A 4th career for all characters

Just some wishful thinking…

If every character had 1 “tank” career, 1 “slayer” career, 1 “sniper” career, and 1 “stealth” or “support” career.

Kerrillian’s 4th career would/should be Wardancer/Witch as a slayer type.
Bardin’s 4th career would/should be ???
Saltzpyre’s 4th career would/should be War Priest?
Sienna’s 4th career would/should be ???
Kruber’s 4th career would should be ???

fill in the blanks for me


Kruber would be a bare-chested drunken brawler with class specific weapons such as brass knuckles and thrown tankards! I’d put on my nicest hat and play him all the time (especially with some good voice lines thrown in).


Bardin’s should definitely be either an Engineer or Runesmith (the latter of which would fill out the “Support” spot).

@freqlectic 's suggestion for Kruber is hilarious, but it’s almost too silly, I feel.

Horned Hunter (basically berserkers who worship Taal, which Kruber does) is the career I’d be most in favor of.

Sienna… I’m kind of lost. There’s only so far you can take the idea of a Wizard that can only use… fire.

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Sienna could become a Black magister, and start using another type of wind of magic, it offer a wide array of capacity

Kruber could become an warrior priest of Ulric with beatification capacity and a Big 2 handed axe

  • Kruber could be a Paladin, less toughness than FK and less power than Merch, but with passive buff (health/protection) for his team;

  • Sienna could be a less offensive career in order to buff her teammates setting on fire their weapons;

  • Bardin could be an engineer. Few melee weapons (or none :o) but new and strong ranged ones. Or a turret;

  • Keri could be a Witch as you have said;

  • Saltz could be a War Priest as you have said.

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Kerillian could be a wardancer, though Handmaiden is already kind of a hybrid career that can go tank or nimble melee combatant. She’d be the best option for getting another magic career (if anyone else in the cast does, that is), becoming a Spellsinger or something.

For Bardin, Engineer or Runesmith, though Ranger Veteran is kinda a support class already, along with being a ranged class.

Kruber is more difficult. He could get a melee berserker class via going even crazier into Taal-worship.

Saltz - tanky career in the form of Warrior Priest.

Sienna - only class I can ever really think of for her is if we’re going full-on alternate lives (which we kinda do to justify a lot of the above), and make her a Hedge Witch. Frightfully high natural talent, a love of fire, but her skills being less specific spells and more unpredictable hexes or something. Maybe she could go full support and have talents that can debuff enemies or things like that.

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Maybe first fix current careers such as slayer.

This is not a complaint or suggestion thread, I literally said WISHFUL thinking. It is meant to be light hearted and silly/serious ideas thrown around for entertainment.

Don’t come in here trying to shoot down the thread, because we’re all displeased with the way things are atm.


But that would make him a filthy Bretonnian! :scream:
Never heard of the Horned Hunter mentioned above, but that could be cool for Kruber.

For Saltz the obvious choice is indeed Warrior Priest.

Most interesting for Bardin is probably the Runesmith imo. Engineer could work, but only if they can make it interesting without a turret. I’m a huge fan of engineers with turrets in most games, but I just don’t see it being a good fit for Vermintide.

Not sure about the Wutelgi, probably a High Elf mage? But mostly focused on support spells as to not turn the meta into “blob enemies on Foot Knight and Iron Breaker then blow them the F up with spells from Sienna and Kerillian”.


Total War II’s new upcoming DLC has something akin to this. The new lord is some kind of…famed Hunter

Spellsingers that essentially cast DnD’s Entangle spell to stop mobs in their tracks, Spike Growth to cause AOE dot dmg, or…summon a pet Tree Kin! I’d totally be a summoner/beastmaster/job with pet

After a quick visit to the wiki it seems Horned Hunters are more like the Taal version of zealots. New guys in Total War are just hunters I think? Less focused on religion.

Yeah, something like that. Either crowd control enemies or buff friendlies, or a bit of both.


It’s in the “Feedback” category…

Yes… but this thread is about new careers. Not the current state of careers already in the game.
Maybe start a new thread where people can share their opinions on the 2.0Slayer?

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Considering my only other “categories” are Announcements, Bugs, Technical Support and Player Guides…

There is no better place for a thread that’s trying to change everyone’s salty moods. Now get out of my thread with your cynicism. I love me some sarcasm and cynical remarks against the devs, but this is not the thread for it.

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Lol what?

Arbitrary quoting. He’s saying you should leave your cynicism elsewhere, not you as a person.

I find it easier to create a new hero with 3 careers than 5 careers for the current characters, some are too forced, especially Sienna and Kruber.


Then again, there are also certain archetypes that do not have enough substance about them to warrant an entire character with 3 careers.

The most prevalent example being the Warrior Priest. A character many have requested, but ultimately, cannot be stretched across three careers, and would have a personality too similar to Saltzpyre.

So, obviously, a Warrior Priest fits better as a career option for Saltzpyre, right?

But then comes the issue of favoritism, because if Saltzpyre gets a new career, everyone needs to get one as well, which means you now have to come up with 5 careers instead.

It’s a lose-lose situation honestly.

Horned Hunter for Kruber would be pretty sweet though, don’t lie.

I think many (probably most?) people have this opinion. Personally I wouldn’t really care. If it’s either no careers at all, or only one new career, I would go for the second option. Even if it’s not for my preferred character.