New future career ideas for vermintide 2

This is just some help for the developers in case they decide to add more careers for after or before darktide is released. Ideas came after I thought of the fact that it would be cool if kerillian had 2 careers for each eleven race, and seeing as she’s still missing a second HE and DE career.


Some sort of explosive ult or a buff to ranged weaponry

.Battle Pilgrim(brettionian zealot essentially)
Ult that makes you invulnerable and releases an explosion of holy magic/light after the ult expires. It dishes out the same amount of damage that was given/dealt to you

.Blood Knight(vampire kruber)
Ult gives you and your teammates life steal, and gives uninterruptible attacks

.Ulric Wolf Worshipper Wildman
Ult increases your movement speed and power

.Rune priest
ultimate stuns/shocks nearby enemies in a radius and/or protects allies

.Dwarf Brewmaster/Ale maker
ultimate makes enemies drunk/disoriented for short duration and causes them to attack one and other

ult has you slam the ground doing area damage and pushing back enemies. All elites hit by ultimate take increased damage for 15 seconds

.Priest/Knight/Warrior of Valaya
ultimate causes aura of healing around bardin for him and his allies


.Sword Master of Hoeth
A piercing charge like foot knight that does less knockback and actually piercing damage through enemies

.Dragon Kin/Warrior/Mage
ult allows you to breather fire from mouth in a wave like area in front causing damage and knockback

.White Lion
you do a large swipe/and or chomp with an ethereal lion and it causes knockback/damage

.Witch Elf
you drink a brew and/or go into a rage that makes all your light attacks do the damage of heavy attacks

.Dark Elf Corsair
summons a wave of water that pushes enemies back and slays any special caught in it instantly


.Vampire Saltzpyre
ult than grants lifesteal for party and insta heals you

.Executioner/Hangman Saltzpyre
Ult marks elites in an area for 5 seconds for instant execution, monsters take half health, and bosses less

.Knight of Morr
ult causes an area where enemies around you to take bleeding damage for 15 seconds


.Kislevite Ice Witch
ult summons a rain of icicles that does damage in an area and slows enemies

.Paladin/Mage of Myrmidia
ult reflects all damage done to you and allies back to the enemies or summon a banner than creates and aura of protection

ult summons an undead ally to fight for you or allows you to hide inside dead

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No dwarf would ever defile their brew by using it on their enemies.

Also you could add a Kislevite career to Kruber, so Fatshark can bank on the TWW3 popularity :stuck_out_tongue:

Are horse dude, an Outrider is a cavalry man, the closest thing we could have themed around them would be 2/3 weapon sets:

  • Grenade Launcher Blunderbuss
  • Bracier of Cavalry Pistols or Paired Cavalry Pistols
  • Cav. Pistol and Sword (Similar to how Saltz’s Foil work)

No thank you, Undead are kill on sight

Kruber is a follower of Taal (and Ryah), not Ulrik, instead you could have the Horned Hunter

Apart from Hammerer (which would be better shown as a weapon kit) those are alright and the runesmith who could have something better (too similar in use as the IB)

Another would be

  • Prospector: Dwarf Miner Champion (Active being either the Steam Drill or a Explosive pack
  • Shieldbreaker: Outcast warrior from the depth (relies less on runes and more on excessive brutality)
  • Thane: Last Hero option of the Dwarfs, could have runic stuff without being a Runesmith (who are too precious to leave alone)

That’s basically what the Handmaiden already does right ?

No thank you, Undead are kill on sight

That’s a less fun Bounty hunter

Not possible, the lore of Ice is kept safe/secret and learning another lore of magic is way too difficult for Sienna

Same as before + No thank you, Undead Necromancer are kill on sight

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i highly doubt that there ever will be more careers after the sienna’s 4th