The Fanmade Career Priestess of Myrmidia DLC Content

About Priestess of Myrmidia. (Content)

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The key theme with the addition of every DLC class and the Chaos Wastes seems to be that the characters find their true calling and faith. With that in mind, I’m guessing that Sienna will become a Priestess of Myrmidia.

Interestingly, Warrior Priests of Myrmidia use Spear and Shield and Sword and Shield, so I’d expect to see those weapons which would be something very different for Sienna. They are also known for being dispassionate and aloof due to their well-disciplined nature which is something that Sienna is not. There would definitely need to be some new dialogue in place of almost any dialogue that results in an outburst. A lot of the weapons in the document are dual-wield items, which I’m not sure fit the theme of a Warrior Priestess. For the staves, we might see entirely new things that have the ability to buff teammates and hinder enemies. I’m not sure the usual wizard staves would fit. This class would definitely be a more melee combat focused class with durability. Her outfit would likely be armored robes.

Whatever the case may be, it’s unlikely any suggestions given now would affect the outcome too much. I suspect work is already well underway and the final product might be out soon.