Sienna's Premium Career, hope and

Now that the Warrior Priest is out and that Sienna is the only one without her premium career, we can start focusing on it.

The most likely ideas are at the moment:

  • Knight of the Blazing Sun: Myrmidian aligned knighthood, martial focused
  • Warrior Priest of Myrmidia: A WP of Myrmidia (Though it’s less likely as there is already a WP of Sigmar)
  • Magister Vigilant: Witch Hunter Magister

As for my preference:

Avatar of Aqshy (AA ?) or Daughter of Fire (DF)

Career Skill:

Embodiment of Aqshy: Tranform into a towering fire beast for a little while (Size of a Monster, or an Ogryn)

Passive Skill:

Fire of U’Zhul: Upon getting hit, an automatic ball of fire attack the offender, recharge every X0 sec

Ignus Fatus: A small will-o’-wisp, appear upon elite deaths, grant Rhuin when walked upon

No weapon restriction
Flame Stoker Axe: 2h Axe, High Damage, Armour Piercing, Damage over Time

Fulminating Flame Cage: throw melted rods of metal, charged create a AoE that slow enemies movement (Somewhat like SotT’s active), Damage over Time, Charged Attack, Crowd control

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Big yes for Avatar of Aqshy. Just like other new careers are embodiments of respective gods and technology in Bardin’s case I want new Sienna to be the true embodiment of fire.

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I don’t know much about warhammer magic, but since my dreams of Salty having a pet small but vicious dog has been dashed, I’m feeling partial to the idea of Sienna having a pet fire monster.

But, I don’t know anything about warhammer magic or what all hero units Sienna could be. Old lady heavy artillery? Can mortals completely lose their humanity to become avatars to the Weaves?

Guess that’d fit with the progression of the other characters, but I kind of want to see Sienna cosplay as a Witch Hunter, too. Gets a non-staff ranged weapon people have asked for that’s still Aqshy-approved and some slick estallian weapons with a little bit of pyromantic flare to them.

At this rate, Sophia better be bringing a Hell-Pit Abomination, seems like the Ü5 are all getting hero-tier classes.

He hadn’t mentioned any pets, he said she would transform into a monster. Imo that’d be too op.

I’m holding out hope for a new wind of magic instead of fire; complications aside, it’s the most interesting idea to me. All the new dialogue and character redesigning might seem like a stretch, but so is Imperial Mercenary to Bretonian Grail Knight or lanky fast Witch Hunter to tanky slow Warrior Priest.

Another fire themed class would have to really set itself apart. Avatar of Aqshy might with transformation, but I’d be fascinated by a storm wizard.

Give whatever small group of Fatshark devs still work on the game about 6-8 months more, and we shall see.

I hope her new Career is more storage space.


Her new career lets you weaponize unopened chests


I’ve to say that I’m really curious about the desing choices for the new Sienna career. The biggest question for me is if she’ll stay true to the Aqshy or will find some different source of magical power.
I’ve this wacky speculation in my head, that her 4th career will be a (closet) necromancer. I consider this idea a bit inriguing because:

  • The Nameless Voice (Great Enchanter?) in the Keep asks her if she needs some other source of power
  • Her twin sister, Sofia, was/is/it’s complicated a necromancer
  • The general attitude of U5 towards necromancers is hostile, which would make the whole situation pretty spicy.

In the secon installment of the Mass Effect game, you could swap one of the teammates for a “changeling” without the team noticing. Maybe Sofia will take Sienna’s mantle as the 4th career?

The Warrior Priest was no surprise to me, but Sienna remains a mystery. I hope that Fatsharks will drop something creative on us!

Isn’t ghyran the opposite of aqshy?
It would be cool if she did a complete 180 and became a jade wizard.

I hope I can reverse pickpocket a morgrims bomb into SoTT pocket.

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I’d like to see a different kind of magic, but I’d settle for a different color of flame. I’m tired of orange everywhere.

good for Avatar of Aqshy , like to see a different kind of magic and i have a question but dot the answer as you told. " * Knight of the Blazing Sun: Myrmidian aligned knighthood, martial focused

  • Warrior Priest of Myrmidia: A WP of Myrmidia (Though it’s less likely as there is already a WP of Sigmar)
  • Magister Vigilant: Witch Hunter Magister"

I really hope not, Undead weren’t allied with the living since Nagash is basically starting his own thing

And Nameless who might be Drachenfels himself or one of his shard did in the End join Nurgle’s side with a Possessed Isabella Von Carstein making it a good/fluffy fit for an undead enemy faction

Do you mean on the rosary ? Because there aren’t any real opposition iirc

@Moore I’m not sure I understand the question

You know what? Sienna’s next career passive needs to not be tied to over charge. No matter what (guaranteed pyromantic fire based and absolutely red colored) school of magic she has, just please don’t repeat the same mistake of Pyro.

Tying class strengths to a character’s weakness is going to have everyone screaming for another Volan’s Doctrine.

All I know is that I’d like to see a dual-wield sword and staff weapon.

Do you mean a Staff and a Sword paired together or Twin staff and/or Twin Sword ?

Like the remaining “Sword” themed spells are:

  • Sanguine Sword: Summon up to 6 Etheraeal Sword that fly toward the Caster’s target (Can be changed upon whim)

  • Scarlet Scimitar: Summon a Sword out of Red strand of the Wind of Aqshy

  • Fire Sword of Rhuin: Create a Sword out of the Wind of Aqshy and give nearby allies melee fire damage (the first part was in later edition taken out, creating the Scarlet Scimitar)

Of those 3, Fire Sword of Rhuin isn’t really fit for a staff, being a better fit for either an Aura (Passive) or part of an active,

And I really want Sanguine Sword to become a new ranged weapon akin to Zenyatta in OW (Being able to charge all the swords at once or throw a single sword at the time) with a reload system but no ammo

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