About the 4th New Sienna Career! (Suggestion)

Hello People. Today we talk about the Unique Sienna Career (Knight of the Blazing Sun)
She Wields Enchanted Armor and Has Enchanted Weapons which close Related to her Patron
Goddess Myrmidia. She also has Blessings to bring to her Career.

  • This Career is a Offensiv Support/Medium Tanky
  • Has Staffs which Support Allies or Debuff Enemies.
  • New Melee Weapons
  • Has Ranged and Melee
  • True Magic Battlefield
  • Should have more Health than Pyromancer and Battle Wizard
  • Below Unchained health
  • Intresting Talents

Weapons Melee and Ranged

  • Spear and Enchanted Shield (Wide Sweeps, Ignites Enemies Push, Powerfull Blocks (Moveset like Handmaidens Spear and Shield and By Pushing Shield makes the Enemies Alight

  • Blessed Flamish GreatSword (Wide Sweeps, High Damage, Powerfull Knock) Works on Berserkers Below* (Moveset to Bretonnia Sword and Executioner Sword.

  • Sword and Enchanted Shield Wide Sweeps, Ignites Enemies by Push, Powerfull Blocks (same to Spear and Shield.

  • Blessed Flamish Dual Swords (Fast Attacks, Ignites Enemies, Fast Attacks)

  • Sword and Aqshy Key (Area Damage Charging Bar, Health Regain, Fast Attacks) (Gives her a Second Heat Bar by Enemies Killed and Explodes Near her killing the Enemies which Surround her and Gives her Health Regain (5 Green Health)

  • Blessed Flamish Dual Axes (Armor Piercing, Ignites Enemies, High Damage)

  • Solar Staff Design? (Debuffs Enemy taking 15% More Damage for 10 Seconds, High Area Damage, Damage over Time. First Click Fires Normal Fireball but the 3rd hit Pierces 1 Additonal Enemy and Resets. The Second Click is a Sun Icon on Enemies who are Affected. If the Enemy Dies The Enemy Explode Dealing Area Damage to Nearby Enemies And setting them Alight. Similar to Sister of the Thorn Mechanic. Doesn´t work Monsters of Bosses Below. (Sun Icon Showing their Cursed)

  • Eagle Staff Design? (Buffing Allies grants Ignited Weapons, 10% Movementspeed, Health Regen for 7 Seconds, High Damage, 1st click Attack Firing 1 Orb, 2 and 3 stacks to 3x times dealing more Damage and Resets. The Other one like Sister of the Thorn Mechanic just works on Ally.
    (Eagle Icon Showing their Buffed and Doesnt work on yourself)

  • A Myrmidia looking Staff Icon Design? (Armor Piercing, High Damage, Multiple Shots)
    1st Click Large Fire Darts is a Firing Multiple Shots which deal Armor Piercing. The Second click is a Area Fire Spike which comes out of the Ground Dealing High Damage and Clicking the 3rd Hit Makes that the Ground Fire Spikes Slowing Enemies. Note: Maybe Near Sienna or like Conflag just without Charging.

We know that There is Worrior Priest just he uses a Diffrent Support so why not to give Sienna Aggressive Support to Allies. Also Sienna has (No Support on her Classes) One i can think of is Unchained which doesn´t have alot.

The Second Option Sienna Career is the Enbodiment of Aqshy Siennas Last Fire Form Turning herself into Pure Fire Elemental.

  • Has Melee and Ranged
  • Magic of Destruction
  • True Magic Battlefield
  • New Melee Weapons
  • Has the Same Health like Unchained
  • No Support
  • Staffs do High Damage
  • Agressive Ult

Weapons: Need to think of it becouse its Quiet Hard.


Im not Sure about Master Vigilant or a Necromancer but we can wait the Theory about her Sister Sofia. What i dont wanna see:

  • No Necromancer Sienna Reason: U5 Would kill her Immediatly and The Summoning Mechanic is not Advanced and it will be Boring mostly about this Game is that you have to Kill Enemies on your Own.
  • No Other Winds Sienna which is not Close Related. If she Choses another Wind she gonna Turn into a Chaos Spawn Immediatly (Only a God Themed Maybe?) which would be Aqshy and Myrmidia.
  • No Ice Sienna: Kislev only has. We can Save Ice for Later (Not in Winds of Magic)
  • No Wizard Lords (Would Ruin Battle Wizard Gameplay and Evreybody gonna pick the New Sienna becouse of her Powerfullness also we need a Unique Sienna Career and i think this one Would Fit.
  • No Elementalist becouse this Career is gonna have True Magic Spells.

Conclusion: I hope Knight of the Blazing Sun Sienna comes out becouse id really wanna play Supportish Sienna while also Playing Aggressive. If you Dont like My Suggestion Please Share your Opion and Ideas!

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May I know what you mean by that ? The term True Magic isn’t really ever used in Warhammer, unless we talk about the truth about magic (All Magic is Chaos) or about High Magic (Qhaysh)
Also Battle magic isn’t really part of the current cannon

There is quite a few abilities that can serve as basis to a 4th career

  • Embodiment of Aqshy is a great Active ability since it’s a personal buff that can even be combined with a different Spell to give it a great ability

  • Flaming Sword of Rhuin: (Going with the 8th ed Table top edition) Imbue the allies weapons with the wind of Aqshy, giving thelm fire damage

  • Crown of Flame/Fire: Give the allies more courage (can be turned into a different effect to be better represented in VT

  • Sanguine Sword: Summon 1-5 Animated swords out of the red wind, those swords then fly to a chosen enemy and attack it

Also, no Necromancer !!!

Oh wait, I know you from the Vermintide steam

Oh by True Magic i mean.

That it’s a Large Spell.

Example: a Inferno is a Large Spell in a Large Area Column
Or a Giant Burning Head Skull which Shredds Armies and Bosses. (Which could come to Pyromancer Rework). I also think Pyromancer should get a New Ult and make her more Unique. (Her Aimbot Ult is not Intresting)

Also Magic is also when you Aid someone and Buff them or Debuff Enemies. (Counted as Support)

Also if Knight of the Blazing Sun comes id be Happy to see it. We already have 2 Sienna Mages with 100 HP.

Reason: God Themed and Afflinated (Myrmidia) with Aqshy i think they could work Both. Thanks!

Oh ok, so Spells tat wouldn’t fit on a weapon

Magic is when you use the winds (Even through other means, like runes and divine favour)

Dude, i have no idea what to expect but i really REALLY hope they just don’t take another character weapon ctrl c ctrl v it onto sienna and call it a day.
Don’t be lazy, gib me the balrog whip.