Ok, this is what the OE needs😎

in this topic the engineer is more fun, versatile, with a different kit from an engineer (which he does not currently have).

don’t take the flamethrower part into account, that’s just a random idea.

skip parts of the dwarf’s other rows.
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And here I think this is something we should all remember. We just want the games we love to be more fun.

Cue the funhater chiming in because contrarianism.

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I don’t think the Engineer needs an overhaul or major changes. The extent of what you’re suggesting would be better for an experimental mod.

Piston power is kinda useless and could be replaced by something to power Drakefire.

The combination of slow dwarven weapons and having to crank the gun leaves him more vulnerable than other ranged classes and needing more support from the team than other ranged careers with similar or greater damage output.

To fix his vulnerabilities, I’d just make Ablative Armor a career ability and swap it out with Spotter, making Spotter apply to OE himself and his allies.

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Your ideas are fun, but I have to be realistic about overhauls they’ve done before, and they haven’t really added anything close to some of your suggestions.

IB RV and Slayer are all in decent places (other than 1H Axe and Mining Pick).

I think the main issue is the amount of Cranking and some of the odd Talents being pointless.

There’s also no buffs to Drakefires or ammo (there is capacity, but would like self-sustain on a ranged Career, or melee buffs to make him hybrid, as Bardin’s Weapons have super low killing power in general). He’s a low mobility, low killing power and low defensive Passive Career in melee.

Level 20 row: I just want “Pressure is not lost over time.” to be Passive, and the Talents to just give a different buff depending on stacks or some other mechanic.

This is because when played optimally or on Cata and Cata+, he has to Crank A LOT, to the point where it starts to impact how enjoyable he even is to play. I’m aware he can hit high damage regardless of this, so changes should take that into account.

  • I did like your double shot with Drakefire Pistols though

  • I think Flamethrower + Piston Power and either Leading Shots (Hunter), Combined Arms (Barrage), and Armour Piercing Slugs for Cata+ (benefits Crank too for high density) are fine - and no changes are needed (unless they make it more fun as you suggest)

Have to hard disagree on this. It gives him utility, and when used with a Shield makes him near invincible when bunkering.

Even as a low Armour damage build, you can counter Chaos Warriors.

The best build I’ve found for him includes it:

  • I played this a lot on Cata+ with all kinds of modifiers, and you can pretty much solo bunker for stupid amounts of time, even when Bosses and Disablers are present


And Piston Power is actually one of his only Talents that does anything really beneficial for Drakefires (feeds you absurd amount of THP from Stagger-On-Hit). E.g. Light → Heavy with Dual Maces generates stupid amounts of THP.

That being said, I wouldn’t be against adding something else to it, as sometimes it gets eaten by basic rotation, and it’s not up when you need it.

The real problem on that row is Bombardier not really being worth the risk, due to him getting no other defensive Talents.

Yeah, I think this too. It’s quite easy to do loads of damage on him, but I see lots of people fail it.

Really need to stress that if they make changes, they should consider the fact that he can do really high damage while having lots of vulnerability.

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Well now, I may have underestimated Piston Power. I’ll have to give it another go.

Yeah, that build might do it; the Axe+Shield to stagger with Piston Power and counter armor and then the Flamethrower and Crank Gun for just about everything else, including black rats probably.

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The solo hidey-hole playstyle is pretty fun. You’ll see how much space PP gives you to Crank and reduce heat.

I am running experimental steam capacitor on cata and cata+… Its not enjoying as you sad, but sadly it is the talent which gives you the best ult sustain.

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“need” is maybe the wrong word. Sure he doesnt need it, he can be strong with the mechanics he already has. But most people i know, i am included, dont enjoy him due to the amount of cranking and clunky playstyle. A rework would definitely help him as long as the rework is aiming to these points mentioned.

And as i already wrote in another engineer topic, i am convinced that he is considered weak not because of his capability doing some damage but for his clunkiness.

The ideas kitten has brought up would already help cranking less often by making superior caskets a passive ability and reducing the stacks to 3 would help alot, so you can concentrate on dodging and avoiding damage.

For me these 2 tweaks would be fine and i dont have wishes for more tweaks.

But maybe someone has some other nice ideas which are great.

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I also like the idea of making Superior Gaskets a part of his “Build Pressure” ability and I like the idea of making Ablative Armor a career ability. That clears up talent spots for Drakefire, and something else.

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