Engi needs boost

Hi! I would like to suggest an improvement for Outcast Engineer. My reason is that he is not only weakest DLC class but he is probably the weakest class overal and it does not seems right. Kerillian’s DLC char is probably the most op in the game, Kruber and Saltz also have very viable DLC careers. Outcast Engineer is fun, but it is fun only if you are alive which is very hard to achieve with him.
My recommendation is to give him the standard 150 health, or passive 10%-15% damage reduction. This small change would make him a lot more viable and also go with his appearance since he obviously wears quite heavy armor.
I hope he gets some improvements at some point to make him comparable to the other careers, because I really enjoy playing him, but quite often the missions end in failure, which ends up ruining the whole experience of playing him. With all of other Bardin’s careers I can just run through the mission on Legend, with OE it’s about constant positioning and a second of inattention is enough and it’s over.


I agree Engineer is currenlty the lesser one of the 4 DLC careers, but I won 't go as far as it being the “weakest class overall”

Sure to have fun you need teammates that look after your ass while you’re minigunning everything down, but I routinely shred down most bosses nearly as efficiently as a Shade and from a safer distance, while still being able to handle large hordes in some situations.

I see this carreer as a good Specialist/support class : you won’t be able to do everything by yourself, but you can greatly help other players in numerous situations without spending consumables/ammo.

Bunch of plague rat ? Ratatatat !
Horde coming though a narrow passage ? Ratatatat !
Static boss like Troll or flame ogre ? Ratatatat !

As for the damage reduction, I agree I was surprised he did not get any as he looks quite in heavy gear… Not saying he should have from a gameplay perspective, but from a lore/visual one, it should be expected

yeah some more survivability would be nice. By the way try 1h hammer, it gives you great mobility with still high stamina and stagger. IMO one of the best weapons for engi.


Yeah, 1H hammer is great. All dwarven weapons are great. :smiley:

Aye make him strong again!
I miss the BFG9000 or Lightning gun - times in wastes (double bullets+explosive critshots/lightningcrits) xD

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