After roughly 3 years of waiting

I can’t believe that I’m disappointed and disinterested in Sienna’s Premium career.

And she is my main for Aqshy’s sake


Yes, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
i was really hyped for the dlc class for my main… but now…


I’m personally excited as I love necromancers in all my fantasy setting.

And to be fair if you want to remain lore accurate AND remain a fun interesting class choice, her choices are slim.

  1. The other 7 winds of magic are out of the question as Sienna is just a human.

  2. Making her another bright wizard variant will just be very anti-climatic and boring for the final career DLC we waited years for…and what more could FS do with this excite same theme? A stealth fire wizard? That’s boring.

The most interesting direction is to change the magic she uses, and because #1 remains in place that means she’s restricted to Dhar. Necromancy being one of the forms of Dhar thus makes sense.

What’s difficult here is imagining Kruber and Saltzpyre not immediately going for her head seeing her change to necromancy. But still…I can imagine Kerilian and Bardin, both outcasts in their own right, standing up for her and convincing the other two humans to tolerate their long time ally.

Don’t forget even Balthazar Gelt became a necromancer to fight chaos.


At least play her to have Kruber and Saltz trash her for being a necro. That might make you smile.

Gelt also had to flee for his life. Gelt, the Grand Patriarch.

Even Keri and Bardin despise necromancy as an abomination against nature. Even SotT should kill her on the spot. Even Lohner and Olesya shouldn’t be cool with this.

There were options like Order of Fury or other devotees of Myrmidia that would have made sense given the Chaos Wastes story-line but then even Kruber’s and Bardin’s 4ths don’t make much sense in light of the Chaos Wastes either.


I’ve heard that suggested before, thing is…what would it offer that’s interesting or wildly different?

I’ve always advocated a career that uses new kind of magic but since other winds are out of the question and aqshy is been there done that, there’s very little other choice.

Necromancer has been on my mind long before this announcement because it’s a branch of magic Sienna canonically would have no problem reaching into as someone who was always on the anti-authority side to begin with. Some more generic witchcraft, dhar,of everything necromancy is the most relevant.

Bardin and Kerilian would have no issue accepting her as they too are outcasts themselves who think differently from rest of their kind. I can see a chilly reception from Kruber and Saltzpyre at most. Saltzpyre would remind Sienna that she’s technically still his prisoner.

just a disappointment, I remember them ruling out gold wizard and I think death wizard when people asked if it meant a change, and then it was just death wizard anyway lol. plus the whole lore/established characters thing, like Kruber has been through enough. not sure if I’m gonna go back to VT2 or even pick her up tbh fam. I like burning. At the end of VT2 I want more ways to burn rats on the girl with the least amount of weapons, and this easily sounds like another WPoS situation where none of her weapons would transfer back and forth (but we’ll probably get 5-6 again). Except like sword. Now I kinda just want a weapons pack, for Kruber to have a gun or a sling of some kind before they abandon the project.

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What do you mean death wizard, her new career is necromancer. Death Wizards using Death magic is an entirely different thing than Necromancers

Plus she’s been a bright wizard for 3 whole classes already and it’s gotten pretty boring tbh. How many other ways could FS have changed her beyond giving her new staves?

Maybe that’s charlatan of me but death is dead. And fire is her whole shtick and pretty undeveloped. Pyro has 1 passive copied from BW. That’s like saying you’re tired of axes or hammers on dwarf. Regardless unless she gets generic melees that don’t use this concept at all I don’t see her bringing any weapons to the character who could have used them the most, which is a letdown for someone who prefers Sienna if mainly so I don’t have to stare at fire rings all game.

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Order of Fury/Myrmidian Priestess could have offered a variety of new melee weapons that Sienna could’ve put her Aqshy brand on. Spear, spear and shield, javelin, rapier, rapier and shield/main gauche and whatever other Tilean- or Estalian-flavored stuff they wanted to do. It would have offered a melee-centric class that could still use her staves and bring in some non-Imperial human lore and flavor the same way Grail Knight did.


Master Vigilant, well, has a ton of special abilities and esoteric weapons for hunting down wayward colleagues, vampires, and sorcerers, and, as a bonus, it would finally let Saltzpyre openly approve of her vocation.

Necromancer on the other hand seems like it will bring a little too much new to the field. Unless her staffs now all shoot cyan “flames” they’ll be useless. Her flaming weapons too. So that leaves just the sword, I think? A scythe is cool but Amethyst wizards use them too. IF they stick to lore, she’ll have to change personality too. Humans tend to strongly reflect the attributes and the characteristics of the wind they channel, which is why she is an insatiable hot-head as an Aqshy user. While using Dhar, she should become ever more malicious and sadistic. All her negative emotions and traits will be amplified. At least if they follow how it’s supposed to work. That was my chief argument for her not becoming an Ice Witch as the one theory went; she would have to become her near-opposite: cold, dispassionate, and distant.

If this is post-Nagash-screwing-up-the-Amethyst-wind then she could have just been an Amethyst wizard or some blend with Aqshy that avoids all the ill side effects. We could have had something like this:

Doing stuff like this:

Without any all this lore and narrative conflict. I wonder if they did this to stir up drama intentionally? I don’t know. I do know that a bunch from my play group were really bummed by this. A few had been holding on to VT2 and waiting to make the jump onto DT or whatever else until after Sienna’s 4th career but now they say it was such a letdown they are just moving on. We’ll see if they stick to that or not but it sure isn’t a good sign that even a bunch of guys who normally used to fight over who got to play Sienna are the exact opposite of hyped by her big reveal.


Necromancer was the cheapest, simplest and easiest choice they could have gone for.

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We shouldn’t reject the career before we’ve even seen it in play, let alone played with it or read a few reviews of people who have played with the career. The career does the lore a disservice but while its HERESY!!! I think we should play it cool for a while.

For new staffs and weapons, well the Warrior Priest of Sigmar got a whole new set of weapons with him so if Sienna also gets a new set of career-specific gear it really isn’t a problem in my book.

People have been bitching about a new wind for Sienna for I don’t know how long. For my own part I’ll be causiously opptimistic that this will turn out well. I can’t recall any new career that actually turned into a dumpster fire in Vermintide 2. And so wait with my final judgement untill I’ve both seen the Necromancer in action as well as tested out the career myself, or at least read some reviews of it.

And to be honest this is also a consequence of having fixed characters in the game. Any new career has to be tied to an existing character that was defined in Vermintide 1 without the intention of spreading out like this to new careers.

Hence Saltz may get Ulrican careers in a future VT3 or something because its either that or no Ulrican careers as Saltz is the only one alongside with Kruber (who already does Bretonnia, military, Taal etc. themes) who could reasonable have it. Same with wielding new winds of magic in the game. Either Sienna does it or it doesn’t happen.

Or at least that’s how I view it.

I’m glad we are finally getting a new subclass and I love sienna design as a necromencer from what we have seen.

I know this is unorthodox but so are the end time. And it’s not like it’s someone new suddenly joining in. The U5 have known each over long enougth to be able to partially trust sienna if this is needed.

I just wonder if they will have though about some line to explain why sofia will be in her tower when you play necromancer on trail and treachery

The cool part about her being a necromancer is that it’s consistent with Warhammer’s lore. I wanted her to be a Necromancer specifically because as a human she can’t control any winds of magic besides aqshy, leaving Necromancy one of the few lores actually available to her.

And I sure as hell won’t shell out money to play another Bright Wizard a 4th time or a non spellcaster Sienna.

i think the route they took was extremely obvious, people wanted the last career to utilize a different wind, and necromancers are among the most popular classes in any game they exist in.
and only the utmost lore nerds gonna care either way. not to mention all the foreshadowing they did.

im happy as long as gameplay is gonna be different. i very much hope that her sister won’t have any Access to siennas staves (in from of death-wind recolor) but feature a whole set of unique staves.

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If Sienna’s 4th career with just a 4th variation of bright wizard again or something thats not a spellcaster I sure as heck wouldn’t pay any money for the DLC.

If you want a spear (with shield) then that could just be a DLC weapon for Unchained who is already the “melee career that can use staves” you wanted from Order of Fury. But quite frankly, making a FOURTH career be another aqshy caster is just plain boring and a letdown after such a long wait.

Also who’s to say her Necromancer won’t be able to use her fire staves? Necromancy isn’t a separate wine of magic, it’s Dhar, you don’t lose knowledge of your former school. Balthazar Gelt still knew how to use Metal magic when he was a Necromancer.

Personally speaking I’ve always wanted FS to give us character DLC rather than career DLC for this very reason. A High Elf character for instance coulda easily had a career for 3 different lores of magic.

But since FS went the careers direction, I’ve always put my hope on Sienna getting a career that steers her away from Aqshy, and Necromancy is the more lore-friendly and in-character for the rebellious magic addict.