New Career Ideas

Not entirely sure what they should be, but it’d be nice to have some new career options to play around with.

I did think up an idea for Kerillian though.

Name: Elf Warrior

Health: 150

Career Ability: Ancestral Fury: Kerillian goes into a rage staggering nearby enemies, her attack speed and power are increased by 25% for 15 seconds. Also resets her wards to maximum. 120 second cooldown.

Passive: Magical Ward Armor: You have 3 wards, whenever you are hit you lose a ward. Wards reduce damage taken by 66%. You regenerate a ward every 15 seconds.


Battle Prowess: Whenever you crit an enemy, your power is increased by 3% for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
Exploit Weakness: Increases crit chance by 5%
Eleven Endurance: Grants an extra stamina shield.

Career weapons: 1h Sword + shield, 1h Axe + shield.

As for the others, i could see Victor being a Warrior Priest and Markus being a Crusader, Templar, etc. Not sure what Sienna and Bardin could be though.

Then again i’m not super knowledgeable when it comes to Warhammer lore, so maybe someone who’s more into the lore could come up with some new careers that’d fit well with the lore.

Victor can’t possibly go from WHC to Warrior Priest, because he’s not a priest and becoming a priest of Sigmar is rather complicated and time consuming ordeal - not going to happen in the middle of a war.

IMO instead of new careers (that I would love to see of course), new talents should be added - current talent tree is pretty damn boring (there are usually 1-2 really viable builds, and sometimes there are 2 talents in the same row of similiar usefullness, but that’s it - as Bardin IB I’m using the same skillset for like forever, sometimes I’m switching to health on stagger and that’s it)- and new kinds of actions - there is this special attack button that is pretty much not used (outside of rapier pistol and zoom for Kerilian Waystalker) - so there is a plenty of room to develop and improve the game.

Also Vermintide has to finally let go of the “crit or bust” school of builds that really narrows down the possible choice. Right now all my characters are using +5% crit chance trinket with sole exception of Bardin, who has 10% crit chance axe with +5% crit chance on it - 15% overal is good enough for swift slaying, so I can just take the +stamina regen, but to be honest, + crit chance would be better anyway, I just like the feel of higher stamina regeneration :smiley:

There is literally 1000 reasons Kerillian can’t be a shade, they don’t seem to care.


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