New Career Mechanic

With the 2 DLC career we have had a new main Mechanic that broke away from the other/vanilla career:

Grail Knight:

Duties: Passive Buff that are tied to aggressive playstyle and precise action (Killing Elite, taking Books), simply put, by taking risk

Outcast Engineer:

Cranking: The Active ability doesn’t charge passively but only by cranking it actively (which is the opposit of the regular career)

For the next career there will most likely be new mechanics so lets try to guess


If Wardancer:

Dance: Could Work like stance, maybe with a momentum charge, where moving/attacking increase the buff you get from your dance but blocking or slowing down decrease your charge

If White Lion (without Weapon Restriction):

Lion’s Spirit: Killing an animal/monster can bestow special power/strength in the Warhammer universe, maybe an AoE effect or something around hunting fearsome beast

If Executioner(without Weapon Restriction)/Black Ark Corsair:

Contracted Killer: Nagaroth pay for blood, and the pay is good, killing enemy give bonus in the form of Usable (Bomb) and Ability charge


If Warrior Priest:

Sigmarite Might: No idea (Honestly)

If Vampire:

Something around Vampiric ability ? Maybe true health regen ?


If Magister:

“In control”: Venting give ability charge

If Embodiment of Aqshy(Bright Wizard Spell):

Aqshy’s Domain: Charge Meter who goes up on melee hit that can be exchanged for special attack or buff

So what do you think we will get as the next Career mechanics ? I think it will be interesting (like they really out did themselves with OE, and what do you hope we will get ?

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Next career is probably sienna. Sienna lacks stealth ability. There are plenty of 1 button 1 stealth. Like engineer, how about guage based stealth. You can maintain stealth while holding F. Ult bar diminishes by the time. If you click left, fire AOE attack. If you click right, you can teleport. Of course this additional option takes large portion of ult bar.

Rat Catcher. Passive is the legendary SBVD (smol but vicious dog).

Ult: sneaks and sets traps. Unhinged muttering is necessary.

Sneaking, stabbing, for Sigmar


If saltz becomes a vampire for whatever reason, they have to give him a necromancer skills, just raise skellies from slain enemies who will fight until they die, and if you ult again you could opt between getting new ones or repair the ones you have, better yet, make beastmen skellies the strongest ones around and sell some extra winds in the process.
for lvl 35 they could give him alternatives between raising a bunch of infantry, or raising 3 elites instead or summon a temporary slain boss to fight for you everytime your ult is filled.

I would to love to see saltz as peasant with pitchfork (bleed) and summon scarecrow to draw aggro : )

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Battle Pilgrim to keep with the Bretonnian theme

Do I get a cookie if I guess correctly?

You will impress your comrade and you will get a pumpkin

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