Sienna's Next Career

It’s very likely at this point that Saltz’ next career will be a Sigmarite warrior priest. Sienna’s though seems a little up in the air. Ultimately she isn’t going to change her wind of magic for lore reasons and because it would invalidate every staff she has so far.

One suggestion I remember seeing is that she could become a Knight of the Blazing Sun. This makes sense as they allow untraditional forms of combat such as archery into their ranks and use fire imbued weapons. Sienna clearly shows devotion to Myrmidia as well. Question is how do you make this different enough from Unchained which is already a melee focused tanky build? What would her career skill be?

And the fact that it would complicate any new weapon release

Current likely Career:

  • Knight of the Blazing Sun/Warrior Priest of Myrmidia: I don’t think there has been any Wizard in their ranks but nothing mention them hating/excluding them. Would most likely come with a Spear/Shield weapon since it’s Myrmidia’s weapon, could also bring a 2h Sword since some depiction of Myrmidia had her wielding one

  • Master Vigilant: The equivalent of the Inquisitor of Estalia or the Witch Hunter in the Empire, they are more martial focused as they need to be able to conduct secret investigation

  • Elementalist: If they want to try a “pet” career it would that, but very old lore and I don’t really think it would that one

Possible Career but less likely:

  • Avatar of Aqshy: Based around the spell “Embodiment of Aqshy” where the wizard transform into a fiery elemental of Aqshy (Which I really want, with a rework of her melee weapons)

  • Crown of Fire: Buff to leadership and fire aura

  • Crimson Scimitar: Summoned Sword of Crystallized Fire

  • Dark Hound: Apparition that is often assotiated to Aqshy and the Bright Order

  • Crimson band: CC spell, could be used as a support Staff instead

  • New Sub-Wind: A bit less likely than just creating a new spell

  • Divine Wind: Though Myrmidia is associated to Fire anyway

Impossible Career, no chance at all Don’t even try :rage:

  • Wizard of a Different Wind: Too difficult to animate and would restrict Sienna’s weapon too much

  • Wizard with multiple wind: Would be difficult to make and Dark Magister are frowned upon (Generate a lot of Dhar)

  • Ice Witch: The lore of Kislev/Ice is not a “wind” per say but very unlikely as only people born inside Kislec can use it (Female or Male, though the Males are killed or “Pacified”)

  • Necromancer: There are enough people in the U5 that would gladly turn on a Necromancer
    (Also Undead may be a new enemy faction via Nameless since he betray Nagash and work for Nurgle at some point)

  • Pacified: It unlikely that Sienna would be in high spirit after such a procedure, it’s very painful and most suicide after it

I’m usually one to like a good theory craft, but I’ve had my share.
I’d like something that plays a bit like a Sienna version of somewhere between merc and whc.
Some large sweep melee effect, maybe increasing her weapon range beyond what it could physically reach; or something that rewards precision shots with her staves, say a combo or just a headshot bonus.
Maybe a Talent that increases projectile speed?
For actives, I think we’re still lacking a temporary buff on her? As a primary effect, I mean.

And, of course, I can’t possibly let a chance go by to ask for burning claws.

I do wana note that she actually has a voiceline in the wastes that goes something like “What if fire alone isnt enough for what´s coming?”

Seems like a huge signal she´s considering Dhar, but on the other hand…doesnt feel realistic given both saltz and keri would skewer her right away.

She straight up gets Saltzpyre’s arsenal, except on fire.

And her VA starts doing her best Tim Bentink impersonation.

“I abjure, thee, darlings!”


As a Sienna main, I think an ACTUAL support class would be nice for her Stares at Sister of the Thorn.

I don’t know much about the Warhammer lore, but I definitely want them to respect whatever lore exists. Lord knows I’ve watched enough companies butcher their lore and established characters recently. As a guy who typically enjoys playing healer and support roles in games, some kind of offensive buff giving or crow control specializing fire wizard lady is appealing to me. Maybe don’t give her much in the way of critical chance buffs or damage abilities, but staggering and crowd controlling talents could be really nifty, with offensive boons or THP generating attributes.

Plus, she seems like her personality would mesh well with it.

Maybe they could even make her T H I C C.

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Just thinking about you asking for staggering and crowd controlling talents and abilities, BW fills this role already kinda well…

Yeah, like Flaming Sword of Rhuin - imbues allies ranged and melee attacks with fire - or Cascading Fire Cloak (might’ve been caster only in Tabletop but it could be cast on allies in Total War Warhammer to give them defence + AP damage).

Flaming Sword of Rhuin would be cooler imo since we don’t really have group buff abilities that provide a new source of damage to attacks, the ones we have grant THP/defence (Merc, RV, Unchained(silly) ults depending on spec, FK and Handmaiden auras) or crit (WHC ult + talent, Huntsman passive).

It could be customised further too, e.g. final tier could have for example a talent that takes away the burning but grants allies increased AP on all attacks while active and another talent that focuses much more heavily on improving the burning. Perhaps the third talent could give allies slightly boosted stagger on their attacks to help them clear space, more creative stuff like that.

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Just as a note, since the elf update they’ve added a lot of voicelines regarding corpses. Kerillian says that everything is fine as long as the dead stay dead, Sienna complains that a corpse looks at her funny and so on. I’m curious what this foreshadows. If it is in some way tied to the original prophecy at the end of Verm1 or simply teasing towards either of the future careers. We do have the nameless bugger who’s continuously haunting the group as well.


Are you sure that Sienna was saying that? I seem to remember the nameless voice being the one talking about this.

And I understood it more as a change for attitude. Currently, she just lives impulsive, wild and burning down stuff. The thing she needs aside of her fire is purpose or some kind of ideology. Giving her magic usage a reason aside of the understandable urge of simply burning down everything in front of her. This would not only fit with her recent interest in Myrmidia but also with the general subtext with the Premium Careers: to be better than what they currently are.

Did Sienna mention Myrmidia before Chaos Wastes? Can’t remember any voicelines.
As for career, some kind of enchanter sounds interesting. For now all she knows is discharging fire to burn things. Being able to use it for more permanent things is big. There’s Fire Cloak, Flaming Sword, Flame Cage, Shield of Aqshy for fluff.
As for gameplay, besides obvious group buff, enchanter could be more defensive Pyro. A career that can choose to focus on ranged or melee depending on talents. Also, none of Sienna’s careers reward you for keeping heat low. It’d make sense that a fragile enchantment would be weaker as her control over fire weakens.

BW kinda does. In the sense that it’s the only career where you have a downside for being at high heat.

Unchained does too, at high heat a stray hit from a nappy rat or an aoe damage source can push you over and you explode.

Pyro with Volans Doctrine doesn’t.

It always takes two hits for that to happen though. If you’re too close to the cap, the first one will hit the cap and the 2nd will make you explode. But you also have the career skill to mitigate that along with Abandon.

You still have the danger. Plus career skill on CD and vs hyperdensity Abandon won’t help too much unless you’re swimming in THP from merc and RV (Bomb Balm was a stupid talent and shouldn’t have been added in the first place imo). Block venting is risky vs multiple elites too.

And I have noticed a lot of single hits getting you straight over the cap to exploding lately. Not sure when the bug was reintroduced but it seems to be happening again.

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I know of the scoop double damage bug that’s been around for a long time. Not others though.

If it anything like elf I want sienna next career to be a ‘support’ career so I can demolish everything in my path in a blind rage by pressing f and left click.


It could imply the work of Nameless

End Time Spoiler

Nameless work for Nagash in exchange for his help remembering his lost past, but after the Auric bastion is built and Nagash send Nameless with the Lord of Sylvania to help defend an important gate of the Bastion, well the guards they were sent to help died but the wall became the best guarded section.

But after some time, Vald Von Carstein and Nameless left on their own, Vlad to investigate something (Can’t remember why) and Nameless to double cross Nagash, well that’s what it appear as. Nameless reappered afterward leading a Force of Undead and Deamon of Nurgle, with a possessed Isabella Von Carstein

At that point Nameless is already possessing Luthor Huss and get defeated by Vlad when he managed to reawaken the possessed Warrior Priest

Heart of Courage is a team buff that could be used. If I remember correctly.
Sword of Rhuin I think would fit better as a self-buff, though I do like the idea of granting bonus damage to allies - if only for the novelty factor.

A melee-based force projection (more range, but low damage at that range) would also be something not yet seen, and maybe allow a mechanic where you can kite them and kill the second row as well, but have less actual stagger. Not sure that is technically possible, though. Though I think the 2 remaining classes are already more or less fully planned out.

I’ll just repeat this here: Franz Lohner’s Chronicle – Reflections

Anyway, what really matters to me is that the new content should be based on Warhammer miniature or iconic Warhammer art. So that everyone can understand at a glance - It’s all Warhammer.

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