New careers ideas thread. (Again)

I know this has been done before but I cant find the old post. So, I know alot of people have been wanting a new charecter but what about new careers for the current Ubershriek 5…or 4, doesn’t matter. I’ll start us off

Markus: maybe a commander career centered around placing a battle standard or something? Centered around alot of support bluffs and leadership rather then healing like merc or defences like knight.

Sienna: Wizard Enchanter? Maybe she can light all her allies weapons on fire and togeather they can light the whole world on fire!!

Bardin: possibly a dwarven engineer who can whip out a dwarven revolver for six shots or something as an ult, or possibly a dwarven trollpedo?

Salty: warrior priest of sigmar…
Was it ever guna be anything else?

Kerillian: uhhh…white lion? I…I dont know alot about elves, ask Smoker lol

If all careers must be something they picked up in the timespan between games 1 and 2, then the options are pretty limited. But if they just go for fun and go with full life “what if” options, then we get some cool choices.

For Kruber, some options include:
Horned Hunter - basically him going extra-hobo and nuts for Taal. No guns, but probably some unique weapons.
Engineer - It’s a job we haven’t seen that could be cool, but it’d be weird, since he’s not very well-learned. If it was a potential alternate life, then it could be that someone saw he was smart and trained him.
Overall, he’s pretty hard to add new careers for, at least reaching into lore. Some kind of class based in the WHFRPG classes would probably be good, but I’m not sure what.

Engineer - This could fit him a bit better than it does Kruber.
Runesmith - I could definitely see some unique mechanic of him having different runes that recharge or something.
Both of these options are basically a life do-over.

Saltzpyre has a really obvious and popular option.
Warrior Priest - Give him that tanky armor and that hammer! Could be tanky with some kinda faith-based support ability. This is one that actually could make sense from between games 1 and 2, as going from a WH to a Priest isn’t that odd.
Steam Tank Driver - duh.

Kerillian is honestly the easiest for me.
Wardancer - hyper-agile but fragile melee class. Probably some kinda unique dodge mechanic could make it stand out.
Spellsinger - All Elves have a magical connection, but we don’t know how strong Kerillian’s is. It’d be cool to see her all floaty.

Sienna is the hardest for me. Maybe a Hedge Wizard? Or Estalian Duellist?


I’d say it’s pretty high. During dialogue isn’t she able to see the weave? And talk to it?

Although, if her new dialogue about Araloth being family is true. Why not just double down on the Wood elf and make her a Glade Lord.


Yes! Finally, a wise carrier idea for Bardin. Sometimes you can find here such stupid ideas as rune priest. There are no dwarf rune priests in Warhammer’s world!



Super duh.

So my idea is a bit weird, it is about spliting up the existing careers into 2 different paths (as i’m editing this, maybe 3?), one being almost the same and the other more deviating from that.
It only works for some of them, so not a perfect solution, but it would definitely be more WHFB-RPG oriented.


  • Mercenary could go either frontline mercenary, so would basically stay like he is now, but the other path would be the engineer type, more focused on ranged but still with the 125hp (as those engineers also sometimes work on experimental armour) and better melee capabilities than Huntsman. Only blackpowder weapons, though. New weapon (like grenade launcher or some other form of experimental handgun) would be good.

  • Huntsman would still have the bow, the other path could be full taal priest with basic similarities to a beast wizard, like a melee claw weapon, maybe only during ult? More hp for sure, and maybe can only use the bow, so the opposite of the human engineer, no blackpowder weapons, or he could be like a slayer with some kind of throwing weapon (as FS said they wanted to test the waters with throwing axe, as a blueprint for more), throwing spear could be an option. To differentiate form slayer make him slower but with more hp, also no crossing melee choices (so no 2h hammer).

  • Foot Knight can be cool as you would just have to pick 2 of the many imperial knightly orders. The Order of the Blazing Sun with a flame weapon on someone other than Sienna sounds interesting to me, although they honour another deity, Myrmidia. Hunters of Sigmar would fit more with Taal, maybe the only Order that would use a bow, and therefore could be an allowed weapon. Maybe a retconned Order though as it is based on Storm of Chaos.


  • Ranger Veteran. Yeah, like said by others before, dwarven engineer. Maybe he can share the new ranged weapon with Krubs engineer (i know, dwarven tech should be better than human tech, but the handguns are already the same, as are the crossbows)

  • Ironbreaker and Irondrake. Trollhammer torpedo (THT) is a must, maybe give the drake pistols to the engineer, too, but drakegun would be limited as would be the THT. Maybe no shield weapons for Irondrake while wearing those 2 weapons or in general, and naturally better heat-management and/or reloadspeed. THT could also be the ult, but then only with Irondrake possessing only one ranged weapon, namely the drakegun (so the ult would just be loading that heavy harpoon int the drakegun, i know, steam not alchemical fire, but it could work). He could also be more heatresistant, so an innate dmg reduction against warpfire (on top of the standard gromril, Irondrakes have specialised runes for their job), maybe pushresistance (as a passive).

Source for the above

Ironbreakers who showed an aptitude with the Drakegun were further trained and formed into new units. When first used, even the Gromril armour of the Ironbreakers struggled to protect the user against the intense heat generated by the weapon. In response, Runesmiths have begun to imbue new armoured suits with Runes of Protection against extreme heat, enabling these Ironbreakers to endure the heat of their own weapons and those Warp-fire Throwers sent by the Skavens.


She could be really interesting, as they already spread the field very far with all elven factions represented, and giving all directions a go.

  • High Elf. Yeah, White Lion could be a pick, with a new elf 2h axe (kinda hard to make it stand out from glaive, but needs to be a different one).
    Other one? Well, as Handmaiden is already an option, a very far streched one imo, you could do whatever you want. Only phoenix guard is out of the picture. They don’t talk.
    You can go shadow warrior, noble, lothern seaguard, swordmaster, list goes on.
    To combine with Shade you could say shadow warrior is on her career; if there is some connection to Clar Karond and the exiled Shades, then there is most likely one to Naggarythe, too. They could focus either on ranged or melee, who is who is everyones guess. One would be the definite evil choice in the dark elf and the shadow warrior would be the more grey area direction (as they are shunned even by other high elves).


  • I have no real idea how i could split WHC. Also BH is more akin to the human engineer class than anything else, so already used deviation.

  • The warrior priest would be the the other choice for zealot, obviously. Buffs and armour, but only a heavy hitter, no speed.


  • With her i can’t pick one correct career to split up from, and i have only a rough idea of other ults, the 3 careers she has are already all there can be, so there would only be different spells those 3 would pick as their main gimmick.
  1. Like the OP said, enchanting weapons with ‘flaming sword of rhuin’ and giving sienna a literal flame sword

  2. ‘Cascading firecloak’, making attackers take flame damage

  3. ‘Cauterize’ (or ‘cauterize wounds’, an existing talent) a spell that would do the same as the talent ‘essence syphon’ from unchained, clearing wounds and converting temp hp to permanent hp. Only targeted at one, large cooldown, yadda yadda, it can be balanced correctly.

  4. ‘Flame storm’, something similar to the blightstormers vortex, but movable like the area of effect for the conflagration staff, although much slower.

  5. ‘Piercing bolts of burning’, flame rain on a targeted area.


I think that career might play a bit too close to Waystalker, and Kerillian doesn’t really need another melee-oriented career if they go closer to melee than ranged with it.

A spellsinger would be neat, lore of life would help undo all the FF from Kerillian mains with hagbane bows :wink:, though I imagine FS’d avoid a proper healing career and stick to buffs and offense to avoid upsetting the balance too much.

Runesmith would be absolutely grand, warrior priest I can get behind too if they can set him apart from Zealot enough since warrior priest should be the tank/walking bastion of faith (/temporary partywide buffs) if anything (whereas Zealot is more like a crazed heavily-armed fanatic).

I like OP’s idea of Sienna acting as a party-wide enchanter, the Flaming Sword of Rhuin buff from the lore of fire would work perfectly for that, but I’m not too sure how to set her actual combat style far enough apart from her existing builds to fit in neatly.

For Kruber I don’t really know, maybe an Ironside? He’s not from Nuln but a tanky ranged career with emphasis on control and overwhelming enemies (as opposed to Huntsman’s specialist sniping) could work. He could deploy a wrought bomb as his ult that could maybe be talented for knockback/knockdown or area denial (fire).

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If Bardin gets an Engineer career, his ability deadass needs to be a turret. No contest.

Rune Priests were a thing in Warhammer Online though.


Huntsman could also get javelins! Maybe a crossbow would be acceptable for a Horned Hunter-type class, too.

Something that’d be really cool would just be to get alt costumes; Keep Waystalker as the class, but get her a Shadow Warrior costume. Likewise for Handmaiden with a White Lion outfit - and on that vein, just a reskin of the Glaive as an illusion would be pretty cool.

Love the Ironside idea! Maybe he could finally get his grenade launcher for that class! It could look really damn cool, too. Maybe could just be “after his exemplary service at Ubersreik, finally tired of knowing nothing about technology, Kruber was invited to join the Ironsides of Nuln” or something. It’s a stretch, but not more than Kerillian’s careers lol.

Absolutely needs to be the turret! That’d be a really damn cool ability.


Was created and invented only for the needs of this game. I encourage you to read about dwarves at all in WFRP. However, it is possible that something will change in 4ed.

I mean he could always ‘salvage’ Ironside-esque gear otherwise and be one in all but name. But to be fair, it’s not that much less plausible than him getting his knighthood/Foot Knight.

I completely forgot about the grenade launcher! That’d be great!

I know FS probably wouldn’t allow this (considering the repeater handgun already fulfills the rapid-fire niche) but him dual-wielding repeater pistols Ned Kelly-style would be amazing.

Even reading through Dwarf lore, I don’t really see the problem with Rune Priests being a thing.

Sure, they’re never mentioned, but I haven’t really found anything that directly contradicts their existence. Runesmiths are mentioned as being very protective of the knowledge of Runesmithing, but that’s really it.

Forging the runes is one thing but utilizing them to cast pseudo-spells is another.

But GW see problem. Dats why only in one game was something like that and Mythic lose license.
BTW Runesmith is rly good. Runes buffed attack, def or maybe give some effects? Nice :slight_smile:

That isn’t really evidence that GW “saw a problem” with Rune Priests. If they had a problem with them, they wouldn’t have allowed Mythic to make the class in the first place, and would’ve just had them implement regular old Runesmiths.

Frost Wyrms, as an example, have only been seen in one game (that being Total War: Warhammer), yet I consider them just as feasible as Rune Priests simply for the fact that there isn’t really anything that contradicts them existing.

Finally, I don’t believe Mythic lost license because of lore related reasons, as well as I don’t believe that once any outside company loses license, then that suddenly means everything introduced in the game just goes “poof”.

Creative Assembly, as well as Fatshark for that matter, are going to lose license at some point as well, but I doubt we can just scratch everything introduced in the games at that point.

Nope, because Mythic wanna make a priest who healing. They make typical MMO trio, and yes GW has a problem with this in that time.
About frost wyrm it is not quite as you say, because Frost Wyrms are probably Ice Dragons touchet by mutatin power of Chaos. Ice Dragons you can find in Storm of Magic Supplement
Anyway maybe we don’t know something or some is changed in this matter. WO was closed 6 years ago, meanwhile we have End Times and Age of Sigmar (bleh)

Mythic lost license for many reasons, but one of them is a loose approach to certain issues. The game fell much earlier due to bugs, lack of development and drop of players population. After WO they wanna make something MOBA like, but license was over and they was closed as studio (by the way, this game was terrible)

As I said from those events, it’s been six years. Now GW is focused on AoS, but I do not think they let too much mix in the old universe.
BTW RPG system comes in this universe.

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I’ve thought about this long and hard, repeatedly - from a mechanics viewpoint.
And, on Elves, Wardancer (or, as we’re talking high level classes for these characters, Shadowdancer) would just be too close to what Handmaiden currently is. Something with magic seems way more fitting.
For Bardin, a Runesmith would be neat. I’d like to see a “Bag of Grudges”, basically a bag full of Rocks with grudges inscribed on them, preferably aimed like grenades with small AoE or a glancing blow mechanic (as fluff wise they’d apparently be more likely to hit than regular rocks) but still allowing skillshots.

Regarding actives, all current ones basically fit into a mold:

  • AoE centered on character
  • Movement straight forward
  • temporary cloak
  • straight forward attack or homing projectile

Pick 1 or 2, often with an extra buff attached; In case of centered AoE may also be a party buff.
Some characters don’t have some aspect of this (of course not every character can have cloak);
F.Ex., Bardin has no attack active, so maybe as a Runesmith his active would be something referencing the Rune of Wrath and Ruin.
Maybe a Ground AoE that gets stronger the more it hits? Of course, an Engineer career with a turret would be way cool.
I also thought that a Runesmith could use a heat mechanic, which could tie into a potential offensive active (encouraging risky play in a similar, but different way from unchained).

For Sienna, I’d like a sort of spellblade with party buffs and increased cleave and melee range - basically, a sort of melee and skillshot - character (unchained is really a tank class) that would be akin to a mercenary with a touch of WH, but for sienna. Also, there’s no ability that I know of that actually increases melee range. A sort of fiery force projection from Sword of Rhuin would be a believable enough excuse.
Hearts of Fire and similar abilities would justify a team buff active or even an aura.

Salty, I just have no opinion on, but why not make a priest if it’s popular. Could make him an anointed priest if FS wants to go less Hammer and heavy armour. Not sure why I so lack creativity here.

Kruber, I researched WH RGP classes, and while there’s no obvious choices to me, a sort of Duelist/Champion could be a fitting theme. I mean, if there’s a career that has him go back to his roots and become a hunter, why not a subclass where he decides to put a little extra art in his martial? Could offer some weird shenanigans like an extra weapon slot(in line with imagery in that rulebook), or add extra dodges to weapons. I’d really like an option like battle stances for different situations, as well.
Kruber doesn’t yet have an attack active, though that wouldn’t really fit there, but, tailored to the concept, maybe a challenge? Sort of a directed taunt with buffs? Buffs could actually be determined by your next action, allowing adapting to the flow as well.

Still doubt it’ll happen anytime soon, though.

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I would be down for a new career if Fatshark makes it unique from the other careers.

Right now, there’s hardly any unique features offered in the talent tree and the only real difference between the careers is the active abilities. To be honest, I don’t see this happening. I’d rather have all talent trees be unique to the career than having a new career that’s basically the same as all of the others.

I vote for a full talent rework based on each individual career and not the reused talents that they are currently sharing. It would also be nice if they would just get rid of THP talents already. Better damage mitigation gives no need for it thus making it a useless talent.

More individuality. More fun. Promoting better teamwork.

I always liked the idea of having a Dwarf Engineer with a sentry turret, although I don’t know how lore-friendly the class would be. I remember it from Warhammer Online but I’ve no idea how BS that is.

I could see a pretty robust talent tree built around the turret like:

  1. Different ammo types for the turret: flame, bomb, or plain ol’ gun

  2. Aura around the turret: healing, damage resistance, crit boost

  3. Talents affecting ranged weapons in general: incendiary ammo, enemies explode on death, or just reload speed

The other obvious one to me is Saltzpyre as a Warrior Priest, to take on more of a tank/buffing role since it seems like Zealot is less tanky and WHC is less supportive based on the beta. Also just being able to give him a hammer of some sort. It’s just cruel to deprive him of a hammer.

Beyond that, maybe Wardancer for Kerillian? I’m not sure if they’d end up taking the approach of more classes for the five heroes or adding a sixth hero. Both seem interesting in their own ways and both seem like a lot of work, so I have no idea the feasibility of either these in the near future, sadly.

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For Kruber I kinda see :

  • Pit Fighter : Being able to use Flail or Gauntlet and having high resilience to hit
    Pit fighter are gladiator who fight for their sentence or for glory and money, Melee with less armor and more dodging
  • Judicial Champion : Being able to use his weapon in a more defensive way with more parrying
    (Execution sword inbound) more targeted to being able to fight an enemy during a long time in place of trying to kill him directly


  • Agitator: More AoE type of ability (shout and thing like that) (?)
    *Exorcist: Having observed the corpse of the ratman inside of his chamber, i think that Saltz babbling inside of the knowlege of the dead seem appropriate, no idea how that could work in type of ability


  • Engineer: Heat mechanics (pick up heat while in melee, but attack faster, lose heat by blocking) ult being Steam blast/thrower (like the Flame thrower but push back the enemy)
  • White Dwarf: Seeking the lost knowledge of the fallen dwarven hold Bardin follow the path of Grombrindal, and start using warded equipment (not really that powerful and more random in it’s effect since Bardin is not a Rune Smith)


  • Black Magisters : Sieanna start experimenting with other wind (no idea which one) and start fighting with it
    Shyish->Aura that permit to delay death for some moment (with some kind of charge system) Death’s Door
    ability: Steal Life
    New Weapon being a scythe
    ability-> Phá’s Protection (ward against chaos)
    And so on

Kerillian: I think that there have been quite a lot of great idea already shown here

Runesmith Bardin
Wardancer Kerillian ( with an orange mohawk as in first edition :stuck_out_tongue:)
Warrior Priest Saltzpyre
Master Wizard Sienna - Avatar of Aqshy :stuck_out_tongue:
Pit Fighter Kruber

Yes please! :smiley:

I have to say that I can see Kruber as a Judicial Champion, but a Pit Fighter feels all wrong for him, or anyone else of the current heroes’ personalities.