Fanmade Priestess of Myrmidia and the Actual Topic. (Release of the 4th Siennas Career)?

(Suggestion Fanmade Career Priestess of Myrmidia)

Sienna Chooses the Estalian Career Path as her 4th Sienna Premium Career.
She has now the Abillity to be a Hero to Bless Allies or to Destroy Enemies.
She still can use her Aqshy Abillities to (Create Weapons or Enchant Weapons) and her Staves

Her Powers: (Mixture of Melee Martial Combat and Bless with Aqshy Powers)

(Actual Support/Crowd Controll) since Sienna lacks in it and Unchained does a little…

How she looks: Hoodie, Tunica with Armor, Eagle Details.
Her Premium: She can get a Knight of the Blazing Sun Armor and Helmet.

Sienna Notes:

  • Story about Estalia and the Biggest Cult Myrmidia in the Old World.
  • She won’t lose her Fire Weapon Arsenal.
  • She won’t be a Melee only Sienna.
  • She often talks about Myrmidia and always wants to be a Hero.
  • No other Lore. She still will stick with Aqshy.
  • New Unique Mechanics.
  • Probably the Oposite of Pyromancer Power.
  • Huge Weapon Content.
  • Intresting Talents.
  • New Sienna talk Lines.

The rest will make (Fatshark up)

Il Post here the Fanmade Career so you guys May take a Look if you are Intrested in it.

If the Link doesn’t work il find a other Alternative^^

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I love the idea of Sienna being a warrior priestess of Myrmidia but if I remember correctly aren’t warrior priestesses a bit aloof? I seem to remember that they see emotions like anger and passion, emotions which are typically associated with bright wizards and especially Sienna (cf many of her discussions in the keep like the one with Saltz where he asks her if she has plans to return to her college for further tutelage) as hindrances/weaknesses. Then Again if the cold and calculating Saltzpyre can devolve into a Zealot and the weave loving kerillian into a shade, I guess there’s nothing stopping sienna from maturing into a warrior priestess with better emotion control!

There is the Order of Fury, which would fit Sienna somewhat

Still hoping for something else since we had the WP

If this won’t happen i think a New Sienna with ‘‘New Summoning Mechanic’’ would help because the Rest of the 3 Siennas are the same Playstyle. I think if there comes some Higher Aqshy Mage might Ruin the 3 Sienna Class Rows+Pyromancer needs a Rework…
Worrior Priest was Easy to Guess because Saltzpyre is in Order (Templar) and had something relate to Sigmar.
This Sienna might also Include:

  • God Themed Career
  • It’s already Obvious because Pyromancer has a Premium Skin.
  • Probably People don’t want a Stronger ‘‘Battle Wizard’’ Career…
    I don’t see her Point to Continiue with her Aqshy because it’s gonna be a same Story. But Sure she still can use her Aqshy Powers and doesn’t need to change lores and it’s Friendly.
    She tells that she wants to be a ‘‘Hero’’ and this Career might help her. Otherwise she goes Way Deeper in Aqshy Addiction. (Plus i would put the Ending 5th Career with a Aqshy Final)

Sienna just Desperately needs more Melee Options.

If Fatshark might Continiue they could Add a 5th Row which would be really cool and a Few Surprises might come also Soon^^ (For the Future)

Note: We need New Mechanics in Vermintide 2

Pet Classes in those sort of games are often underpowered

But a career that let her transform into a flame monster would be good

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