Siennas 4th Career! (Fanmade)

This is what you guys have been Waiting for!
Check if you Like the New Career. If Yes Fatshark will make it Possibly happen.
If not we Expect one from Bright College.
:sun_with_face: For Myrmidia!:sun_with_face:

Let me know what you think of it!

  • Her 4th Career Story
  • Career/Talents
  • Unique Weapons
  • Fresh Sienna Start

The Rest will Fatshark make it^^
Have Fun Reading and Hope it Accomplishes you’re Wishes :smile: . (It’s a Word Document if it doesn’t Work Write Below)

I think the most requested career is not tied to Myrmidia, most demand something tied to the College of Magic (I consider myself to be one of the guys that propagated the Avatar of Aqshy) like the Magister Vigilant.

Main Passive: Myrmidia’s Resistance Having Half and More Overcharge Bar grants you 15% Damage Reduction, Blocking an Attack Increases Stamina Regeneration by 15%. While having Lesser than Half Overcharge Bar Increases Spell Charged Speed by 10% and 10% Ranged Power.

Kinda all of the place, but at the same time doesn’t really make something like the other Premium careers.

Like Grail Knight’s vow, Outcast Engineer and SotT which are tied to their special, and WP which has a new mechanic.

Ideally if I was to make one I would do either of these:

Flaming Sword of Rhuin: per level of heat (up to 5) Sienna grant a Aura granting a small chance to cause fire DoT.

[Impossible now with no ranged weapon WP] Scarlet Scimitar: Lose access to ranged weapons, but generate heat on melee attack (generate at the same time as THP), heat can be spemt to generate tanged attacks tied to the melee weapon

If we take Myrmidia as theme

I could see:

Blazing Sun (Order of Fury):

Reading directly from the scriptures of Fury within the Bella Myrmidia, the Goddess Myrmidia answers one’s prayers with blinding flames of retribution. Centred around the caster, erupts a wave of blinding light and holy flames that ignores armour and scorches all who are caught within its blast, be they friend or foe. Those that survive the purging flames can still be stunned by the sight of it, left to stagger around the battlefield half-blind or frantically attempting to put out any part of them that was set alight

in game it could become an actionable AoE which buff or debuff

Or Embodiment of Aqshy, to transform into a towering monster of flames and rhuins

<= I would prefer Sigmarite for obvious reasons :wink:

RP aside, Myrmidia is my second favorite of warhammer deities, so I wouldn’t mind a priestess of Myrmidia. U5 could always use more religious zealots :stuck_out_tongue:

Would they even accept mages for the priesthood though? I have honestly almost no clue about the cult of Myrmidia aside of Knights of the Blazing Sun.

In the end I would probably rather see her as magi still honestly, just kinda seems more unique amongst the U5.