Thoughts about future career

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new engineer Bardin This career in terms of mechanic is a new stage for Fermented. New interesting elements, interesting features for the game, etc
Against this background, I thought: "the Grail Knight and the Engineer are something fundamentally new to the game and carry a unique mechanic that no other character has… Markus was quite unexpected in terms of LOR, Bardin most predicted an engineer for a long time (there was of course an option with a rune Smith, but that’s another story)… And what can we expect from Victor? (I skip the elf, because I’m not interested in her)
What can be added to Victor that it directly carries some new Grail-level mechanics and Engineer+meets LOR’s requirements?
(I dream of a support priest who heals allies and uses magic to attack+hammer/flail)
What do you think?

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I could see something similar to Engineer, with his ability bar serving as ammo for miracles if his 4th carreer is indeed Warrior Priest of Sigmar, but with a twist: He can equip a book of blessings that determines what ability triggers when he activates his active ability. I can totally see him only having one melee weapon and his secondary slot being his holy book that can trigger two different miracles with left or right click. Give him 3 to 4 of those with different effects that cost different amounts of ability bar, and you have something very in between the two new mechanics that have been introduced.

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