Outcast Engineer - Thx, Advices, Questions

Hi! So last week I finally bought Outcast Engineer and I like him so much! Thank you for creating him. .-)

My impressions: Many people say that he is weak, that he is only weaker Ranger. Those people just play him bad way. But I do not blame them. He is hardest Bardin career to play but also hardest career to play from whole Vermintide 2.
To play him well you have to set to combo his talents, weapons traits and attributes, and use effectively potions, bombs and all three of his weapons. And you should not think about him as some Ranger, he is Slayer and should be played this way. If you can manage all of this, you will be rewarded with brutal destruction all around you and fun as hell.

My advices to devs: Change the Targeting Array chalenge. It completely disqualifies people with a small monitor. Normally I play with a resolution 1920/1080, but now I’m visiting my mother for 2 weeks and I have a monitor with a resolution 1366/768. I can say that a score of 20 headshots in a row is simply impossible with this resolution, even with Vanguard deed. And it’s quite annoying that in the past it was enough to do only 5…
Make the illusion with runes for Crank Gun, its look should be changed with type of armor. I was quite dissapointed where I found that it is not. It is weird to have nice rune hammer and nice rune pistol, but my main weapon still with default skin…

My advice to people: Many of you seems to have problems with Interception Barrage. I think that I found an easy way. Set your Twitch mode like this:
twitch_difficulty = 50
twitch_disable_mutators = true
twitch_disable_positive_votes = “enable_positive_votes”
twitch_mutator_duration = 0
twitch_spawn_amount = 1
twitch_time_between_votes = 4
twitch_vote_time = 1
And play Screaming Bell on Recruit. Whenever Rat Ogre appears, throw all bombs you have on him. Do not wait for him to leap. You will have it in a few hours and it will be fun. .-)

My questions: Can I use any bomb to complete Bombardment challenge? I killed many distant Ratling Gunners with Incendiary Bombs and it did not count…
In I Love the Smell of Black Powder, can I use Lamp Oil too? Or barrels spawned by events?

Thanks again and keep up the good work! .-)


Could you share your engineer build for cata?

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Hell yes! Need to return 5 headshots and just change the description. Nothing more!


For Bombardment: I don’t think killing a Ratling with a burn from an incendiary bomb counts, so you need an explosive bomb. I got it by waiting in long sightline places (streets in screaming bell where the third tome is, but there are plenty of other places) and drinking a strenght potion before the throw. (GK bot should help with getting potions.)

For Smell of Blackpowder: Only explosive barrels count, and event barrels didn’t seem to work. I got it on Into the Nest: Kill all bots, take a barrel with you to the small room with the ammo box in it, right before the drop to the second grim (before turning the waterwheels), equip a shield, wait for a horde, let the rats fill up the small space without killing them (only push / block / dodge) and then quickly shoot the barrel two times with the pistol.

By the way: I think Engi is fun and unique, but I don’t see him being the strongest class. I’m also quite curious what your Cata build looks like.


Now I am using this setting, but I have him just 7 days now, so I am not 100% sure if I will stay with it… But it is pretty good. Must be played very aggressive way.

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Thank you very much, good sir! .-)

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I just throw a barrel into an upcoming horde and it was done. :smiley:

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So you didn’t have to actually cause the explosion directly by shooting it?

I guess that’ll teach me to trust challenge descriptions…

This is my favourite Cata build for him:


Take whatever stats you prefer. I’m not going for any breakpoints at all. I just like clearing Berserkers quickly.

Generally play bunker spots. If you end up alone, that’s fine. Shield slam > change Weapon > spray with Flamethrower > repeat.

Rotate between guns. Use the Crank Gun during Hordes on the Special wave, and Flamethrower when there’s no Specials.

He’s ok with other Ranged Weapons, but I feel like the majority of them, including the Pistol, are just better on RV.


I fired twice to it.

So I just found out that this is easy to accomplish in FoW. :smiley:

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I’d like t o express my opinion on this:
Usually I’m against nerfing stuff, but the achievement is a real challenge. What’s been said about small displays is totally true. I used to play the game on a 17" 4:3 one, and dammit, you cannot see things well. You cannot see text, you don’t see the reticle…
Regardless I’d suggest this: revert the 5 hs achievement to fulfil that achievement tree for OE. Add a 20 hs achievement as a bonus.
Personally I’m not a big fan of this as I’ve played close to 100 hours with OE, most of that time specifically gunning for achievements, and I still need like 3 or 4 left.
The amount of rng involved in making 20 hs is a bit too high imho.
Achievements should be tough tho’ - that’s also important.


Returning to the problem of BAD Сhallenges for the Outcast Engineer.

It are bad. I still can’t get those 20 headshots without a missing. This is half the trouble.

Other problem - to hit a jumping rat ogre with a bomb - I also can’t do it yet.

Right now, I have been sitting in twitch mode for TWO hours, this is not a joke. More than a hundred monsters were killed - barely a dozen of them were rat ogres. They only jumped four times. I only managed to throw bombs twice.

One bomb went through the monster! Literally!

The second bomb did not count - I have no idea why, perhaps the firebomb does not fit.

In the end, me and the bots just got bogged down when 6 or 8 monsters just crushed me and my bots, so so much hard bloody work wasted in vain. This is very annoying.

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Do you play on PC? If so: I could help you with bombing the Roger, at least. The trick is to play screaming bell on Champion, murder the bots, get to the end, break the chains, kill everything apart from the Roger, nothing new will spawn so you are alone with the Roger, I get his attention, you stand with a bomb drawn at a certain distance, I go invisible, Roger switcges aggro, he jumps, and you bomb him.

My steam name is the same as my forum name with the same avatar. Add me, and I’ll help you when I’m on.

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Thanks for the offer, but as solo player I must deal with it myself.

I was just extremely upset by the results of my experiments - it turns out that the twitch gives rat ogors much less than other monsters (about 10%) whch do not like jump at all. Well, the bomb flow through the monster is completely insane too.

As I wrote, as soon as Ogr appears, throw all the bombs at him. It often happens that you don’t even see him start jumping, but it already counts. .-)

I once read something here where someone had a strategy that involved kiting the Roger down the stairs towards the portal because he jumps more often there. Maybe that is worth a try. Another option is to kite the Roger over the scaffolding of the bell, and jump down so there’s a difference in elevation, which sometimes triggers a jump as well.

In any case, I’d still think Screaming Bell is a better option than Twitch because there’s a guaranteed Roger in a situation where no additional mobs spawn. And I think it’ll be really hard with bots, because those will dodge-dance and murder the Roger in no time.

Yes, and there is no Speials spawn. I did the challenge in which you have to kill him in air there with Ranger.
You can do Twitch AND Screaming Bell at the same time. .-)

The only times I’ve seen a Roger jump in VT2 is when there is a significant height difference. I got the achievement in against the grain, right around the 3rd tome : the roger came from above where the windmill is, and jumped on us who were standing below on the road.

It happens when the Roger switches aggro, the distance to his new target is just right, and then only when Ranald is in a very good mood.