Engineer Bardin Confirmed?

That silhouette looks awfully like an Engineer to me. Seems like a cog hammer he’s wielding as well.


If that is not an engineer, I don’t know what’s real anymore.

Also, awwww yeah!


I was pretty certain it’d be a Runesmith, but my preference was Engineer. Glad to see they’re representing the ranged firepower dwarfs as a race have access to. I hope the ultimate is a grenade launcher, similar to how BH gets his pistol.


As long as it’s not some auto turret nonsense I’ll be happy.
I’m a huge fan of turrets and such, but I don’t think it would be a good fit for V2.


It does indeed look like the engineer option. It will be very interesting to see the details of this career when it is announced tomorrow.

I hope for some nice semi-auto pistols as his new ranged weapon

What is he holding in his hand ? An axe ?

As for the new weapon, I hope we get The weird hammer the Engineer always have

But yeah, pls no Turret (Bot are already bad atm)


Gonna see some good item crossover with RV hopefully.

I thought it was going to be Runesmith, because Engi is similar to RV. But I’m happy regardless.

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I hope that Engineer gets access to Drakefire weapons, actually.


That would be cool. Wonder if he’ll be a Ranged focused, or a hybrid like WHC.

RV is hybrid in my eyes, leaning more towards ranged and support. I assume Engineer is going to be heavily focused on ranged, with a big variety of ranged weapons and talents that enhance ranged, possibly with a ranged active ability too. Single target ranged, AoE ranged crowd control/horde clear, generalist ranged, all that good stuff.

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I’d like to see more CC tbh. Conflag, Shield Weapons, etc can completely change the game if people play around them properly.

Slows and knockbacks in particular could be cool.


Engineer should definitely have access to drakefire pistols. For cannon, I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t. He could get a new drakefire weapon, though.

My hopes are also up that Engineer grants access to BoP for him and RV. It’s lore-friendly (iirc, there is even a miniature “dwarf engineer with brace of pistols”… well, a bag, really, but I think it’s called that).!
Also, the silhoutte picture we got seems heavily influenced by this:

I really think that the Dwarf Pistol should be the Chaos Waste Dlc weapon and not the Career weapon
Dwarf Pistol
We could also get the Slayer Pistol (Malakai)

As Melee weapon (For the Career DLC), I guess they could give us a new 2h Axe/Hammer like the one in the picture I posted before

While a cool concept I feel that I must disagree about a Slayer Pistol. Slayer has already gotten his throwing axes which are pretty good. Giving the Slayer a pistol as well would not, in my opinion, feel right even if there are predecents in the lore.

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I guess we’ll find out in about an hour. Supposed to be a dev stream today announcing his new career.

:beers: hype :beers:


It’s the Engineer.
The new feature is the Career has no active skill with a CD. Instead you get a gatling gun which you have to you charge, but which can overheat


Seriously, I was thinking exactly they’d be trying something like that. Awesome.

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