of miracles you can use here. Some party buffs would be ideal, since this is a tanky Saltz in plate armor.

Sienna: I like the idea of a career focused on smoke and ashes, with a career skill that turns Sienna into billowing smoke. Basically invisibility but with cooler visuals. Maybe you can choke your enemies as a cloud of smoke, since the animations for it are already there. Think Sienna as a Poison Wind Globadier, but with smoke instead of poison. Sienna can still use fire weapons, but she’s old and gray now, like Bardin as an Outcast Engineer.


Actually I’d like to see a stealth oriented career for Sienna. With flashbang as ult. They can’t see you if they’re blind.
Plus, it’d allow to make full stealth team.
FS, please? Pretty please?


Sienna double caster
One staff makes overheat the other consumes it
too much she blows up, too cold she gets chilled proc (slow movement)

Her ult could be a flame shield similar to gromril armor from iron breaker that she could cast on allies if she already has one.

The staves that consume overheat could do alternative fire magic like laying mines (of fire of course) one that plant bombs into enemy units with explosion relative to their hp and one that could be a one powerful continuous beam of fire that melts everything on its path, but only if charged fully (therefore mage must be protected while it charges)

I have no idea if any of this is lore friendly.

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I have to wonder if the people suggesting ranged only careers have played a lot of missions without ever touching their melee weapons. Personally speaking, ranged combat is far less fun in this game than melee, and a ranged only career sounds like an exercise in frustration to me.


Playing as a Ranger V./Sienna and not touching your ranged weapon :nurgle: :grinning: :nurgle: :grinning: :nurgle: :grinning:

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This right here! There’s a similar skill in ESO but it’s for the Restoration staff skill line. You can choose between having a large shield on yourself OR 50% shield on you and a teammate with the lowest health. In ESO, I think it only lasts like 3 seconds now because all magical shields got nerfed but it had low magicka cost so you could still spam it. (HEALER MAIN RIGHT HERE) lol

Honestly, all of these ideas are really good.

Full melee
Smoke/Ash staff
Double staff wielding
Stealthy Sienna
Warrior Priest Salty
Vampire Salty

Tbh Vampire Salty could work. If anyone knows anything about vampires is that you do NOT choose to be a vampire because vampires CHOOSE you! Saltzpyre might not be happy about it but he probably had no choice since vampires can be very seductive lol

Just think of the possible voicelines from grumpy Saltzpyre for being a vampire. COMEDIC GOLD!

As funny as a Vampire career for any of the characters would be, it would require larger changes in dialogue than the existing voicelines allow. Like the Grail Knight, the other new careers are going to modify only one side of each conversation, since it would be a tall order to hire all the voice actors for new dialogue just for one career. Bretonnian additions to existing dialogue are one thing, but I doubt most of the old exchanges would sound natural if one of the participants was suddenly a vampire.

Warrior Priest
The obvious pick. Likely what we’ll get. We already have a faith centric Saltz career but otherwise a pretty decent option with some variety in potential talents/abilities.

Steam Tank Driver
No but yes, but no.

Witch Hunter General
Cool but would be too similar to WHC. I think it would be a more team/support oriented version.

Are there any references to human assassins in the Empire? I suppose that could work, as a finesse based Saltz with stealth options to explore, though I don’t really see Saltz as the stealth type. A brief look at the wiki mentions something called an agent of the Shroud, might work.

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That’s kinda what Bounty Hunters are. Witch Hunters too, kind of.



Many cool ideas for Sienna although I personally think that she’ll start to wield different winds of magic as opposed to being focused soley on Aqshy. If Sienna “needs” a stealthy career, the ash career would work but so would a Shadow Magic career as well.

Although I personally like the Shamans of the Amber Wind the best and it could give some interesting banter between Sienna the Shaman, Kerillian the Wood Elf and Kruber the Taal-worshiper. As well as with Saltzpyre and Bardin who by all accounts are as far, almost, from tree-hugging as you get.

In regards to Saltzpyre the Warrior Priest is a given with a tank role as well as an ult that can be used to boost the rest of the team. A direct attack ult would feel very wrong if you ask me as the priest should be an inspiring tank and buffer as opposed to a raw killing machine (which Salty already have in WHC for melee and BH for range).

I would however suggest that Saltzpyre get a new career of “Road Warden”.

The way I see it, this could allow Salty both a career with stealth and a talent, or talents, that reduces the damage from range attacks but instead adds a great deal of stagger to them.

And that’s something which I don’t think we have yet. A career with the ability to reliably range-stun targets. Maybe even auto-stagger on ranged headshots?

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The thing with Outcast Engineer they create new type of active skill:

Vanilla Career:

Stealth: Hunter, RangerV, Shade
AoE: Mercenary, IronBreaker, Witch HunterV, Battle Wizard(I think ?) and Unchanined
Movement: Footknight, Slayer, Zealot, Handmaiden, Battle Wizard
Straight attack: Grail Knight, Bounty Hunter, Waystalker, Pyromancer

DLC Career:

Grail Knight: Melee attack that is very powerful (to Straight Attack)

Engineer: Side weapon that can be equipped and un-equiped (different to the Straight Attack or the other Vanilla ability, really can’t class it)

Sienna could benefit greatly from such a career skill:
(I also put the spell source for the current active ability)

  • Battle Wizard: No Idea (never encountered something that make me think of it)

  • Pyromancer: Burning Head

  • Unshained: No Idea (never encountered something that make me think of it)

  • Embodiment of Aqshy

Become an Avatar of Fire for a short time, maybe growing taller/Stronger/faster

  • Scarlet Scimitar

Not to be confused with Flaming Sword of Rhiun, would be a flame sword made out of sword, either it work like the Gatling gun or like Grail Knight

  • Sanguine Sword

6 Flaming flying sword appear and seek and kill (may be to close to Burning Head)

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There are lore reasons why Sienna can’t just pick up a new wind of magic, but more importantly, the way her character is built prohibits it anyway. All her staffs and nearly every one of her melee weapons is fire-based, and the vast majority of her dialogue deals with her ability or lack thereof to control fire. In other words, the effort required to make Sienna something other than a Bright Wizard of some kind would be equal to creating an entire new character. You would have to write a large amount of new dialogue and hire all the other voice actors in addition to Bethan Dixon Bate to perform it all, in addition to designing a new set of melee and ranged weapons, and probably a new type of casting mechanic, too.

Sienna’s 4th career is going to be a fire wizard of some kind, the only question is how far can you bend the concept of a fire wizard without the amount of work becoming insurmountable.

So, all of these ideas are really good! I wish I could break it all apart and give individual comments but then I would have a really looooong post!

If Sienna were to get a new staff type, what would it be and what kind of attacks will it have that will separate the new staff from the others we already have?

For Salty, do you think we need a stealth career for him? Or more importantly, do you all want a stealth career for him?

I think it would only be fair to add at least 1 stealth option for Saltz & Sienna since neither have any available at the moment even if it’s just 1 talent. But that’s just my opinion. I would rather want to see what others think.

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Maybe Sun/Heat (Zone where the enemy take continuous dmg), or one inspired by Sigmar/Myrmidia (Myrmidia has a spell where you call fire from under an enemy, like eruption)

Why not, as long as they can make it feel unique

  • Hunter: Stealth and shoot from cover
  • RangerV: Stealth and melee while still in stealth
  • Shade. Stealth and then crit strike

Maybe (If it’s a Vampire) have it not really be a stealth but an intangibility where enemy still try to hit him but pass through ?

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Quite the opposite:


I will agree mostly to your points.

Still if we want new takes on Sienna then new winds are the option that opens up most options. I do see and admit to an increased workload from it, however.

I’m unsure myself. I think purposefully making sure not all characters have access to a stealth talent/ult from their careers is something Fatshark may have done on purpose to prevent entire teams from cheesing with it.

If Saltz got a stealth ult/talent somewhere what career ideas would be the candiates for this? I mentioned an agent of a the Shroud and an assassin earlier, can’t think of much else for Saltz.

For Sienna we could have a stun talent after becoming really bright or something, blinding enemies. Not stealth, but it could fit on any of her career options. Warrior Priest for Saltz could do this too now that I think about it.

For Sienna a slow casting but more powerful and controlled caster might work? This would contrast with the less controlled and explosive nature of the other careers. Maybe this one could also not blow up but instead just end up casting slower. I guess this would be like if she went back to the college and got taught more. Ult could be a shower of piercing bolts. Kind of overlaps too much with Pyro though. Maybe have the ult talents be powerful versions of the spells in the lore of fire? Like Flamestorm etc (exclude Burning Head as that’s Pyro’s thing) just with a long cast time.


That’s a cool idea. Could perhaps be differentiated from Pyro by making it more of an AoE with a short duration for area denial? Might be an FF/visual nightmare though lol.