Sienna's Fourth Career—The Necromancer—Releases October 19


Is this real? … Is it a dream? … A nightmare? Or perhaps … it’s truth.

We’re excited to announce Sienna’s fourth career, the Necromancer, will release on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 on October 19!

Sienna’s Necromancer career is born from a fight with her twin sister, Sofia, granting her new powers and abilities that allow her to command the dead. How, exactly, these powers were obtained by the once Bright Wizard have yet to be revealed.

We know it’s been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to see you all try your hand at this new forbidden magic! Stay tuned as we get closer to her launch date for more information on her talents, abilities, and gameplay.


Welp, that’s disappointing

I do want to precise, that narrative wise (Not lorewise, lorewise it’s not much of a proble) it absolutely is the worst


Finally, a way to revive the elf.


says you, I’m hyped!! Lookin forward to it, Aqshy!!


Something something Gold Wizard, something something Froh…

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Saltzpyre waking up the day after be like



Let’s hope she is not another powergamer character. The new mechanics should allow her to be a bit on the weaker side and still be fun and interesting to play.

Though, I was also under the impression that the other characters would not allow a Necromancer. I hope they give some proper explanation how Markus can accept this after his trauma without just jokingly glossing over it.


It basically sh*t on her story.

Where is the Roguish Grandma that toe the line of criminality but was a hero nonetheless ?

Where is the Magister that went against her own sister, twice cause she was a Necromancer ?

Where is the Devoted of the Flames who fought against her addiction ?

This is just breaking the narrative that Sienna followed to just do something easy but different, instead of doing something more difficult where it followed lore (Heck if it’s a summoner class they could have themed it on Elementals instead of Necromancy)

Edit: Also the last careers seem to be the wish fullfilment of the U5 (Kruber finding a greater purpose, Bardin going back to his childhood dream, Saltz serving his god and being recognized by it, Kerillian serving the Weave at the highest office), what does it mean for Sienna


And that is without considering the other member of the U5



Could you do it with WP ? Or an animation of Pusfume being pissed that Saltz accept a Necro but not Pusfume ?

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What happened to the rainbow fire?

I was thinking she would become something that would rise against Sofia, not BECOME her.

This is extremely disappointing narrative and character development wise.


But…this doesnt work lorewise or character wise at all? .(

Kruber hates necromancers with an absolute fury for personal reasons, Saltz has that and religion against it and would 100% shoot even if Kruber doesnt, Bardin hates dark magic, Keri hates dark magic.




i really dislike this


From a gameplay perspective, this could be a lot of fun.

Even still, I would’ve preferred to see Sofia make a comeback as a boss corrupted by chaos in a DLC with chaos undead and have Sienna’s new career be something anti-undead like Master Vigilant or something having to do with Myrmida.

Based on the story and characters so far, Necromancer Sienna/Sofia merged is utter insanity.

So here’s a few questions:

So, on Tower of Treachery can I play Necromancer Sienna (who is now merged with Sofia)?

Can Necromancer Sienna-Sofia wear a Myrmida frame? Presumably, she still worships Myrmidia who despises the undead. How did Games Workshop sign off on that? There’s literally a Myrmida shrine in the basement, is she a Necromancer worshipping Myrmidia now? Will she have a white Necromancer purified outfit for the Chaos Wastes?

How on earth does the rest of the team accept a Necromancer in their ranks, particularly Saltzpyre who as a Warrior Priest or Witch Hunter would certainly attempt to kill anyone using necromancy on the spot? A fire wizard is one thing, but how do you get a Warrior Priest or Witch Hunter working with a necromancer?

What did the teaser with the colored fire have to do with anything? It appears it had nothing to do with this.

Months ago I once posited that somehow Sofia beats Sienna and ends up in service to Lohner and a part of the Ubersreik 5, despite knowing it was a silly idea, this seems strangely close to having them appear to have merged together. Yet, I could’ve sworn that after many fans mentioned necromancy, there was some official response that directly contradicted that idea. I could be wrong.

This dialogue line?
“Not a necromancer Markus not a necromancer”
Cause you know, Markus hates necromancers.

That’s all off the top of my head, I’m sure there are many more questions this raises.


This is my brain right now. This is all I got.



Yeah lore wise I cannot really wrap my head around how this would ever make sense. Basically the entire party is massive necromancer haters and as pointed out especially kruber/saltzpyre.

Gameplay wise this has good potential to be something new and interesting. I just hope it won’t turn into sister 2.0 situation.


Yeah, after 2 years the best they could come up with is something that literally makes no sense, a Myrmidia worshipping Necromancer


Watching the trailer and seeing that it is not clear who won this could very well be a replacement or some kind of magical fusion of both sisters. It would to a certain degree negate complains about Sienna’s choices.

Though the “issue” with all other characters wanting to kill a Necromancer at sight stays true. Unless it becomes something like Sienna being “posessed” and the team searching a way to get rid of that. Not sure if Warhammer Lore has something like this. Also pretty sure FS wouldnt go with that narrative.