Future career suggestions

I think it’s more likely that we get new careers and not new characters at some point. Maybe as a part of some larger expansion with new maps later. Share your career ideas here.

Dwarf engineer:

-Can only use guns as ranged weapons
-Has a deployable turret
-Has grenades (possibly his unique ones replacing or adding to current ones)
-Can only use 1h hammer/wrench and 1h axe in melee

Also, warrior priest…that was like the #1 class that people begged for in vermintide 1. Maybe we will see it on Salzpyre.

I feel that would be too much of a leap for Victor.

makes more sense for Victor than for Kruber… which is what some people wanted…

Doesnt make much sense for either imo. New character maybe? Then again if FS has no plans of adding new characters to the game at all Victor would be a better choice between the two.

was this not a suggestion for new careers rather than characters ? :smile:

Bardin: Runesmith.

i’d like to see that engineer instead of the ranger

Sister of Thorn for Kerillian. Eventhough they are normaly on mounts, I think they would fit as some kind of defence magic (with retribution damage as ‘thorn’ magic) but she can’t use any bows anymore.

sigmar priest for Salzpyre would be great, Melee based with certain sigmar blessing which increase defence or attack of himself or others. Anyway he won’t use any handguns anymore.

runesmith for Bardin sounds awesome :slight_smile: Magical weapons. But give him unique crafting options in the Forge aswell. A rune slot for his Weapons, Armor and Engineering runes (ranged weapons)

The problem about this engineer guy would be, that the game is most times about moving forward, rather than keeping control.

extra Grenade slots would be awesome, but give it to Kruber instead. Something like a Free Company Militia with lighter armor (and therefore faster) and pistols instead of rifles. Dealing range damage increase Melee damage, which in turn can increase range damage.

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