Outcast engineer - minor visual enhancement needed

Can you guys give his minigun a proper third person bullet visual effect?
quick sugestion: take the gunrat bullet visual (that casts light), make it orange, place it on dwarf gun.
its current effect is very underwhelming, even sienna bolt staff looks cooler, it doesn’t do half of its damage.

Btw, congratulations on making vermintide 2 reappear on steam top played games, i know it always had a healthy playerbase but it should be way highier, you gained momentum, now keep it up, i believe in you.



definitely! also a louder, more defined sound. Most of the time I don’t even notice the engineer uses its minigun, since I almost don’t see it and not at all hear it!


Exactly. All the poor folks I end up playing with, who have the poor judgement of standing in the center of a horde-packed hallway, should get a fair warning in the form of a loud “BRRRRRRRR” behind their backs, and a hail of glowing orange death nuggets flying past their shoulders.

I mean, it’s much more efficient than what I currently do, which is using voice chat to say “HUG THE FOOKIN WALL I’M SHOOTIN’!” “Kindly step aside to avoid unsolicited back acupuncture!”.

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