Bardin's new career is on the way

Let’s speculate about the news from Twitter
Announced in the stream

Some options are Hammerer, Runesmith, Engineer


Hammerer too similar to IB.


Engineer = turret

Too similar to rv? delete rv, or remove his ranged weapons and make him a real item dispenser.

It’s most likely going to be between the 3 remaining Hero level career that the Dwarf can have in the TT:

  • Thane: Regular fighter with runic weaponry and great skill:
    pro: Give runic stuff, possibility of a lot of active Ability
    con: May be to close to the IronBreacker/Slayer

  • Engineer: (Should really go away from the TT as it was an Artillery buffer) Ranged and Steam Weaponry
    pro: Give access to Steam weapon (maybe use the Fire weapon too) and ranged option
    con: If the ability is a turret (saw people asking for that) then it’s going to be a low skill ceiling

  • Runesmith: Magic counter and buffer
    pro: Rune Magic
    con: Very hard to explain (lore wise)

The only other kind of career I could see :
Order of the Guardian
Basically a Templar/Witch Hunter for the Dwarf


Career skill could be equipping a grenade launcher and getting to launch a grenade into enemies like a free bomb.

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I’m not up on Warhammer lore (I haven’t played the RPG or tabletop battle since the '90s), so apologies if I miss and obvious career.

I think Engineer that has skill with explosives would be good - maybe a gun with a grenade launcher on the special attack button that consumes bombs but dramatically enhances their blast radius, range and explosive power.

This won’t happen, but maybe a Dwarf Healer/herbalist that some how enhances the effects of medkits/health pots on the party or intrinsic aura of heal share or a heal kit drops after the party takes X amount of cumulative damage, has increased revive speed, maybe a base 50% chance not to consume a healing kit (RV on steroids), or maybe gets a “poison potion” after X number of kills (like the Grail Knight strength pot drops). When you consume this poison pot it applies the poison to your equipped weapon (all melee weapons and maybe also to ranged weapons that use arrows). The posion buff coats your weapon for a fixed number of seconds and enemies hit by it get a damage over time poison effect that lasts until they die (like Lingering flames).

What I would like to see in the future is a career that can temporarily modify the terrain of the map. This new mechanic would allow you to briefly block doorways or make sections of floor impassible, and this would allow you to re-direct attacking hordes and create new choke points. Maybe something like the thorns in the Ghyran weaves - maybe some kind of Shaman or Druid that has this as an ult (obviously not for the Dwarf career). Or you could give us a wizard that had the blightstormer attack for an ult.

Those could be great as a passive but an active that work on concentration (Purple) + having a bomb is kinda over complicated

I’d like to see a career in the same vein as witch hunter or mercenary (the thane I suppose?), but I feel a rune smith type class would fit better. Engineer would make the most sense but would step too much on Ranger’s toes. It’d require a whole rework of ranger to make both feel unique.

As for the Runesmith, I don’t know about making him a fully fledged one. Perhaps he could be an amateur one with some non rune related buffs

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If I was a betting man, I would say that Fatshark is making the last row of careers more magically based. Considering what they did with the GK and basically gave him the Dawnbreaker from Skyrim lol

I would be okay with new magic careers. Warhammer is a FANTASY universe after all.

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I didn’t know about the Order of the Guardian, interesting!
It’s probably the best choice lorewise, as the others would be a stretch (while I guess Bardin could be invited to join the order, as Krub’s FK joined the Reikshammers) but considering the mess they did with Grail Knight, I don’t think they are going for lore consistency.
They are probably going with engineer, as it’s been the career most asked for, and at least it’s not as huge a stretch as GK was)

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I’d say Runesmith is more asked for. It’d also be in-line with how Kruber became exalted into a Grail Knight, Runesmith is similarly very elite and offers a nice blend of melee and support.

Personally though I think I’d prefer an engineer. You can absolutely make him distinct from RV, it also doesn’t mean that they can’t have at least a few similarities. Giving him access to drakefire guns, launch a couple steam guns with his career as well, focus more on AoE ranged DPS/crowd control, give him a cool little grenade launcher ultimate that gives him a free grenade to use (similarly to how BH ult doesn’t use ammo) and you’re good.

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Personally expecting it to be Runesmith, just because how much different it is compared to the other 3 careers. It would probably have the most difference to his current playstyles.

Engineer would be close 2nd and it potentially could have really wicked playstyle if they really go all out on it. Problem I see with engineer is that it might be little bit too similar to something like RV.


I could see them really differentiating an Engineer from a Dwarf Ranger, I think it’s just the worry of one overshadowing the other. (If it’s a ranged focused career)

An Engineer would be incredibly fun, already filled to the brim with ideas of how an Engineer could be incorporated into Vermintide 2.

Ranger is closer the Hunter or Waystalker, maybe Engineer could be closer to Bounty Hunter, less centred around sustain and more around high powered/weapon switching

Just a thought (plz don’t be mad)

If the new career for Bardin is the hammerer. I think his hammer’s would has a “explosion” AoE. Like Sienna’s Flaming Flail’s 1st heavy does.

Could be but I find it to be unlikely. As I’ve understood it Sienna’s flair has a magical quality which Bardin’s hammer wouldn’t have unless its a rune weapon.

Runes could explain special abilities on the Runesmith’s weapons. Would also allow him to be competent in melee and support just by sheer virtue of his runed weapons bring superior. Abilities such as axe being able to cleave 2 targets, hammer with an aoe charged attack, complete armour penetration etc.

Only issue is this might make playing with unenchanted weapons feel bad to use

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That could bring a lot of Power Creep in the game and change the Meta quite heavily

Honestly, after playing the GK, I’m already worried that all the new paid careers are going to be top tier and will end up being the only careers anyone will ever play.


Is it really more powerful than it’s other career ? I didn’t really like it (even though I love Slayer)